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  1. To apply send cover letter and resume to info@rocktowndistillery.com Rock Town Distillery Production Staff Member – Distiller – Job Description Rock Town Distillery, an award winning craft distillery in Little Rock, Arkansas is currently seeking candidates to join our production team as a Distiller. We’re looking for a smart, energetic, self-starter who can work well with others and have fun while producing world-class spirits. For more information see our website: www.rocktowndistillery.com Basic Function Responsibilities include the day to day activities associated with the production of spirits from grain to glass under the direction of the Head Distiller. This person will be trained in and expected to follow our production procedures including, but not limited to, milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, warehousing, blending, filtering, bottling, record keeping, cleaning, and waste disposal. Essential Functions of the position Learn and perform our unique standard production procedures, including still operations and cooking regimens Day to day activities may include: milling, mashing, fermentation, distilling, warehousing, record keeping, cleaning, blending, filtering, proofing, bottling, quality control and waste disposal, among other duties as assigned Background in chemistry or lab processes Log and maintain detailed daily records for compliance and quality control purposes per company standard practices Inventory management of raw materials and supplies Coordinate volunteers for bottling High attention to detail Take pride in maintaining a safe, clean and orderly distillery at all times Contribute to the development of new products Good solid working knowledge of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets Good communication and interpersonal skills Strong problem solving and analytical skills Enjoys engaging with public through tours, tastings, festivals, and events Desired Skills and Experience 5+ years a production role in the alcohol beverage industry. Distilled spirits experience a plus. Degree in a food science, chemistry or brewing & distilling Fermentation and mashing experience with an understanding of yeast and starch conversion to alcohol. Experience with organoleptic flavor assessment and a good understanding of flavors and their production during fermentation, maturation and blending. Strong desire to learn about and have a passion for whiskey Broad knowledge of craft spirits, cocktails and beer Ability to creatively add value in addition to basic job duties Experience with machinery including pumps, boilers, air compressors and chillers. Basic plumbing and electrical skills/knowledge a plus. Team player that easily gets along with co-workers Positive, upbeat, can-do attitude Previous experience in inventory management a plus Over 21 years of age. Weekend and holiday work Extended time standing or walking Able to work in outdoor weather conditions Able to lift up to 50 pounds Able to drive a fork-lift Position Type This is a full-time position, with a compensation package that includes salary plus bonus with benefits. Evening/holiday/weekend work is required periodically throughout the year.
  2. We're looking for someone to join our team working in the stillhouse. Duties include milling, cooking, distilling, cleaning, etc. Applicants must be willing to work 40 + hours a week and have a flexible schedule for some nights and weekends. Must have a passion for distilling and be willing to start at the bottom with labor intensive chores at first. Must be able to lift at least 55 lbs repeatedly to chest level, and have no physical limitations as this is a labor intensive job. Please send resume and cover letter to: info@rocktowndistillery.com Thanks! Phil Rock Town Distillery
  3. Phil

    Case Labeling

    Check 27 CFR § 19.488: Here's what needs to be on the box: Marks on packages filled in processing. (a) Packages filled in processing. Except as otherwise provided in this part, a proprietor must mark packages of spirits filled in processing with: (1) The name of the processor, or the processor's trade name; (2) The distilled spirits plant number of the processor, such as “DSP-KY-708”; (3) The kind of spirits in accordance with § 19.487 or, in the case of an intermediate product, the product name shown on form TTB F 5110.38, Formula for Distilled Spirits Under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act; (4) The serial number or lot identification number, in accordance with § 19.490, and the date of filling; (5) The proof of the spirits; and (6) The serial number of the formula if it was manufactured under an approved formula. ( Real or trade names. The proprietor's real name or any trade name used in accordance with § 19.94 may be placed on any package filled with spirits during processing operations.
  4. Actually, Jedd you should look at the CFR 27 Section 19.356 Alcohol content and fill, parts c and d. You're allowed a 0.15 percent alcohol by volume variance for a 750ml bottle of spirits which equates to .3 proof. Per the example in part d, 39.85% by volume or 79.7 proof is acceptable. .3 proof is a lot easier window to hit than .12 proof
  5. We've scheduled our third one-day class for Sunday, October 14th. Click here for more information. Also, click here for pictures from past schools. One Day Distilling School Sunday, October 14, 2011 9:30am – 4:30pm 1216 E 6th Street Little Rock, AR 72202 Lunch provided $195 per person Lead by distillery founder and head distiller Phil Brandon. Training on a 250 gallon Vendome still, including actual mashing and distillation. Topics Include: The business of distilling – Regulations, Permits, Gauging, Record Keeping, Taxes Grain Handling, Mash Preparation and demonstration Enzymes vs Malt Fermentation Yeast selection Distillation – Live demonstration Vodka/Gin/Whiskey processes Finishing and filtering Bottling considerations Aging – small vs. large barrels Tasting Call 501.907.5244 to register or click here to register. Class size is limited to 25 people
  6. This wasn't the walk through (we've been open two years now). My audit was what the TTB calls a "Product Integrity Audit". The agent insisted it was a random audit, she does several a year. She spent three days at the distillery. It was a bit involved to fully discuss here, but be sure, they are coming and they will find something you aren't doing right. :-) We passed the audit however and are happy to have learned from the experience. Phil
  7. Yep, even the TTB agent that did our audit had the hardcopy with sticky notes everywhere... Hardcopy is a great for bookmarking or highlighting sections of interest.
  8. I agree that to be called whiskey a fermented mash of only grain should be used. However, there are approved whiskey labels that include sugar. Popcorn Sutton's comes to mind. You can find the COLA here. The label states "Unaged whiskey distilled from a mash of grain and sugar". To me, that's just not whiskey, but the TTB approved it and classified it as "Other Whiskey".
  9. I have a Apollo Machine Works' Econo-Mill for sale if your interested. Send me a PM for info. Phil
  10. I've got one brand of bottles that's been in my warehouse longer that has no signs of "bloom". I definitely think its a film left behind by the manufacturer.
  11. Thanks guys... looks like I'm off to buy a few gallons of vinegar.
  12. I just opened a pallet of bottles that I've had for a while and the bottles all have a cloudy film on them. I called the manufacturer of the bottles and he said its "bloom" and to not worry about it. Have any of you dealt with "bloom" on your bottles? If so, what did you do about it if anything? thanks, Phil
  13. Phil

    Food Product???

    It's amazing what you can learn on this forum. Do most of you guys that use steam injection during mashing have Sanitary Steam filters? I don't but I'm thinking I should. Neither Vendome nor my consultant mentioned them to me (among other things). It makes sense to me and I've wondered about this in the past.
  14. Not trying to be argumentative, but see the labels attached. Both Buffalo Trace's White Dog and New Make from Heaven Hill say Whiskey on them. Not sure why you're saying they don't claim to be whiskey.
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