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  1. 10 Gallon Used Rye Barrels For Sale

  2. Once-dumped 10 gallon oak barrels manufactured by the Barrel Mill in Avon, MN for sale! They are located at Great Northern Distilling in Plover, WI. 14 - ten gallon Rye Whiskey Barrels. Aged for a year, still lots of life left in them. $85 ea Brian Cummins brian@gndwi.com 715-544-6551
  3. Used 10 gal Barrels for Sale

    Sold! 7/12/2016
  4. I have a variety of used 10 gallon barrels manufactured by the Barrel Mill in Avon, MN. They are located at Great Northern Distilling in Plover, WI. Here's what I have: 15 - ten gallon Rye Whiskey Barrels. Aged for a year, still lots of life left in them. $90 ea 15 - ten gallon Bourbon Barrels. Aged for a year, still lots of life left in them. $90 ea 7 - ten gallon Rum Barrels. Ex Bourbon, used 1 additional time for Rum. Probably best for a finishing barrel given the two extractions. $70 ea Brian Cummins brian@gndwi.com 715-544-6551
  5. Letina tank suppliers?

    GW Kent
  6. Do I need to submit my formula?

    No formula should be needed for vodka if you aren't adding anything to it. If you haven't found it on the TTB site, this tool is somewhat helpful for deciding whether a formula is required: http://ttb.gov/tutorials/ic2007-4_help.shtml
  7. source for wheat milled or not

    My experience is that Briess is really expensive for the unmalted grains. I've had great success with James Beck at Cereal Byproducts. They're a broker that can get you good spot prices with very reasonable freight. He may not serve your region, but may be able to point you in the right direction. Here's his contact information: James Beck Ingredient Specialist Cereal Byproducts Company® Serving the Feed and Food Industries Since 1917 55 E. Euclid Ave. Suite 410, Mt. Prospect, IL 60056 847-818-1550 Phone | 847-370-7952 Cell | 847-818-1659 Fax jbeck@cerealbyproducts.com http://www.cerealbyproducts.com/
  8. The Book-- "Distiller's Guide To Rum"

    Call me a "dunderhead", but I didn't see any ingredients (molasses or otherwise) on Uline. Could you post a link, Salish?
  9. Recall Plan

    Mine's a little Wisconsin specific, but I'm happy to share it with you. PM me your e-mail address and I'll send the file.
  10. online software for TTB compliance

    Count me in as an interested purchaser. Also, I think a $500 annual subscription fee isn't out of line, especially if you plan upgrades/additional functionality.
  11. Drainage

    If you are able, find a place with trench drains and sloped floors or have them installed. Your life will be much easier. I needed to replace portions of the slab in my building (too thin and unreinforced for my tank sizes), so I had drains installed. Best money I've spent. Also, if you ever make your way to central Wisconsin, I'd love to show you around my joint! Brian
  12. Hello from the thawing north!

    Congratulations! I can't wait to come north and visit you.
  13. Naming the still.

    I'm calling mine "Chester Copperpot" from the Goonies. A dated reference, but we like it.
  14. Insurance Help!!!

    Chuck Androcchio with Tricor has been an excellent resource for me. It was painless to get set up and he was able to get the most competitive rates. They work with many craft distilleries. Chuck Andracchio TRICOR Insurance 877-468-7426, ext 1444
  15. Water Chiller, Glycol Chiller

    Hi there, I'm interested in the chiller. Please let me know the model number so I can determine if it will meet my needs. Thanks, Brian brian.cummins@distillerypartners.com