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  1. mendodistilling

    Changing pH of wash

    @JustAndy Do you have the name of the book and does it go into more detail about other chemical reactions of other things? Seems like an interesting book. Malolactic fermentation was frowned upon by someone who told me most of what I know about distillation. He said it can take the fruityness out of the distillilate. Now I definitely know why! Great reference, thanks!
  2. mendodistilling

    What copper should I use for a 300 gal still?

    Where can you get alloy 122 copper welding rod? What is it called? I can't seem to find it labeled like that. Does anyone use airgas or blue demon on amazon? Do they carry this?
  3. mendodistilling

    USDA Grants

    These grants are available with the use of a contract agreement with them, so contact them and ask them what needs to be done in what order. There are many of these available. I spoke to the NRCS about some other stuff and they want to help you line up a contract and then you get paid after you pay for it then complete your project as agreed, then when the quarterly payment comes up, they offer you the payment. Sounds less strings attached that in most cases. Certainly worth the time and paperwork at face value.
  4. mendodistilling

    USDA Grants

    Wow, so many distilleries were awarded this series of grants and no one is on here with any experience, rejection or success?
  5. mendodistilling

    Baudoinia compniacensis (black fungus)

    This is a microbe all over LOUISVILLE and has covered the town, it got national attention bc mainly there are massive distilleries right in the downtown area. If I remember the article I saw, it was more geared towards the injustice of people affected than that it existed. Where the distilleries like Heavens hill I believe are located, it's predominately low income and people felt voiceless when everything was covered in this black mold that grows in benches, cars, trees, etc. In Cognac, France, I saw the same thing. It was all over the old cellar houses. The only reason I bring this up is that I've noticed in France they are very concerned about these kinds of things and I would imagine there is research out there for your case to be argued. I understand it is black but doesn't have a health risk. Hopefully maybe a google search about remy Martin or Hennessy and the name of the mold may prove fruitful.
  6. mendodistilling

    USDA Grants

    I was wondering if any of you have had any positive interactions with the USDA regarding utilizing the value added grants and the wets grant for energy efficiency upgrades, etc. I'm going to contact them and try and find out what can be done in regard to estate grown items like bourbon inputs, etc. I'm curious what your mileage with them has yielded. I've found some good google search results. It would be fantastic to get real world feedback from one of the champions of the bureaucracy.
  7. I'm working through a series of books and wondered what people have done to address the true form of their customers needs when preparing for investment and execution, as well as, maybe timing of repeated follow up to see where you are with the information. Have distributors been willing to help you produce this information using their sales analysis for your product categories? I'm about to call a few after the weekend to chat about this theory because all the old school score guys I talk to are doing exactly what this book suggests to avoid like the black plague and I have always agreed and found the proforma of the standardized business plan to be just about worth as much as simply not having to repeat the basics of the company over and over again and source people who get the main idea but want to dive further. What I would like to do now because of the size of the investment I'm aiming for is to get as much market analysis info as I can find and work with that for the reverse engineering of the company, from ideal sale exit strategy to finding a good team of people pull off a successful startup and everything in between. Focused primarily on where I can get the most from and for customers. I know once I get started some of this gets easier but I'm curious if discus and others have some really good resources for this industry. I'm half tempted to see what the abc and ttb may be holding on to as well. Look forward to your input guys and gals. Enjoy your weekend.
  8. mendodistilling

    What copper should I use for a 300 gal still?

    Does anyone know a stocking supplier of this c122 tubing? I've called around the Bay Area and everyone says it is not in stock and has to be milled at multiple unit cost.
  9. mendodistilling

    (Direct) Heat Source for 120 Gallon Alembic?

  10. mendodistilling

    (Direct) Heat Source for 120 Gallon Alembic?

    This guy is a nice guy with quick work and knowledgeable. http://www.wardburner.com/images/Kettle_Venting_Wiring_Instructions.pdf
  11. mendodistilling

    TCA contamination of equipment

    I stand corrected... don't use it on the floors because its the airborne vapor that also can cause this issue. Makes sense really... its a gas.
  12. mendodistilling

    TCA contamination of equipment

  13. mendodistilling

    TCA contamination of equipment

  14. mendodistilling

    TCA contamination of equipment

    Is this the same TCA as in using Trisodium phospate with chorine or TSP-C and getting some residual in the bottle which causes skunking? Sounds like not using chlorinated products and a really good acid rinse should start the product off on a safe foot. Most wineries now use quarternay ammonia. It used to be common for chlorinated products to be used but the wine skunking of the cork caused quite a bit of research which led everyone to steer clear of chlorinated products in the production pathway. Its only used on floors, etc. Someone with some out of date methods likely had this equipment. Sounds like if its stainless a good "pickling" of the stainless is probably in order anyway with nitric acid and then should be perfect again. You want to passivate your stainless steel parts from time to time to avoid any chemical gouging and rust. Probably right before starting production would be a perfect time.
  15. mendodistilling

    (Direct) Heat Source for 120 Gallon Alembic?

    Hoga (not sure why my spell check keeps saying "hogs" )provides the welded stainless platform to mount the pot. You have to brick it and vent it using fire brick and / or kaowool (Rockwool insulation). Armindo is pretty accommodating. Ask him the options. Ward burner can help with the controls. See if he can work with someone to build you a switchboard so you don't have to fool with too much and just get to wire it all up vs. having to fabricate the whole process. You'll need some ceramic diffuser or fire diffusers to hit the flame and spread it. Al common. There is a thread on here somewhere that gets into suppliers for each of these odds and ends furnace parts. Been done many times before. You need a cast iron door or something fire proof and have the proper air flow into the furnace. This is why I suggest having a company that deals with mechanical and furnaces help younhere. Or ask Armindo for btu and air flow calcs. He probably knows references at the least. I didn't realize he doesn't make parts anymore for support but he probably has experience from it. On grain will require steam, it's not suggested to do it in a pot. Caustics and acid cleaners will help break all that char up but prob best to try and avoid a high solids content. Steve beam may be able to point you in a good direction if he still has his going. He's in Kentucky and had the goofball from Moonshine's tv series making stuff in his distillery. Prob one of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure of spending time with.