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  1. Please send resumes to Jackie@goldenmoondistillery.com
  2. Role Seeking: Distiller-in-Training / Production Assistant Compensation: Depending Upon Experience Description: Golden Moon is a small but rapidly growing distillery that produces premium hand-crafted whiskies, brandies and herbal liquors and liqueurs using the best available herbs, spices and botanicals, and made with the same type of artisan production processes utilized by distillers making premium products in the mid-to-late 1800s. We are currently going through an expansion that will greatly increase our yearly production and will require additional production and tasting room personnel. Position Responsibilities: · Assisting the Production Manager in all aspects of production at the distillery · Providing tours and tastings to customers that visit the distillery · Lead role in the entire packaging process with a keen eye for details to ensure high standards and consistency · Ensure that safety is a top priority when running the operations of the distillery and its equipment · Operational cleaning, maintenance and servicing of the distillery and its equipment General Responsibilities: · Timely and efficient execution of all work instructions, as reasonably requested · Respond to your managers requests promptly · Adherence to all stated OSHA procedures and practices · Cleaning of floors, bathrooms, Tasting Room and the production area so that the distillery is presentable and safety is maintained · Lifting up to ~50lbs, climbing and other physical activities required to complete distillery/warehouse operations · Preserve and protect the values of the company and support the mission of Golden Moon, while at work and off-duty · Laboratory work with a focus on quality assurance as required · Help develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for future production employees · Other general duties and actives as directed from time to time LOCAL CANDIDATES ARE PREFERRED (BUT WE WILL CONSIDER ANY QUALIFIED CANDIDATE)
  3. Tirador

    Vendome Copper Condensor

    I might be interested ... but I have to ask, why are you getting rid of a copper tube & shell condenser and going to a stainless condenser? Anyway, my normal e-mail is s.gould@gouldglobal.com E-mail me and we'll talk. S.
  4. I don't want to insult you ... but I'm intimately familiar with this equipment ... I'll give you $100K for it and we'll pick it up. I know it's not what you want, but if/when it comes to that I've got cash. S.
  5. What do you want for the bottling line and the Anton Paar DM 5000? You know how to reach me ...
  6. Please contact the distillery via e-mail with a resume ...
  7. Golden Moon Distillery will be hiring several additional production personnel within the next six months to support our expansion. We are looking for entry level personal and more experienced personnel. Candidates should have some experience in either brewing or distilling, with a basic knowledge of mashing and an basic understanding of what distilling is. Candidates with professional training and/or past experience working in a distillery are most welcome to apply as well. Please send resumes and inquiries to s.gould@gouldglobal.com Please DO NOT call the distillery asking questions.
  8. Golden Moon Distillery is seeking a CFO or business operations manager with a strong background in finance and accounting. Please send resumes to s.gould@gouldglobal.com
  9. Golden Moon is expanding and we are seeking individuals with brewing or distilling experience to join our production staff. These positions will be located at our distillery in Golden Colorado. Interested candidates should send their resume to s.gould@gouldglobal.com
  10. Golden Moon Distillery is seeking an assistant distiller. Some experience is preferred, especially prior brewing experience. This position is located at our facility in Golden Colorado.
  11. Golden Moon Distillery is offered for sale a used 2006 Carl still. This is 150 liter still without a column. It is in excellent shape. It is an oil-fired water jacket still that could easily be converted to natural gas. This still is located in Germany and we will coordinate delivery to your location at cost. We estimate the cost to pack, ship and deliver this still to any location in the US will be between $5000 and $6000 dollars. The price for this still is $12,500 PLUS SHIPPING COST. Please contact Mr. Stephen Gould at Golden Moon Distillery for more information. 303-993-7174 This still is available immediately and is subject to prior sale until paid for.
  12. Tirador

    Bottle Filler Recommendations?????

    How's your filler search going? I'm just beginning mine and it seems you've already covered a lot of ground. I'm in Virginia often, maybe we could say hello one of these days and talk fillers? I stay in Arlington when I'm there ... you're just past Dullas, almost to Leesburg, right?
  13. Tirador

    Used stills for sale? Tanks as well

    I regularly locate and import used and antique stills for people. I have a couple used stills onhand here in Colorado too. The ADI's Brandy still came from me ... so Bill will give me a reference as well. Let me know more about your project and we can discuss things. Oh, and I've got a really nice german still that's about 40 years old (140 Liter copper pot with a nice helmet and a reflux condensor with a port-hole) coming from Europe in about 4 weeks as well. Stephen
  14. Tirador


    I regularly locate and import antique stills. My prices are higher than those you'll find in Europe, but they include the packing, forwarding and etc. The ADI's brandy still came from me ... so Bill can vouch for my services. If you're looking for an antique still let me know. I do have a few smaller stills on-hand here in Colorado too. Stephen
  15. Tirador

    Saverglass KY Warehouse & New Stock Molds

    Green glass bottles for me Josh ...