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  1. I'm making limoncello and having trouble proofing with a hydrometer. After distillation to remove the sugar and adding water to bring to volume in the volumetric flask the distillate is very cloudy. There are lemon oils visible in the volumetric. Does anyone know if these oils will interfere with the hydrometer reading. We can't get the TTB on the phone so I thought someone here would know.
  2. Can you submit a COLA before you have your DSP? Don McIntyre
  3. Edwin I tried contacting you via your website contact page but haven't heard from you. I have a number of questions about the istill. Is there a problem with the contact page? Regards Don McIntyre Mad Scientist Spirits, Inc madscientistspirits@nc.rr.com
  4. Denver are you talking about distilling the essential oils from the zest?
  5. Neil I don't know if you have have seen the ebook "Activated Carbon for Purification of Alcohol" by Gert Strand. It has a lot of useful information on carbon filtration. I think it will be very helpful to you.
  6. Steve Do you know if Paradise Lost is still in business? I've gotten no response to email and their phone appears to be disconnected. Don
  7. They dissipate the static charge that will build up during the transfer of liquid, ethanol in this case. The higher the velocity the more static charge will build up. You must ground your vessels. I would ground the hose and the receiving vessel both. I know there are some small diameter tubing available that has a wire wound through them to ground with. We used them in the chemical industry. I've got to believe there also larger diameter hoses as well. Do not transfer the ethanol without them. I've seen static build up in transferring solvents that I didn't have grounded. It's very scary when that happens. Luckily I never had a fire.
  8. Jedd How do I find out what the correct file formats are? I've been told I didn't have the correct format but I don't know what the correct ones are. Don
  9. One distiller I questioned on this topic said they are allowed to dump there mash down the drain by law. He's in a major city so maybe they can more readily handle it. Everyone else that I've asked said they gave it to farmers. One distiller had a truck and tank, both supplied by the farmer, sitting on site. They put everything from the mash to the rinse from the still in the tank. The farmer picked it up a couple of times a week. Put an ad on Craig's list and see if you get any responses.
  10. John They haven't passed the ability to sell on site yet. It was supposed to be voted on in the last short session of legislature but for some unknown reason it was postponed. I think it's now scheduled for a vote this fall. Don
  11. I've tried 3-4 times to contact them. Had the same problem. No one every replied.
  12. Mash I'd like to visit. Let me know a good time. I agree the market on vodka is played out. I've got a niche market idea for the vodka that I believe will work. My email is madscientistspirits@nc.rr.com
  13. John I've been going back and forth on the funding. One day I think SBA is the way to go and the next I think private investors. Sounds like you preferred SBA. Is that true?
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