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  1. Hoochware. Easy, scalable, fair price, responsive....... potato, potatoe.dont over think it.
  2. Perhaps you are looking at the issue incorrectly. You state that you read somewhere that distillation removes the risk...... You then also talk about producing a beverage at between 15-25 ABV. These are really two completely different scenarios. Yes, one can virtually assume without reasonable doubt, that distillation removes/kills contaminates as you will have to distill to at least 70%ABV to make a consumable product. No, you can't guarantee that as you continue to reduce that distillate in proof, that it will remain contaminate free. That will depend almost entirely on your finishing process and addition of post distillate additives. Prost
  3. I don't believe there is a major rum on the planet that is aged in new charred oak. You should have probably put whiskey in your barrel for a year, dumped it, then added the rum. That would have gotten you closer to what you are looking for. You could also dump what you have now, and refill with white rum, and the next batch should be more palatable. Prost
  4. Roger

    Formula for Aged Rum

    There are many FAQ's on the ttb site that will answer many of these questions including allowable changes to COLA's
  5. Roger

    Formula for Aged Rum

    One way you can work through the process is to just come up with your brand name, then do a simple piece of art, and submit a COLA. As you add verbiage of "puffery" the COLA dept will let you know where you went wrong, if at all.
  6. Roger

    Formula for Aged Rum

    At this point, are you attempting to distill and barrel rum (not that rum need to be aged) or are you attempting to obtain a COLA for a product you have already produced ? Beyond that, you do realize that if you add a flavoring , as defined in your attachment above or otherwise, that is typically done after you have removed the product from the barrel (not that it needs to ever go in the barrel). I.e. You could make a white rum and add for example 2% molasses and not require a formula. If you added 3% you would require a formula, etc... BAM (Bible) for production :https://www.ttb.gov/images/pdfs/spirits_bam/chapter4.pdf As a side issue I do not believe your problem lies with some interpretation of what constitutes "sugar by products or purity" . I understand that sugar from cane can be used in any and all forms, as any derivation therein is merely process. Prost
  7. We absolutely use the temp gauge in the top of our condenser. When we see it start to rise, after about 45 minutes, we close the manual steam valve about a rotation or two, throw the water to the condenser through a mechanical Danfoss valve, while keeping in mind that the outside holding tank of cooling water may be anywhere between 33 degrees and 75 degrees. We take a heads cut in about 15 minutes, then go do some real work for about 4.5 hours. After about 4.5 hours if the proof is dropping in the parrot, we throw the return water through the defleg for aprox and hour. So yeah, couldn't live without the temp probe in the top of the condenser. I wonder if I can get an app for it ? Prost
  8. Roger

    Formula for Aged Rum

    I beleive that is the page from the labeling BAM. It is just advising you on how to label your product, and whether or not you will need to have a formula approval for the label, once you bring it to market.
  9. Could you put us in contact with the actual producer please ?
  10. It's a mathmatical equation. Bottom shelf bulk vodka marketed as craft, after running either forwards or backwards through a slightly warmed pot still, equals a higher price per bottle. Cue 95% of American Craft spirits.
  11. You dont make cuts when making vodka from GNS. The "pot still" charade is just a way to move the spirit from a category to a class. It can also be done with filtration, or the wave of a pen on a processing report. It's just marketing.
  12. Hopefully the new fill rules will open the door to much broader use of digital proofing equipment that is reasonably priced, and easy to use.
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