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  1. Sweet. Now if we can get Ontario/Canada to eliminate the 150% import duty on spirits we will be all set.
  2. Roger

    steady take off rate

    Paul - The Danfoss on my German stills do exactly as you say, they feed the coolant into the bottom of the condensers where it then flows upward. The side by side Danfoss valves in my pic release water into the bottom of the condensers based on demand as sensed by the "warmed" water at the top of the condenser. It then flows that "warmer water" into the deflegs on top of my Hybrid pots. So note that not only is it controlled, but it is also "warm" and as such does not shock the defleg, which can aggravate a Huff. I can't run it that way into my column, because I am using the warmed condenser water in my pot deflegs, and by then the output is too hot to also sufficiently cool the column defleg. As such we needle valved cold into the column top Danfoss.
  3. Roger

    steady take off rate

    When attempting to use a Danforth valve on a Vodka column be aware that they come in two basic styles. One is a complete closure, and the second is with a small constant flow hole which always allows some water through, even when completely closed. I think the idea is that the small hole type will always allow some water flow, and not permit a condenser to run "dry" by too tight of a setting. That's fine for a condenser, but it is problematic with a defleg because even the "small" amount that is constantly flowing , may be more that you need (depending on water temp) and will huff the vodka in the top of the defleg. If your condenser huffs even with a water control valve completely shut, check to see if it has some constant minimum rate and if so you can reduce that with an in-line (pre Danforth valve) needle valve. It took a lot to win 2 gold medals with our Vodka made from Grapes, but we did it with one of Paul's columns ! There truly is a life outside of Re-bubbled NGS. !
  4. Roger

    steady take off rate

    My German stills have Danforth temperature controlled water valves of the condensors. This because condenser water temperature has a significant effect on the complete operation. I don't know if your still has condensor temp control, but it may solve your problem. To test it, just do as previously suggested and minimize your cooling water until your distillate is coming out warm to the touch. Lock your water flow to maintain a constant temp and see if the problem goes away. DO NOT walk away from your still when you are screwing around with condenser cooling !
  5. Roger

    Stripping still wanted

    Yes, already in motion. Was just reaching out in case someone was in the market to move up or down in size.
  6. Roger

    Plumbing question: is this normal?

    As previously mentioned, that is a standard for any sink in a bar / restaurant, as it keeps anything from coming backwards up the drain, into your sink. Typically there is a large bell/flange fitting on top of the drain pipe coming up, which acts as a bit of a catch basin for momentary overflow when draining.
  7. Roger

    Stripping still wanted

    If anyone is looking to upgrade, and has a used 250-500 gallon steam jacketed still, we are in need of one. Doesn't have to be pretty.
  8. Roger

    American Single Malt Whiskey

    Bluestar & Indy - thanks for fighting through the insanity ! Prost
  9. Roger

    American Single Malt Whiskey

    Actually scotch can't be called scotch or sold as scotch until it is at least 3 years old. So the NAS under 3 years isn't applicable. This unlike US Whiskey wherein it can be brought to market and sold as "Whiskey" at any time under 4 years old, provided it has an age statement. Of course the reality is the US "Craft Market" is flooded with under 4 year old whiskey being sold with NAS because the TTB is not enforcing complaints against blatant offenders. Note to self: if you have had your DSP for under 4 years, you should use the age statement on your Whiskey. If not because you are afraid of being caught and fined by the TTB, at least because otherwise you are acting like a Sleezebag.
  10. Roger

    GNS Cost and Availability

    If he had, he could still get an approval for that statement, I believe, if he specifies that the GNS is itself distilled from 100% grains. He can not get a legal approval for an NGS based vodka/gin unless he declares on the label some derivation of "contains __% Neutral Grain Spirits for the segment of NGS therein. Period. No nuance, no special process, no special sauce will change the requirement. The number one craft in our industry seems to be crafty labeling.
  11. Roger

    GNS Cost and Availability

    Can't help but ask: how did you get a COLA approved that says "Distiled 100% from Grains" when you clearly acknowledge that your "Craft Vodka" is actually 75% source NGS ?
  12. Roger

    Heads and tails when using NGS

    I quit
  13. Roger

    Heads and tails when using NGS

    Ok, not to beat a dead horse here but, when using NGS to make vodka, there are really two ways to do it. 1) Just reduce it close to bottle proof, filter it any of several way, add your flavor, sugar, citric (if applicable) then reduce to final proof and bottle. 2) Add some water to NGS so you don't blow up your building, put it in any type of still from a Kurig , to a 1000 plate nuclear powered column that is slightly shorter than the troposphere , warm up the mix and it will come out exactally as it was when you put it in. No heads, tails, hearts, or magic beans will come from your efforts, so it will be impossible to identify these non existent segments. However you can say you distilled it. Maybe the best way would be to do "simulated cuts" . Just pull the first 2% of the warmed up NGS off into one container, then segregate the next 70% into your hearts container, then run the remainder into a tails container. Just use the hearts for your Vodka. The next day, dump the heads and tails into the next batch and repeat the process. Should work out pretty well. Either way you are still required to state on the bottle (Contains 100% NGS) Prost
  14. Roger

    GNS Cost and Availability

    The entire topic of how changes in state laws over the past 10 years have allowed for the expansion of craft distillers is to absurd to even comment on. Move along Indy, you are usually less obtuse.
  15. Roger

    GNS Cost and Availability

    Onerous state laws basically prevented small distillers from operating. Grow up.