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  1. Roger

    Mash Tun not Heating

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, and I have tried to help, but quite frankly it appears that you screwed up. You apparently decided not to avail yourselves of any known US based equipment providers and then decided to design a "new type" of mash tun. When it didn't work, you blamed the company that made it to your specs. Kind of like "the customer is always right, in reverse". just curious, when you were making your decision did you even ask any legitimate still / mash tun suppliers about heating and cooling protocol and options ? Like "can I use the tun for both, and what would it look like ! Valves, pressure, surface area, time, etc.... Not to beat you up, as I always appreciate individuals who don't travel the MGP clone path, but I see on another string you don't even seem to grasp the Alpha / Beta / Temp protocol. You need to spend some money on consultation and education, or you are going to struggle for quite some time. As per Silk, put some vacuum breakers on that dog, lower the pressure relief valves, and turn down the pressure on your boiler a bit, before you kill someone. prost
  2. Roger

    Charcoal Filter Questions

    Sorry. Proprietary . Cant have everone using the same filters in the same way filtering their MGP NGS and then claiming they are the best
  3. Roger

    Mash Tun not Heating

    Sadly, stolen intellectual property is the largest Chinese import, and knocked off designs are their biggest export. It's the primary negotiating point in the US / China trade negotiations. I have a friend who is the chief metallurgist for a company I can't name, and he says the problem is that china will not allow US goods to be manufactured over there (US part ownership) unless they turn over the entire design to the state run "commercial enterprise" division. So we essentially give away years of hard fought technology, for the sole purpose of employing cheap labor to take our jobs. Sweet ! Do we get a free fortune cookie with every imported piece of shit ? America - your fortune: You're screwed !
  4. Roger

    Mash Tun not Heating

    Seriously you just need to stop screwing around and hook up the steam jacket like every other one on the planet earth. Running it from the bottom only is exactly like using a double boiler to melt chocolate (warm and gooey, but not hot). prost
  5. Roger

    Mash Tun not Heating

    Looks pretty straight forward. Hook up the steam to the main jacket and it should be fine.
  6. Roger

    Mash tun/stripping still combo

    Affordable Distilling
  7. Roger

    Barrel Head Space

  8. Roger

    Mash Tun not Heating

    My honest suggestion: remove the TC clamps from both the outlet and the inlet and let it drain. Pour some water into the inlet, and see if it immediately drains out the outlet. If so, you have a real problem because it would mean you have no baffles or channels. If not, you have less of a problem. Regardless you are going to need to plumb both of your inlets for steam. As for your cooling jacket needs (and I am not necessarily in support of this) you could just as easily configure some T's and valves to run cold through thought inlets and outlets when it's time to cool, but you would be better off buying a mash chiller. But I support your not being an MGP clone !
  9. Roger

    Mash Tun not Heating

    You have essentially created a nice warm bacteria bath
  10. Roger

    Mash Tun not Heating

    just curious, what is that little fitting in the bottom of your mash tun that has what appear to be a small steam line running to it ? That's not the steam inlet is it, right beside the outlet ? ?
  11. Roger

    Mash Tun not Heating

    When you pump your hot water from the still back into the mash tun full of goop, pump it into the bottom drain and it will aerate the mash and put it all back into solution.
  12. Roger

    Mash Tun not Heating

    it's not the trap. good thought, but that's not it
  13. Roger

    Mash Tun not Heating

    Thanks Paul . I can't imagine a 1" low pressure flow heating up 1000# of thick mash. Chinese engineering ?
  14. Roger

    Mash Tun not Heating

    There is a definite difference between heating up a still full of non-viscous fermented beer, vs the same amount of corn mash. A grain mash is almost an insulator, and absorbs an incredible amount of heat from the mash tun wall. Of course the thinner the mash, the less of an insulating barrier, but you will have to get high enough to activate your A & B enzymes (at least the A) to start thinning it out.
  15. Roger

    Mash Tun not Heating

    Paul - What size inlet on a 600gal mash tun with an atmospheric boiler is appropriate ?