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  1. I hope you all get the idea?

    Every time I see one of his posts pop up a vision comes to mind of a big puff of white smoke blasting out of the window of a high rise followed by a skinny little dweeb, arms and legs flailing as he plummets to the earth below.
  2. Telemarketing scam

    Didn't catch the name.
  3. Telemarketing scam

    Just took a call from some Bevis that went something like," I retired from the marine corp after 20 years and started a large craft distillery, did great for several years, and then the craft industry went wild and crushed me, so I stepped back and built a relationship with 100's of distributors in the US over the past few years....... sign with us and sell 1/2 skids and skids at net 45, after you pay a one time $3500- fee to set up the program to distribute galactic wide...... Guy sounded like he was 20 years old, working in a call center. I wasted 7 minutes of my life. Don't make the same mistake.
  4. Rapid Distillation - The Hot Rod by Detroit Stillworks

    I was referencing the concept pushed by some in the industry, and that you will find in other threads on this forum, that some fake craft producers feel it should be "buyer beware" , and that customers are somehow not worthy of knowing what they are buying just because they don't know all 2400 pages of the CFR. As for "crap craft pushback" somehow being a negative to the craft industry, surely you must not sample much craft beer. If you did, you would know that taste is entirely subjective, and does not need to fit the cookie cutter profiles that Big Bev wants customers to believe is the only thing worth drinking. Its trully sad that some consider the non-standardized flavor profiles of true craft as somehow being wrong, or that one must use bulk "natural flavors" that are in most cases only "natural" because the beaver's ass the flavor came from is "natural" (look it up). The only think a craft distiller really needs to Concentrate on, is once you have a product that has been generally accepted by a reasonably sized cross section of customers, you need to be able to replicate that in a volume that fits your business plan. When people get used to expecting a specific flavor, they expect it time and again. You can always push towards new and different flavors, but you should maintain the flavors of the successful sellers.
  5. Rapid Distillation - The Hot Rod by Detroit Stillworks

    Agreed, but more to the point, no one knows what the front of the label means, if producers continue to push the narrative that it "doesn't matter" and / or the customer is so dumb, they deserve to be deceived. The beer industry is going through fake craft pushback, as will the distilled spirits industry.
  6. Pricing spot market barrels

    Contact Signature Spirits. The have all the product you could possibly want at various ages.
  7. Rapid Distillation - The Hot Rod by Detroit Stillworks

    Can't you just turn on your still, pour the NGS in the top and drain it out the bottom ? Why are you even bothering to go through the charade of running it ?
  8. NYS Bottle Size Restrictions

    Pose the question at our next NYS Distillers Guild meeting. I assume you are a member, as the guild has been the driving force in the NY industry for the past few years.
  9. Prepair for the FALLOUT!!!

    Which brings you to the moral of the story: "Count on spending at least double what you budget for, and have your sales be less than half."
  10. fermentation

    Just curious. Why would you boil a malt mash ? Seems rather distructive to the natural enzymes ?
  11. NGS guys in your Guild?

    Paul - as you well know, it's not easy for a independent craft distiller to make a good Vodka in house, even with great equipment like the column you designed for us. It took us literally months to perfect everything from fermentation, through stripping process, through re-strip, through Azetrope, through chill filtration, through chill reduction, and on, and on.... All the way to a gold medal in a real "non -honey boo boo" NY competition. It would be a lot easier to just buy it in 250 gallon totes for 44 cents a bottle, but we refuse to lie to our customers by using the smallest legal font of "100% NGS" alongside the giant font "Hand Crafted".
  12. NGS guys in your Guild?

    As per Mark Twain there are 3 types of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics. The problem with using NGS is when companies lie about it, and when they are challenged, they claim that statistically it's ok, because other people do it to. i personally don't have any problem with someone using NGS. What I have a problem with is when they market it as "Hand made with local ingredients" when the only local ingredient is the water they add to it, so it doesn't blow up their still when they warm it up, to legal claim "distilled by". So statistically speaking, I don't care if they join a guild, but they better not compare their Mr. Bubble NGS to a craft spirit, becuase that's a "damn lie."
  13. I hope you all get the idea?

    Without taking any position on the contraptions viability in the market place, I will comment on the "brain teaser " you seem to be having with continuous flow to the mini still thing. Just hook it to a keg of beer. If it's a really really tiny still, just feed it a can
  14. I just had a COLA for a Distilled Spirits Specialty kicked back for the 2nd time because I put on the label :Distilled from Wheat. TTB insists that because a product source is not required on a DSS, that to put one on, is potentially confusing to the customer. This is the 2nd of two (so far) identical products (vodkas infused with natural ingredients) and the first one which is identical in formulation and labeling (except different natural flavor ingredients) is 6 months old, and on that label the TTB demanded that I put Distilled from Wheat on the label Because we distill our NGS/Vodka from grain and/or fruit in house it would seem that as all vodka is NGS and all continuous distillation of NGS follows: §5.39 Presence of neutral spirits and coloring, flavoring, and blending materials - (2) In the case of neutral spirits or of gin produced by a process of continuous distillation, there shall be stated the name of the commodity from which such neutral spirits or gin have been distilled. The statement of the name of the commodity shall be made in substantially the following form: “Distilled from grain”, or “Distilled from cane products”, or “Distilled from fruit”. From that, one could infer that the first TTB agent got it right for the first label, and the 2nd one got it wrong ? In todays hyper conscious society of food allergies, particularly with Gluten sensitivity (whether viably carried through Azeotrope or not) we have always felt that it is best to advise our customers of the base ingredients. I believe the TTB allows distillers to claim "does not contain gluten" on products that are corn based. It seems strange that they would allow a distiller to advertise that their products are "gluten free" but not allow distillers who are being conscientious, to alert their potential customers of something that they may have either a real or physiological aversion to. Has anyone received label approvals for DSS's where this has come up, one way of the other? tks
  15. Location decision: NJ vs PA

    I can never quite grasp the nuance between distillers who don't actually do anything other than warm up someone else's distilled spirtis, and bartenders. Oops, I mean mixologists.