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  1. Yellowstone - contact me direct message. I will take them all. Tks/Roger
  2. Are you asking for advise on lautering a mash of 51%+ corn ? If so, there are a lot of threads on here about that, and the general consensus seem to be : No.
  3. And there you have it : https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/amazon-tovess-gin-premium-own-brand-spirits-buy-a9165021.html
  4. Neither Fed Ex or UPS will ship your spirits DTC. https://www.breakingbourbon.com/article/the-confusing-state-of-shipping-bourbon-and-a-case-for-change there are many forces at play with this issue, and we as small producers would love to see it happen, but only "Direct from Distiller" . It is a complex issue, which includes the possibility of an "Amazon" wiping out every liquor store in the country, as well as driving the price of all distilled spirits prices down to little more than a commodity. you think there is a problem now with fake craft, wait till DTC comes on line and a few big players start dumping Faux Craft with free shipping. its kind of like not really wanting what you wish for. Prost
  5. COLA personnel have no idea if you do or do not put your product into a processing account. There are no line items on a COLA app for that. Actually Formula personal don't really care that much either. So I don't thinks that's the issue. I beleive the COLA examiner was confused by the term "100% Neutral Spirits Distilled from Grain". I've read that 5 times and still don't know what it means. Is this NGS from your friendly neighborhood pretend craft mega producer, or are you distilling this in-house from grain ? if it's mega-craft then it is essentially redistilled and needs a formula, if you are making your base from scratch, then I beleive it does not require a formula, but will require you to state: distilled from grain (or wheat, corn, etc..) at your discretion. Prost
  6. Anyone who is interested, send me a message or post on here. I believe I can have them landed in NY (possibly right to your location) for $6k. No warranty, no nothing, except it comes in a box and you fire it up. The only way to get them here at that price is in bulk. I am not interested in servicing them of listening to peoples complaints. We took a leap of faith to buy ours, and are very happy. I have a couple of ideas on how to make it easier to clean. Note - This is not all stainless, and it is not shiny and pretty. The screen, screw and hopper are stainless. My estimate is this would be over $20k made here and all stainless. It is a very robust piece of equipment or I wouldn't have bought it. Let me know/Roger
  7. Here is a video of us when we first started running it, dumping the bottom of a fermenter by bucket, after it was too thick for our pump. The whole system isn't perfect, as it is not completely stainless, and is a bit hard to clean, but we are working on an idea for the cleaning. regardless, it is the nuts. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPznqYVKWeFQqbjhIM_DNQCqesH2-o3hCnoqiwFoO2VGwP13yYziG0grfdVZf4D-Q?key=cUo0eWxfTjExTHZ2cElWcVgzYVAwTkJ5aUN6ZVNB
  8. I believe that if we order more than one, I can have them landed in NY for about 6k each.
  9. Takes us about 60 minutes to squeeze 500 gallons of bourbon mash, pre-distillation. Quicker if you distill on the grain.
  10. https://homedistiller.org/forum/
  11. It isn't necessarily an issue of what "carries over" into the finished product, any more than what is or is not "carried over" in a spirit from organic or non GMO grains or produce. The bigger question is, what is the effect on the environment of the unnecessary antibiotics being dumped into the food chain. This is being fought out in the food and alcohol industry right now, and we have simply chosen our side of this issue that will become more visible and transparent in the near future. https://www.fda.gov/food/conversations-experts-food-dietary-supplements-and-cosmetics-topics/what-expect-next-compliance-dates-fsma-preventive-controls-animal-foods-rule the logic that stating "no antibiotics" on a COLA insinuates that others use antibiotics is equivalent to saying that if a NGS producer uses corn and can put "Gluten free" by choice or not on their products, that all other producers are presumed to be made from products made from gluten. Even when it is universally acknowledged that the glutton can't exist in the finished product, whether it was made from it or not. It's a double standard.
  12. One last thing on this, I actually put "no antibiotics used" on the back of one of our vodka COLA's and it was rejected by the TTB as being "disparaging to other producers products". Not to be confused with: "You can't use antibiotics in beverage alcohol". Large producers do not typically clean their fermenters the way small distillers can and do. It is much easier for them to just add an antibiotic dose to each new batch, and that kills everything but the yeast. You can't buy NGS at 40 cents a bottle, if they have a person in the fermenter cleaning it with PBW every time. Keep in mind that it is not "disparaging" if it isn't considered a "bad thing". It is just a "thing" that appears to be brushed over. Some distillers use Hop extract as a natural alternative. I believe if you are selling the distillers grain into Europe, it can not contain the antibiotics that are acceptable here in the US.
  13. I have been in a beverage NGS production facility, and have seen it in use. It is NOT prohibited by FDA and TTB. Meanwhile the FDA is trying to crack down on the use due to the distillers grains being sold into the animal feed industry and its potential ability to create immunity to various strains. Everyone knows this. The only thing I always wondered is: Are the Bulk whiskey producers doing it as well ? https://www.iatp.org/blog/201204/ethanol-antibiotics-and-what-we-don’t-know
  14. We ferment the vodka we distill from grapes, differently than the vodka we distill from soft wheat. We then filter each differently as well. Both hit the "numbers" to be classified as "vodka" but they are completely different. We also do not use antibiotics, which are standard in the bulk NGS industry.
  15. Roger

    Peach Brandy

  16. Throw in some beta now that you have it cooled down. It will convert any unfermentable sugars over 3 days.
  17. Put a cage around them with an approved lock, and add them to your DSP. That's what we do with our SS Totes.
  18. Keep in mind that Gin is not made from a "mash" be it the first, second, or 20th distillation. So the question as presented is a bit inane. if one were to add botanicals into the mash (I.e carbohydrates to be consumed by yeast) and then dump that into a still after fermentation, be it a pot or patent, my sense is that it would be folly. So the answer is, no.
  19. Looks great. How are the stripped low wines handled in the doubler ? I see how the low wines go in, the heads and hearts come off, but what about the completely stripped (prob under 10proof) liquid that is left in the pot still/doubler. How does that flow ?
  20. Roger

    Mash Pumping

    We have used our centrifugal pump exclusively for years running : bourbon mash, wheat mash, malt mash, grape concentrate, molasses......, from tun to fermenters, through tube and shell exchangers, from fermenter to stills, etc.... Temps from 50f to 185f. So far are maintenance and repair has amounted to: zero. The only reason I could see for running an impeller is for the self priming aspect.
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