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  1. ThreeBrothers

    Farm Distillery Survey - Please Respond

    How did it go with Fairfax. I own a Farm Distillery in Sussex County. We got distilling added as a permitted use to the A-1 zoning as distilling is a value added process to farming and fits the criteria listed in the Right to Farm act which in turn got me an agricultural exemption from building permits and inspections by the county. Feel free to give me a shout or come visit. i am about 2 hours from you. David
  2. ThreeBrothers

    ethanol/botanical ratios when upscaling

    If you have a column still, with enough plates you can get the flavors out.....
  3. ThreeBrothers

    TTB segregation of Tasting Room

    I have my approved distillery in the same building as my distillery. The bonded area is separated from the tasting room by a wall with a door. Dark Horse Distillery has a glass wall that separates the bonded area from the Tasting room. Dark Corner Distillery had the same thing in their downtown distillery location......
  4. ThreeBrothers

    Tank/Pump for sale

    Is this pump still available? What size hoses?
  5. Is this pump still available? Thanks Dave
  6. ThreeBrothers

    Going out of business******

    I would am interested in the chiller, and the alcohol tester. Is it an anton parr? What model?
  7. ThreeBrothers

    Distillery, Equipment and IP

    Scott, I am sorry to hear that your dream is up for sale, you have put tons of effort into growing your brand. David Three Brothers Distillery
  8. ThreeBrothers

    A Bank To Avoid

    I just wanted to say, I received a loan from BBT with only a little hassle. I am a boot strap business and the key was finding and developing a relationship with the banker in charge of my loan. Once I knew who to talk to (via a introduction by the branch manager) I was able to move a small loan forward which is enough to get me into production.
  9. ThreeBrothers

    Locks and Security

    George, What locks did you purchase? David
  10. ThreeBrothers

    TTB Compliant Door Locks

    Did the TTB approve these locks? thanks David
  11. Try Richland Rum in Richland Georgia. I am sure Erik Vonk would sell you a barrel. thanks David
  12. ThreeBrothers

    Tasting Room Glass

    Thanks Quirk, I'll keep that in mind.
  13. ThreeBrothers

    Tasting Room Glass

    Are you selling those for the price listed or is there a large order discount. 12.50 a glass is a little steep for general tasting room use. Id be interested personally at that price, but not as the stock glass in my tasting room. David
  14. ThreeBrothers

    25 ton Used Chiller for Sale

    Hey Mike How much are you asking? thanks David
  15. What are you sizing up to? That still has made some fine spirits.. You are gonna miss it... well you might miss it till you start runniing the new one. Congrats on the upsize. Dave R