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  1. System sold. Thank you all for your interest
  2. Don, sent. navenjohnson- yes we would
  3. As of right now they still available.
  4. A much larger one . Motivated to move this make an offer
  5. We are selling everything you need to get started as a DSP. We have had this system for four years and has one us many awards but we have simply out grown it. Our new still is arriving in August and this Vendome Copper Still will be available then (a year and a half wait brand new). I am asking $45,000 (FOB) obo for the entire package.. Included: -100 gallon Vendome copper pot still, 6 plate column, dephlegmator, and steam jacket. 2 sight glasses were added after market and can be moved to any of the six plates you desire. -250,000 btu low pressure steam boiler - 2 230 gallon hdpe conical fermentors with stands - 1 210 gallon hdpe straight fermentor w/lid - 4 spout gravity bottle filler with sparger from stpats.com and few extras including a r/o system if you want it We will even train you on it !!!!! Email: Info@tailwindsdistilling.com for more pics and serious inquiries
  6. Rum fermentation questions

    Sounds like they helped you pretty well. For what its worth We never ferment below 80f with rum. The best yeasts for rum like to be hot. I am not sure where you are located but during the winter months build a heat tent (plastic, 2x4s, and a space heater) to keep the ambient temp around the fermentors above 76. You should see full fermentations in 3.5-4 days. Molasses is widely inconsistent with how much dissolved solids each batch has so your end SG will vary from each batch of molasses. I am not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but use city water for fermentations. Yeast love those salts and that should fix your wide ph swings. This is all info that the guys at Lallemand gave me when I was starting out and trouble shooting.
  7. Those of you without a CIP system

    Thanks I appreciate it!
  8. Those of you without a CIP system

    Sorry if this seems to be a redudant topic, but there seems to be a lot on what to use but not on how to use it... How are you cleaning your columns without a CIP system? We have a 100 gallon Vendome. Stainless pot, copper column with six trays, stainless lyne arm condenser and parrot. I have the basics: rinse, caustic, rinse, acid, rinse Maybe passivation of the stainless... Application seems to be the tricky part. Each tray a removable face plate so I do have small access. We run molasses and agave washes. Thinking a garden weed type sprayer with heated mixed solution sprayed directly allowed to sit and then rinsed???? Any suggestions????
  9. Steve, We would be interested as we have been at the funding stage for some time. Toby info@tailwindsdistilling.com 630-746-7526
  10. Disposal of spent molasses

    I know this has been posted in many different forms but I haven't seen an answer to how people are disposing of their used molasses with out access to sewer. What are those of you who are distilling on farms and rural areas doing with your spent washes? Has anyone found of a cheap way to truck your sewage out? Sorry for bringing this up again. Its seems all the historic buildings in town all have wood floors and the newer buildings all have septic systems....Can't win;) Toby
  11. Illinois Distillery

    Hey Jason thank you! It was more the family aspect they made us consider the move back home. Good luck on your venture! Toby
  12. Hello All, I have been on here for quite sometime but have never officially introduced myself. My wife and I have been carefully planning a distillery in the Phoenix area for the last year and a half. After much thought we decided it would have a better place in our hometown outside of Chicago. As we had hoped the town has welcomed us with open arms and we are excited to get started. Our focus will be mainly Rum and Gin and possibly blue agave. We are still looking for investors/partners before we can get moving. I wanted to thank everyone on here for taking the time to post. Your advice and experiences are beyond helpful. I look forward to talking with you. Toby
  13. Sewer Discharge Composition

    http://sleekfreak.ath.cx:81/3wdev/GATE_DL/WATSAN/W4E_00.PDF Good info/numbers for those distilling from cane sugar