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  1. Lees - in or out?

    Have you tried running a full reflux first run? Curious how the flavor loss in the trails would be.
  2. Best still design for rum?

    Interesting. Symbiotic fermentation of bacteria and yeast. I'll start approaching this like making Kombucha! https://patents.google.com/patent/US2386924A/en <-- Very informative. Cheers.
  3. Best still design for rum?

    I've read some references to using a bubble plate column design with 1-2 plates active for minimal separation. Then collecting down to a low abv and still getting a heavy product using the that minimal refraction to help separate the desired tails from the dunder. Has anyone tried this?
  4. Ferment-able sugars in Molasses?

    It's Blackstrap. I'll ping them about the TSAI. I'm currently blending grade A with Blackstrap in an attempt to get a usable yield combined with heavier flavors. Ran the starting calculations based on Grade A at 70% and Blackstrap at 45% (these ranges seem to be confirmed across the board). Final Brix will give me a better idea. Thanks again for all the information.
  5. Ferment-able sugars in Molasses?

    Thanks for the thorough response Silk City. Im using a triple processed byproduct through a third party. I doubt I can trust the data. I’ll have to run a test batch and see. I’m after a darker, full bodied Rum, so I far from mind the non fermentables and solids. More a matter of planning the batch. Ill do some more digging and find these threads.
  6. Ferment-able sugars in Molasses?

    I'm prepping to start on a Rum. From my reading it seems that of the sugar content in Molasses only ~52% of it is fermentable. How should I calculate the gravity of my wash? Should I divide the sugar contribution from the molasses in half or take it as is?