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  1. Thanks for the fast response!
  2. I am probably asking in the wrong forum, but we are opening a new DSP in Oklahoma and we are looking to purchase neutral grain spirits from a wholesaler and bottle under our own label. How will this effect the excise tax? Does the wholesale pay excise tax on what they manufacture and sell?
  3. I know I have read of a bottle supplier in the St. Louis area, but for the life of me I can't find that information again. Does anyone know of a supplier that can supply us with the Nordic bottle, or the moonshine ring bottle?
  4. Okay, I have just got to step in here and backup Odin. I purchased an Istill 250 in September of 2013, (I think I was the first one in the US). Odin was very helpful during the entire process and remains so today. We did have some problems with our unit, however Odin sent us replacement parts and upgrade parts at his own expense. Our Istill 250 runs exactly as advertised and puts out an awesome product. Anytime you are dealing with people things can be misunderstood, taken for granted, or missrepresented. That is just the nature of people. I don't want to see a man's business damaged or destroyed because of a single indcident, maybe it"s time for a "Chill Pill" I am very happy with our still and the service we received in the installation and operation.
  5. These are excellent questions, I wish someone had answered. We are trying to open a DSP in Belleville, Illinois and I was a little taken back at the amount of "Spirits" on the state application for a "Class 9 Micro-Distiller". With the equipment we have in place, running at full production we would end up with 14,836 "Proof Gallons" per year, leaving us with no room for expansion unless we pay for the "Clas 1 Distiller's" permit. Where did you locate the law specifying 30,000 gallon limit for craft distillery? This is only one hurdle for us, the primary being that our building is no sprinkled and we are working with the county to come up with something. Our stills are electric direct submersion heated, no open flame anywhere, but rightfully so they are concerned with storage of combustible liquids.
  6. Hello!!?? is there anyone out there? I would like to find a supplier for moonshine bottles in the St. Louis area, if I missed out on some other thread, please let me know.
  7. Did anyone hear from this guy? I am interested in the "Moonshine" bottle with finger ring. Can anyone recommend a wholesaler?
  8. Where are you located in Missouri, I would like to visit and see what you have, I am located in St. Louis.
  9. I hope I am not repeating a post, but there are more and more "Moonshines" appearing on the market. I have not been able to find the standard of Identity for moonshine. Am I missing something, or is it considered a neutral? I have seen a lot of shine, but never one distilled above 95%, and shine is made from whatever they can get their hands on.
  10. Wow, my head is spinning after reading all this, there are too many variables to give a simple answer. It is my experience that your heat control is the most important element to consider. Throw too much heat on your wash thinking that will speed things up is the wrong way to look at it. If you are running a cloudy or dirty wash, and try to push your heat to increase output will scorch your wash and ruin taste. If you are looking for 80 to 85% product you can run at a much higher output than trying to get a 95% product. We are running a neutral spirit and being careful with heat have found that we can comfortably get approxmimately: 1.15 gph from an 4" column 2.1 gph from an 6" column 3.35 gph from an 8" column I wish it were that simple, but it depends on your wash, your heat, and what you are looking for coming out of the condenser. We have topped out with an 8" column on a 100 gallon boiler with an 80 gallon charge. We are using direct submersion electric heat, and have found that is just about all the wash our electric heat should handle. I just had to put my 2 cents in (that may be all it is worth). Good Luck!!
  11. Wow, I guess I need to spend a bit more time with someone more economical than I am. I was not aware you could wash and re-activate your carbon after use. I am curious as to how many times you can do this before replacing it altogether?
  12. I got into this late, but had to tell you I LAUGHED OUT LOUD at the picture from Scott................. perfect!!
  13. Hello all! We are getting closer to opening, and would like to look into some fun flavored liquers. I purchased some bulk bottles of essence from several websites, they market Gert Strand, but they will not be able to meet anticipated demand. Does anyone know of a supplier for actual bulk supplies of essence? We would like to offer cinnamon, blueberry, peach, and maybe coconut. Hoping this is a viable option until our primary product is ready for market. Thanks!
  14. Jim J

    Liquid Sucrose?

    We are getting closer to opening our new facility in St. Charles Missouri, and was wondering if anyone has tried using liquid sucrose instead of granulated sugar. We ran some tests with HIgh Fruitcose Corn Syrup but it does not ferment worth a darn. I would like the ease of liquid sugar, but I am concerned about how well it will ferment, and also the shelf life. Any help woul be appreciated.
  15. Anyone have an opinion on Missouri? We are trying to geet a foothold and start up a small distillery and also sell our product in a bar under the same roof. I do know state excise tax is not as bad as some.
  16. I was wondering if anyone knows of a supplier for large copper pipe.... 6" and up. This may be more for one of the equpment suppliers. I am going to purchase a couple of pre-fabbed kettles, most likely a 100 and or 150 gallon, but I will build my own towers. I would appreciate any help.
  17. I would love to know what kind of price per pound you are getting for bulk sugar.
  18. If you look around, you can find used "passport drums", (they are rectangular plastic food grade containers) with a 2" valved outlet for around $100 each. They come in 275 gallon and 500 gallon. Make sure you get used food storage drums, and not oil drums. This is what Sherman has attached to his post. Used is good if you are carful what they originally were used for.
  19. I appreciate all the information on the site. We are in the process of starting up a new distillery in Missouri. Investors wanted to open in Oklahoma, but the state regs are absolutely crazy. We are wanting to open a facilty and be able to sell on-site by the drink and by the bottle, and like the idea of self distributing within the state. We are looking forward to the next conference and expo. Looking forward to a great ride.
  20. Hey Paul, I noticed on your website a great looking boiler on the botttom of the page. Are you manufaturing these large boilers or are you just building the barrell stills. I am in the market for a 100 gallon and also a 250 gallon boiler. I will build my own towers. Looks as though you are located not too far from me. Thanks Jim
  21. I have been approached by an investor that is a member of an indian nation. They want us to open a distillery on tribal land, and distribute to indian casino's. Does anyone know if we will still be bound by federal and state regulations even though indian territories are sovereign nations?
  22. We currently have a small batch fermenting, it is not as vigurous as a straight sugar wash. We are looking at HFCS to elimate the need for handling and milling grains, and dealing with the left overs once distilled. Just curious if anyone else had tried or even considered this before. I don't want to try and re-create the wheel. I appreciate the input.
  23. Has anyone considered using High Fructose Corn Syrup for neutral spirits. We are looking at offering a line of Flavored products such as "Cinnamon Shine" or Blackberry Shine". Don't think this stuff is good for anything else, once fermented and distilled off would it not make a clean spirit with no milling?
  24. I am still trying to locate equipment for our new venture. I have been looking at the Accutek four head filler #SAPOF-4, has anyone ever tried this unit? The 4 head sells for $6,000.00, and with my background I can convert this from a semi auto unit to a fully functional automatic system. Their site is www.accutekpackaging.com I was really only wanting to spend somewhere around $4,000 for a semi auto 4 head filler. If anyone knows where I can find one I would appreciate it.
  25. She sure looks pretty! I am just curious however, if your distillate enters and discharges both from the top of the parrot, will that give you a precise reading from you hydrometer? Only seems natural you want the product to enter the bottom and flow to the top in order to get an exact measurement.
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