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  1. Yep. The assertion is sophomoric at best. EDIT: blanket assertion
  2. To further add to the devil's share, "to make good whiskey, you have to put it up a little dirty" is what a pretty skilled whiskey maker said once or twice. Zero heads + zero tails = insipid. Throw that insipid into an oak barrel and you've got yourself toothpick flavored insipid. Not everybody likes Lima beans...
  3. Adam Stumpf,,what say you about whiskey produced on a continuous rig that also renders finished product?
  4. Welcome Hendo, Good luck along your journey
  5. This is one of those "what comes first, the chicken or the egg" questions. Do you have a real marketing budget? Do you plan to keep your day job? Do you have any production back ground at all? If not experienced, will you hire an outfit to execute your vision? How much time have you spent trying to identify potential market? The reality for many taking this path is that the equipment is not at all so expensive compared to all of the remaining needs. Best.
  6. If you are in Kentucky this week please come and see us. Long time supporter Rusty Figgins will be visiting, so stop by and talk shop with Rusty.
  7. Hi Chizek, One of the operational advantages of the glass column system that we produce is that each plate section on our 8" diameter is only about 4" tall. So if you have a ceiling height limitation this can help you get a higher plate count if needed. Also the cool factor is pretty much off the chain if you are planing to do tours or teach a distilling class out of your distillery. Heat transfer is also quite good with the glass. The down side is that the glass chimneys are,,,,,glass. And as such they do need to be handled accordingly. The glass chimney thickness is quite substantial with a wall thickness of nearly 3/8" thick. Its just that you can't drop them on a concrete floor and expect a good outcome if you see my meaning. Also, if we assume that a distiller can get a months worth of service life out of the plates within, the column will still have to be disassembled for cleaning. This can certainly be more labor intensive than our SS Modular Tee System since threaded rods are used to hold the entire system together. Cleaning can be particularly daunting on rum beer batches that are well known for foam up. In this case we would recommend one or two of our standard tee assemblies mounted closest to the kettle with the CrystalDragon mounted on top of the tee. This way the first (and /or second) plate can easily be removed for cleaning while the remainder of the plates within the CrystalDragon remain assembled. Hope I said that clearly? I can not really speak to Scott's concerns with the glass system that he had in service. I would need to see the system up close to have any kind of qualified opinion.Our glass columns can produce as much as the stainless systems we sell. Our gasket system does not leak. We are not in jepardy of going out of business. We have customers with award winning products on the shelf. Good luck.
  8. Happy to answer any questions that you may have Larry
  9. Ah, I didn't realize your output dropped. I assumed when you mentioned "yield" that you were referring to what you viewed as drinkable or the like. So your head temps are a bit higher compared to previous runs? As an aside, have the summer time temps affected your processing this year more so than usual compared to previous years?
  10. Is your still dirty? Do you typically collect way down into tails as your SOP? Have you recently puked while blasting through tails? Can you pull the top side of your of your system apart and give a sniff? I say clean the still.
  11. smaug

    floor drains

    $8 to $10 a square ft. for the flat work. Can't comment on the minimal plumbing. A new elevation will allow for more aggressive movement toward the drains,,,,,unless the finisher is a hack. Less time spent manning the squeegee.
  12. agitator included. We can sharpen the pencil.
  13. Welcome, Seems there are some very good products coming out of Minnesota. Good luck keeping up with your newly established peers.
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