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  1. Looks like it's a tag that only shows up on the web version, not the mobile.
  2. Be very careful using pectinases on fruit mashes - they can increase the amount of methanol above FDA-allowed amounts. Here's a paper from Cornell looking at the effect on apple mashes: https://www.deepdyve.com/lp/elsevier/influence-of-pectinase-treatment-on-fruit-spirits-from-apple-mash-qrazZj6lLS
  3. Ok, new question. Why the heck were you heating pear wine (assuming you mean perry)?
  4. Sounds like a pectin gel. Could try a pectinase, or just rack off. That may slow your fermentation, depending on how long it's been and your temperatures.
  5. Negotiate the lease so you're not paying until you open your doors for business. That's common enough. Landlord would likely want some kind of penalty sum if you never do open though, to cover their risk.
  6. First came across this on Chuck Cowdery's blog: http://farnorthspirits.com/news/2015/3/30/minnesota-will-own-rye Not sure what kinds of varieties they're currently working with, but if I'm from PA or MD (and I am!), that's a shot across the bow in terms of appropriating the history and mantle of rye for themselves. Maybe get the ag folks at Penn State on the line and see what kind of grant proposal you can work up?
  7. (Sigh), not everything is so binary. I don't think most reasonable people, looking at the evidence, would be anti-GMO. However, they likely would be against the way GMO crops have been utilized, which generally has been short-sighted. Here's something on increases in pesticide use: http://www.enveurope.com/content/24/1/24 Here's an article in Nature about some of the work on resistance to glyphosate: http://www.nature.com/news/case-studies-a-hard-look-at-gm-crops-1.12907#/superweeds And here's something related to the effects on monarch butterflies: http://discover.umn.edu/news/environment/number-monarch-butterflies-hibernating-mexico-reaches-all-time-low I think that one links to the study.
  8. The biggest issue to emerge with GMO crops - with some decent science to support it - is that they actually increase pesticide use. Insecticide use has gone down, but herbicide use has gone up because weeds are becoming more resistant to glyphosate (RoundUp). There are some associated effects of increased herbicide use, and some research has been done to show causation between increased herbicide use and declining monarch butterfly populations. If you're using any ingredients that rely on natural pollination - apples, pears - then that's a big deal. All the studies on GMOs (and glyphosate) show that they're safe for human consumption. And for corn, glyphosate doesn't penetrate the husk anyway. However, two things to consider: 1) no studies have been done on the long term effects of consuming GMO foods, and 2) the big ag companies that make the GMO foods (and the pesticides that go hand-in-hand with them) have been involved in falsifying scientific studies in the past regarding the safety of their products.
  9. If your replies and requests to him were anything like your posts on here, I can understand why there would be miscommunication.
  10. Chevy Chase Wine and Spirits is also good - in my experience, they're more likely to have decent Armagnac and Calvados. And by decent, I mean they may have two selections, whereas you'd be hard-pressed to find any at all elsewhere. And I'd recommend Copper Fox - they're malting their own grains down there, which is badass.
  11. Sorry Natrat! Didn't mean for that to sound so dickish (though reading it now, it really does). I just wanted to make sure that, even if the Feds look the other way about an archaic, irrational law, folks know it's still the law. But you're absolutely right - that was some fishy stuff. Even if USPS wanted to update their policies to the 20th century (only one behind!), they definitely can't contradict statutory laws.
  12. Natrat, Was it signed by the President? Just because it passed both houses of Congress, it does not mean it's the law quite yet. And it doesn't look like it even passed in the House: http://beta.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/630 So no, it is not yet legal for USPS to ship alcohol.
  13. That's clearly a hooded sweatshirt.
  14. Hey Sandy, Where are you pulling that quote from? I can't find it in the document linked above. In any case, what is New Columbia classified as, H or F1? PM me if you wanna chat. I'm in Takoma Park, and am working through this stuff myself too. -Jeff
  15. I just read through Hubert Germain-Robin's book (this isn't a product review, I swear!), and he talks a little bit about distillate temperature for brandies at different parts of the run and the impacts on flavor. And yes, it's in English. Not sure if you've seen that one, Nat.
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