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  1. Good luck, P29. I am taking on a new line of Boilers out of Nashville that will start up their boilers with factory techs, and are used to breweries and distilleries. What they don't do is installs because of local coding. This is what will trip you up as you know. Maybe the boiler manufacturer you have selected can offer suggestions?
  2. Hi, from Hamburg previously- I supplied chillers to a couple of the BFLO distilleries. Glad to see more in my old stomping grounds!
  3. Greetings and if you need any cooling assistance, give me a shout! (my son recently moved to Denver and is loving the outdoor activities and wilderness!)
  4. Yep and the chiller, cold water reservoir and pumps are being plumbed next week. Same size as my photo but chiller is rooftop with reservoir, pumps and pump/chiller controls indoors. Factory sending chiller start-up tech early January from TN.
  5. Welcome, I bet you have fun getting that mash crashed in the summer! You have a heat exchanger for it?
  6. Hey Bflo! Are you in NY or one of the Bflos out West? One of those setups was sold by Trident to a Distiller in Pittsburgh if you want to see it in action? I supplied the chiller for that one too.
  7. Per Pete's post, you still need the chiller system for cooling mash. If you can't get the mash done fast enough, it will become a choke point for production.
  8. I have sold many customers of Trident their chillers. Contact me if you need a price, new or recon available.
  9. That is more common technique when cooling with an external exchanger, but it depends on how much surface area you have in the fermenter jacket, if you don't have it all the way around, it's problematic.
  10. Devin, If you wish, contact me either by email or phone and I'd be happy to size one out after I ask a few more questions.
  11. The more efficient the heat exchanger, the more cooling you require, which is why I specify some kind of reservoir for everything except cooling with city water- but then this is so expensive, I specify a reservoir for that too, and for well water applications- hardly anyone has enough well capacity to run everything, too often the wells run dry. That way you can use a much smaller chiller.
  12. Tube in tube for whiskey, plate and frame for worts like vodka and rum are the least expensive and work best.
  13. When you strip faster, you need more cooling capacity (if you have a closed loop), so I have seen that being a problem.
  14. Congrats LJ! You'll get lots of support here! Great forum for news and help!!!
  15. We are adding a product line to enable treatment of air/water in atmospheric closed tanks. If you are running a still with well water, this product can treat water in your tank and then with adding filter, take out any biologicals or minerals within the water. Likewise, it will keep your process water tank free from bacteria. It is a type of Ozone generator/pump, drawing less than 3 amps with a timer for shutting down if not needed. Please contact me for applications or pricing.
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