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  1. i meant the photo on my ID. lol. Requests for literature can be emailed to me at mikegronski@gmail.com.
  2. Just how many degrees is the hot tank going to be cooled to overnite. With a 5 ton chiller, you'll be looking at a little imbalance there, especially if you are stripping with the 300 Gal tank.
  3. See the photo to the left, an example of a closed loop glycol hybrid cooler which needs city water in summer to augment cooling . This one is similar to a project just finished that I'll have photos from a 1,000 Gal setup of next week. If I have your zip code and how many hours to want it cooled by, I can get one on about 4 weeks for you that would pump right in through a heat exchanger and back until reaching the set point desired. Large reservoir not needed Add a water to glycol heat exchanger and you can make cold water during winter and off seasons for the still cooling.
  4. I have done small and large systems similar to this scenario. When you are crashing, you'll have a lot of hot water depending on the output water off the heat exchanger, cooling still not as warm but easier to figure. I am offering outdoor hybrid water/glycol coolers to crash which matches up really well to a reclaim clean water like you describe. I am getting reading to ship one of these to San Francisco for a smaller distillery and a large 60 ton unit for a distillery in Charleston who uses a separate chiller and stainless tank to chill city water for their still and saves all their warm water similar to what you describe. I can send you information on the Virga cooler if you want.
  5. AZ getting to be a busy place for distilleries, you guys should be putting together you own group soon!
  6. Does this still have the Chiller ( I think I supplied it)? Is it for sale?
  7. I left a message on the other posting- did you see it? I just talked to the consultant who happened to call me- he lives close to you! His name is Colin Coan, phone 413-212-4022. He's a great guy and will help you out finish your set-up. I have supplied both distillery and brewery projects the cooling equipment to him in the past.
  8. I think he is in the County just South of you.
  9. I have a consultant who works up both breweries and distilleries that lives across the Hudson in downstate, NY. Let me know your phone # if interested, and I'll give you his. Good Luck! Mike (Ex-Corningite -Steuben Co.) 678-773-2794
  10. If you need a small chiller for the still, I have both 115/1/60 and 230/1/60.
  11. I have a few clients in SD, helped them out with their cooling systems. Just talked to one from years ago, time flies!
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