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  1. MG Thermal Consulting

    Chilling Needs on Mash Tank

    Yep, here is where you start the cooling with a full reservoir of cold chilled water at near 45F. For those that want to mash twice a day, figuring they can just do mash #1, still run#1, mash run#2, still run#2 with the same chiller and reservoir...trouble is you are not starting mash run #2 with a 45F reservoir, more like 70F and can't get the second crash done. Then they add a second reservoir to remedy that...but, can't figure why the same chiller can't get both reservoirs back to 45F by sunrise...and so it goes.
  2. MG Thermal Consulting

    Chilling Needs on Mash Tank

    The mash cooling will probably put you in the market for a chiller due to where you're located. Depending on the volume of mash, I have some factory refurbs that you can use with one of Paul's coolers to get the job done. If it's a small volume, less that 150 Gal, I have a copper/steel one that you can use to get you there in less than a couple hours. Once you get close to 80F city water, about the best you can get down to is around 100F mash, if you're lucky. I've seen adapting old milk coolers to make chilled water to pump through a mash cooler, and since you're in a big farm area, you may be able to latch onto one. Good luck!
  3. MG Thermal Consulting


    Hey, Joe. Good luck on your distillery- you have a few guys around you, I sold a chiller system to Jim over at Mingo Creek. A great guy to talk to, if you haven't already. If you need anything on the cooling side, give me a jingle. Mike G. 678-773-2794
  4. MG Thermal Consulting

    Cold Filtering/Jacketed Cooling Tank

    B, I have sold many small chillers for cold filtering. Normally a 3 to 5 HP is used, I have a stock 4 HP 230/1/60 discounted for sale, less than $8,000 including freight to Mid-USA, a tad more to either coast. You'll need to charge the system with 40% propylene glycol mix to make 25F to get the job done. A circulating pump is included with the chiller. Contact me if you have questions.
  5. MG Thermal Consulting

    Rum Man

    Man, I'd like to try that Slivovitz!!! I think my Granddad used to make something like it on the farm- all I know is, after he died my dad found a bottle of something fermented in the basement. Whatever it was, brought tears to my Dad's eyes, an he was a WWII vet! Yikes!
  6. MG Thermal Consulting

    Hello from Richmond, VA

    Hey OCD! If you need any cooling system help, give me a shout!
  7. MG Thermal Consulting

    Closed Chiller Loop Water Treatment

    If you keep your pond at 55F or lower, then I would agree but I don't know the volume of the pond or the temp. I would say in most places it wouldn't work year round, only as a part year solution. Are you pumping ethanol on both sides of the htx or are you pulling pond water directly into the htx? If you are pulling it directly, how do you keep the htx from being fouled, a large filter?
  8. MG Thermal Consulting

    New startup question about setting up

    I have supplied chillers for these Low temp type processes for over 30 years (plus the fragrance industry) where alcohol is used and if the chiller or any electrical device is near a possible alcohol fume, and can produce a spark (even from a stone hitting a fan motor) it must use NEMA-7. Most common way do do this now is to nitrogen purge a NEMA-4 enclosure or encapsulate the device (fill it) with silicon so no oxygen can enter. I am rather surprised so far that a craft distillery has not blown up to change standards (liability and insurance), knocking many out of the business.
  9. MG Thermal Consulting

    Closed Chiller Loop Water Treatment

    I have augmented a few set up like you describe, usually in most of the USA, the ground temp is 55F as far as design goes. You can run a still with 55F but rarely can you get mash cooled with that temperature, so if you need a booster chiller, you are back to buying a chiller and heat exchanger to do that, and you'll need colder than 45F to overcome the bad heat transfer of the alcohol if you use that as a cooling medium. The further I go North, I offer dry coolers and heat exchangers for winter use, to save utilities that way, along with a generous reservoir tank which is normally cheaper than a geothermal set up. Most people don't want to have the worry in any event of a heat transfer leak underground. EPA becomes a little vocal about it. How many gallons is your complete alcohol charge that you use for heat transfer, just for giggles?
  10. MG Thermal Consulting

    Closed Chiller Loop Water Treatment

    I hope your electrical is explosion proof, a word to the wise.
  11. MG Thermal Consulting

    Continuous Columns: Where do I start??

    Dehner has a good bead on a potential logjam- In order to run the still "continuously" you have to have a lot of mash ro be churned out, with a lot of extra cooling to do it. I have done proposals that got nowhere because what seemed good to the client was unaffordable when the components cooling load was tallied up and costed out. Everything has to be matched up and down the line for it to work.
  12. Hey, you look familiar... I used to live in Hamburg, left in 2001. If you need anything for you cooling system, give me a shout. Good luck! Mike G (Bills fan from afar)
  13. MG Thermal Consulting

    Continuous Columns: Where do I start??

    I would say that any safety interlocks need to have default contact to the owner and possibly a security outfit/fire department as well. If you deal with large ammonia systems, when safeties go off- horns go off & everyone comes running.
  14. MG Thermal Consulting

    Continuous Columns: Where do I start??

    If you need any add on chiller capacity, I can help out on that end. At these sizes a heat recovery chiller may be able to preheat water and add on extra cooling capacity as well. By using a refrigerant-water desuperheater option, you can store potable hot water for mash batching and use the chilled water for the still cooling. Hot water will decrease the size of the additional boiler HP if you intend on using "clean" steam. Chiller sections can be made in modular form as well.
  15. MG Thermal Consulting

    Equipment for Sale

    Chiller needed?