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  1. MG Thermal Consulting

    Need Distillery Equipment Consultant

    I have supplied Cooling System consulting and equipment to quite a few Cali distillers, mostly in San Diego and N. CA. You can drop me a line and we can start a conversation. Regards, Mike G.
  2. MG Thermal Consulting

    1,000 Gal Mash Tun and Fermenters

    Trident has a still set up making whiskey, uses our chiller plus a glycooler (air to glycol fan powered cooler) to chill their reservoir for the cooling. Probably worth a visit if you can arrange one with Jess.
  3. MG Thermal Consulting

    1,000 Gal Mash Tun and Fermenters

    My friend Jess over at Trident Stills will build you a great mash cooler, he's in your area code:)
  4. MG Thermal Consulting

    So many questions...

    Greetings! If you have any questions about budgeting heating and cooling systems or sizing, let me know- I have clients in N Cali and San Diego if you are close to either.
  5. MG Thermal Consulting

    Distillery Location/Atlanta GA

    I have recon chillers which can fit in for either the existing or your new location. Several are 230/1/60 which is handy (largest one is 10 HP). Give me a call anytime, Mike G 678-773-2794
  6. MG Thermal Consulting

    Water Tank Ideas

    Once you get to the larger tanks, 5000 gal or so, horizontal steel tanks are generally the way to go, but I have seen indoor 5000 gal poly tanks. Seems to be more and more common to see multiple tanks, equalized or controlled with solenoids to toggle back and forth, especially if running multiple mash runs/day pr mash runs and stripping runs daily. Shipping a 2500 gal like one pictured to IL with 40 HP chiller located on the roof. Tank is located below chiller with both process and circulating pumps. Pumps are run by subpanel at the pump/tanks station. If you can find a used dairy tank, I have clients that have used them successfully.
  7. MG Thermal Consulting

    1,000 Gal Mash Tun and Fermenters

    If anyone needs a chiller/heat exchanger to crash - I have some refurbs in stock. Expect less than an hour crash with htx and chiller combo working from a cold poly reservoir. Mike G
  8. MG Thermal Consulting

    Water Chiller

    Andy, Even a hybrid air-glycol cooler cannot cool enough glycol to chill water to 50F in summer, and I have used them in Duluth, MN. A closed loop from a cooling tower means adding a water to water exchanger, indoor sump, pump, water makeup treatment and filtration. First cost seems smaller, but by the time you run this system for a few years, you see water makeup and treatments costs add up and wonder why the additional water and sewer costs are so high. Diverting warm water must done with non-Ferrous piping, pumps, evaporator from the chiller, so for every concept, there is additional equipment added, or modifications to equipment that result in a higher cost. Each capacity of each piece of equipment has to match up, capacity wise, which is why shell/tube mash coolers are used for large mash tuns- to account for small amount heat transfer relative to the chiller+reservoir concept. For given temperatures, the smallest capacity equipment will dictate time for cooling mash. If the given equipment can't offer you enough assurance though experienced suppliers, then ask for references from satisfied customers. I can offer hot water from a heat recovery chiller to neat 170F, but in order to make the hot water, you need twice (roughly) the chiller HP to do that plus reim cooler to take out hot refrigerant when your hot water storage is maxed out. It all depends on what is more important, water heating, quick turnaround on cooling or smallest first cost.
  9. MG Thermal Consulting

    I'm new!

    Welcome and if you need any help on you cooling system, give me a shout! I have some cooling systems installed over by Waterbury, CT and over in Lancaster, PA if you're taking a drive this Fall to see the trees go to wine tastings;) Good Luck!
  10. MG Thermal Consulting

    Thermal fluid system for still heating(?)

    Yep, I agree and sometimes dangerous with hot glycol or oil flying around in pipes (no more than steam, I suppose).
  11. MG Thermal Consulting

    Thermal fluid system for still heating(?)

    Paul, That's the point I am, too, Paul. If I sell a heat recovery chiller to make hot glycol, it's still needs some electric heater add for a hot glycol tank, and that buries my price. I think the smaller distilleries should be able to work without a steam boiler, but it's a matter of making everything add together plus the cost payback on the utility that's the trick. Cheaper to buy gas for a boiler than the electricity input, especially if the customer doesn't have three phase power.
  12. MG Thermal Consulting

    Thermal fluid system for still heating(?)

    What do you do for a chiller? I have been working on a high temp heat recovery chiller system design but there would be some add-on to get mashing temp reached without a small steam boiler or hot water boiler to reach high enough water temperatures.
  13. MG Thermal Consulting

    Thermal fluid system for still heating(?)

    Your could - if you are using a chiller to chill the system condenser- tie into the refrigeration, add a refrigerant to glycol heat exchanger and preheat the glycol with hot refrigerant gas.
  14. MG Thermal Consulting

    Canadian-Made Equipment

    I represent a chiller company in Ontario, if you are looking for a cooling system. I use them for clients in Canada since it's easier for service and start ups of equipment.
  15. MG Thermal Consulting

    Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchanger Design and vendors

    I had a client use a couple stainless tanks for reservoirs, I supplied him the chiller with non-ferrous water passages. He would pump potable water from the tank, through the chiller , then to the mash exchanger and finally to Hot water tank for potable use. He would make up water to the cold tank, if he was in the hot water saving mode. I don't have photos as yet, but will get some sooner or later.
  16. MG Thermal Consulting

    Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchanger Design and vendors

    Yep, you have to be like a Borg and adapt- resistance is futile.
  17. MG Thermal Consulting

    wash chiller used

    ..and 60F is mighty cool unless that's the cooling water temp? Principle is the same, except load would be about half that, look at the picture, put one hand over your eye, look at the picture- wallla! a 5 Ton unit!
  18. MG Thermal Consulting

    wash chiller used

    The whole concept revolves around the cost of a closed loop cooling system vs. city water where it's used and discarded. In order to reach 60F product temperature , you need a minimum of 10 degree approach, even better with 20 degree. The approach is the difference between the target temperature and the entering cooling water temperature. Of course, you can try to cool it part way with city water and then switch over to a closed loop system, but you would need to not cross contaminate if you are using treated water or glycol in the chiller system. If you want this cooled in an hour, you're talking a 10 ton load.
  19. MG Thermal Consulting

    wash chiller used

    I can do this for you, if you're still interested. The photo is for a system to chill 300 Gal wort.
  20. MG Thermal Consulting

    Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    Where are you in AR, Mr Rock? I believe I may be relocating to N AR, Looking for properties this Fall (Had enough of Atlanta livin').
  21. MG Thermal Consulting

    Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchanger Design and vendors

    Heat exchangers like Paul's work great, but many see the time stretched out because their cooling water can't remain cold enough for a long enough time. I usually point clients to a chiller with a reservoir to accomplish the task, in your case about a 30 HP chiller and 3000 gal reservoir. The photo on my ID is of a 40 HP with 2500 Gal tank.
  22. MG Thermal Consulting

    local sewer district concerns on water use, BOD, TSS

    I have went around with clients- on the subject of cooling systems with regards to discharges. Simple, but it costs money. Extra equipment that isn't investigated before budgets are put into stone to collect hot water in reservoirs, extra heat exchangers to collect heat to transfer to boilers and hybrid cooling systems. The smaller the distillery, the tougher the payback return.
  23. MG Thermal Consulting

    What am I getting into?

    I recommend you take a look at the cooling systems employed by different size distilleries. Most systems I configure are customized in some way to include mash cools, still types and length of runs, number of fermenters that are temperature controlled, and climate considerations. Please contact me if you want some examples. A fairly large distillery I supplied cooling for is being put up in Chicago, a few around NY, MD & PA as well as CA and KY, NC and TN off the top of my head. Regards, Mike G. 678-773-2794
  24. MG Thermal Consulting

    Chilling Needs on Mash Tank

    Yep, here is where you start the cooling with a full reservoir of cold chilled water at near 45F. For those that want to mash twice a day, figuring they can just do mash #1, still run#1, mash run#2, still run#2 with the same chiller and reservoir...trouble is you are not starting mash run #2 with a 45F reservoir, more like 70F and can't get the second crash done. Then they add a second reservoir to remedy that...but, can't figure why the same chiller can't get both reservoirs back to 45F by sunrise...and so it goes.
  25. MG Thermal Consulting

    Chilling Needs on Mash Tank

    The mash cooling will probably put you in the market for a chiller due to where you're located. Depending on the volume of mash, I have some factory refurbs that you can use with one of Paul's coolers to get the job done. If it's a small volume, less that 150 Gal, I have a copper/steel one that you can use to get you there in less than a couple hours. Once you get close to 80F city water, about the best you can get down to is around 100F mash, if you're lucky. I've seen adapting old milk coolers to make chilled water to pump through a mash cooler, and since you're in a big farm area, you may be able to latch onto one. Good luck!