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  1. I looking for a controller for our 65 gallon still bain marie still. The one that we have been using (and loved) for 7 years finally bit the dust or should I say heated up and melted. We use 3 / 4500 watt low density elements with 2" sanitary fittings. This is on our gin still and we only use it a couple of times a month or when we have a test batch to try.
  2. Yes that’s correct for our average. We barrel as low as 103 to a max of 118
  3. Why not use aloe? 2/3 -1/3 ratio. Make sure the final product is above 60%.
  4. We do 750 gal bourbon batches and run both pot stills just about every day. 750/striping still 8.5 - 9 hour total run (slow and steady) our yield is typically around 32% and 119 pg. Then a spirit run the next day in our sprit still we charge the still, reduce the proof (it’s good to figure this out yourself) 7.5 - 8 hour total run....... our yield typically is 67% and 105pg hearts. I could never understand the need to do fast runs. Isn’t your yield going to age for many years. There’s sooooo much to do while the stills are churning out our gold at the distillery. Crap I bet we move the same 3 pallets of glass around several times a week LOL.
  5. Looking forward to your tidbits of wisdom. Enjoy this new chapter in your life’s journey.
  6. Oops, I missed the striping run part. Collect it all and then do your Spirit run.
  7. Tails showing up. What’s total collected (aggregate) proof / taste?
  8. Also Bimini in Biddeford ME
  9. Hardshore in Portland ME
  10. Sudzie

    Fed Tax cut

    I don’t see where any of the above statements not pertinent to the CBMTRA and its passage. The mention of the USMCA is just another reference of pending legislation that is being held up also. What I do know about is that our current government atmosphere is totally dysfunctional (all sides) and self serving. We all need to keep the pressure up by continuously contacting your congressional and senatorial representatives requesting that the CBMTRA be made permanent. And BTW one of the leave behinds that we had at the ASCA/DISCUS DC fly-in this July also requested support for USMCA and its passage. A rising tide floats all boats as long as they are well maintained.
  11. Wondering if anyone out there has used or is using a vibratory screen like this one two separate their spent mash?
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