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  1. Not a bit after the first week. They have been in service mist every day for the past 3 years. There was a time or two when I was on vacation and I just filled them with water
  2. We have 4/ 250 Gallon Seasoned Cypress Fermenters for sale. They have been in service every day for 3 years and were taken out of service this week to make room for our new 750 gallon ones. $1200 each or all 4 for $4000 fob 03909 we will load no charge. When put into service When removed from service v
  3. What were you pumping???? I might be interested.
  4. We put a 48” center flange on our still. The copper comes in a coil and is pretty to shape. Took us about an hour to shape and about 2 hours to weld in the spacers. We will be making another one that’s 118 ft for our new 750 gallon still.
  5. What still do you have? If you can put a copper coil into it. 80 feet +/- of 2” copper will give you a 1 hour heat up with 6# of steam. We did steam injection on our 250 strip still for about a week. Let’s see, The noise was the deafening, condensate add was ridiculous, our final stripped product definitely tasted different.
  6. We use peek. Works quite well for all of our booking needs. Great value. We charge for tours, cocktail classes, special music events, distiller for a day and several more. Been using it for 3 years and don’t see ourselves changing. I give 5 stars. Peek.com
  7. No labels. We’re all ink on glass with Loggerhead.
  8. My hand was too. Not any more. Check out NoLimits Packaging I love our setup. We ran for 2 hours at over 610 bottles per hour 2 people. It can do 720BPH but we would need a third person the way we have things setup.
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