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  1. Mash Protocols

    Question, when we do a cook, (lets call it "A") and bring our water to 190 and add our corn to start our cook and then drop temp, yada, yada, yada, finish around 1.060 we get a nice dry grain cap about 2 " thick and you dont see anything going on at all and will finish in 4 days with the cap dropping and end SG usually .998 yield is great. No problems. Been doing it this way for 5 years. Or, (lets call this one "B") we bring our water to 100 and then add our corn and continue raising the temp to 190 cook for the same time the rest of the cook is the same Yada, yada, yada, finish around 1.060 we get a wet creamy, very active bubbling for the 4 days a wet cap will come and go, finishes at .998 pretty much the same yield and flavor. So what i'm in search for info is what is actually happening with the grains during the cook???? cant figure it out. both great flavor, good yield, etc. "B" is a little shorter time. side note we use enzymes and do a sour mash, all added at the same time, temp, quantity between the two its winter here in Maine and l have some time to play around with things and just love learning more.......
  2. New Hampshire Distiller Wanted

    Where are you going to be located? I might know of someone, their in So. ME.
  3. Today's spirit run was different. We had a smaller than normal heads cut and almost no tails collected. Our feints addition to the striping run that became this spirit run was normal. Any ideas out there. PG yield was a bit more than normal. We have done over 1500 spirit runs and never had one like this. Hum...........
  4. Screen printing bottles

    👍🏼 on loggerhead. They have done our glass for 5 years. They will grow with you
  5. Topping off barrels

    I think this may be quite the leap in understanding the definition of 5.11?????? It's almost seems like inturpiting and reading into the regs to support a view. If it calls something out specifically then it must be done, (agree) if not then it is not restricted. It's like the terms "shall do, may do something" (not specific) and "will do, must do something" (specific). Is there a citing (specifically) that prohibits the addition of reduction water the oak container to lower the proff during the aging process? I love to know......
  6. Topping off barrels

    I've looked and looked and must be missing it. Bluestar do you have the citing in the CFR? I want to make sure our 4yo juice isn't 6 months old. 😩
  7. Apple Brandy Cuts

    Don't you run the chance of spontaneous fermentation?
  8. Apple Brandy Cuts

    Thanks Glenllyon,
  9. Apple Brandy Cuts

    chapitalized??? What is that?
  10. EDV 493 - where to buy?

    It's now called "RM"
  11. Barrel Mill barrel quality

    Greenfield, have you noticed any flavor difference between the BM and ISC? How long are you aging out?
  12. Clarifying Bitters

    How fast are you proofing it down? Hours, Days, Weeks or months. It all makes a difference, I find. But there will be a point of no return as you reduce the ABV. Slower the better for sure. We have had spirit louch (sp) going to 40% over a couple of days adding our proofing water. And not a problem reducing the next batch over a month and everything else is the same.
  13. Agave

    What is your pH 24 and 48 hours after pitch?
  14. Agave

    What's the pH. What yeast did you use. Who supplied the agave.