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  1. EDV 493 - where to buy?

    It's now called "RM"
  2. Barrel Mill barrel quality

    Greenfield, have you noticed any flavor difference between the BM and ISC? How long are you aging out?
  3. Clarifying Bitters

    How fast are you proofing it down? Hours, Days, Weeks or months. It all makes a difference, I find. But there will be a point of no return as you reduce the ABV. Slower the better for sure. We have had spirit louch (sp) going to 40% over a couple of days adding our proofing water. And not a problem reducing the next batch over a month and everything else is the same.
  4. Agave

    What is your pH 24 and 48 hours after pitch?
  5. Agave

    What's the pH. What yeast did you use. Who supplied the agave.
  6. Contact us when you get things going..
  7. We offer a cheese, dried meat, jams & bread slate $15, mini 3/4 oz. beef wellingtons trio $10, mini crab cakes trio $9, baked Brie w/ bourbon maple syrup and toasted pecans $9. Smoked nuts $4 these all are sized for a single serving except the cheese slate and have a 10 /12 min cook / assemble time from frozen in a countertop convection over (don't use a microwave) where applicable. Other lite bites in the works for summer. Pinterest is your friend. There is a ton out there.
  8. Rum fermentation got strange

    Odin, Open top fermentation? Yes we do.. Sanitation procedures? Hot water rinse (185*), mist and wait of brew-z to dissolve residue, Birk-Ox (peracetic acid) Feedstok molasses that didn't get cleaned? Same lot as 3 batched prior with no issues Running malted barley in your distillery? Yes, for our bourbon Just asking, because these are common sources of lactobacterial infections. Another one is adding dunder to the ferment. Been using Dunder with our fermentation for the past 2 years never an issue but results are awsome. Rich, buttery, dry rum and it ages out fantastic. Silk Can you describe the smell? Molasses, normal Is it more acetic than usual? Finishing out at normal 3.2ish Do you smell any rancid, butter, body odor, or vomit? None Any slime or ropiness if you stir closely below the surface? No, Just keep an eye on it and see if it begins to appear to be a mold, in which case remove it. Will do, I'm running it on Saturday and will post. And thank you you all for your replys on this. I'm going to take a lot of more pictures of it along with a good sized sample. Dave
  9. Rum fermentation got strange

    Everything was going normal as in the past two years of making rum and then BAM! Two days ago I noticed a couple of small dime size spots and today there is a full blown something going on??? Any ideas? Ty Dave
  10. Do these cut #'s look right?

    What is your OG and FG and total mash gallons? We do 275 gal fermentations using 450 lbs grain and our hearts yield is usually 33ish PG. Heads 1ish PG and Tails 5ish PG.
  11. Hi,  I just saw your comment about your still: This works for us and  helps us create bronze, silver and gold Bourbon, rum, gin,

    Your settup looks awesome. How did you put that together?

  12. Best still design for rum?

    This works for us and helps us create bronze, silver and gold Bourbon, rum, gin,
  13. Dunder vs Backset vs Stillage

    I've understood it as: Backset, the fresh liquid from a whisky (grain) striping run and used for a sourmash fermentation. Dunder, the not so fresh (spoiled) liquid from a rum striping run that would be used in a rum fermentation and Stillage what is left in the still (grains and liquid) from a whisky striping run and used as feed. We use all three processes. But with that said I'm open to correction.....
  14. We get 7.4 to 8.3 pg for 91# of corn, rye and malt. Striped on our pot still with thumper and no cuts. 4 day 50 gallon fermentations. Four strips to one spirit run and yield 29.6 to 32.3 pg depending on cuts.