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  1. What were you pumping???? I might be interested.
  2. We put a 48” center flange on our still. The copper comes in a coil and is pretty to shape. Took us about an hour to shape and about 2 hours to weld in the spacers. We will be making another one that’s 118 ft for our new 750 gallon still.
  3. What still do you have? If you can put a copper coil into it. 80 feet +/- of 2” copper will give you a 1 hour heat up with 6# of steam. We did steam injection on our 250 strip still for about a week. Let’s see, The noise was the deafening, condensate add was ridiculous, our final stripped product definitely tasted different.
  4. We use peek. Works quite well for all of our booking needs. Great value. We charge for tours, cocktail classes, special music events, distiller for a day and several more. Been using it for 3 years and don’t see ourselves changing. I give 5 stars. Peek.com
  5. No labels. We’re all ink on glass with Loggerhead.
  6. My hand was too. Not any more. Check out NoLimits Packaging I love our setup. We ran for 2 hours at over 610 bottles per hour 2 people. It can do 720BPH but we would need a third person the way we have things setup.
  7. That’s Great! Glad to here you got it sorted out. Try to keep a weekly log of gas consumption just to get some base lines. Then look for seasonal changes and after a while you’ll see a pattern. Then look at it now and then and you will see when the efficiency falls off and when things need a good old tuneup. The other thing don’t be surprised, you may need to replace the burner motor every year. May has been our month to swap it out for the past 4 years. You’ll notice it going out on reset (the little read button) that’s a sign it’s almost spent.
  8. info@WigglyBridgeDistillery.com
  9. Dale sent a email and it bounced. Is that a correct email address?
  10. Your sending a whole lot of energy out of your system and taxing it more on heat up. There’s a old time saying in Maine with energy company’s. “ On the coldest day of the year your system shouldn’t turn off”. “It’s sized right”. (Most techs will way over size systems to make up for their lack of expertise to make the sale). Now most customers thought that they were wasting fuel and that was a tuff battle to over come. So we would increase the nozzle size or orifice on the boiler and then it would not run as long (but cycle more) and this pleased them. Albeit for just a month or two and then the calls would start. “Why is our bill so high”. Did you raise our price? We say no you wanted us to de-tune your system so it wouldn’t run so long. And then so we go out and re-tune it to the way we do it and tell them if you don’t save money your service calls are on us for a year. Never have done a refund. Go figure? Remember, long an slow is always better than short and fast! Its not over thinking it, it’s dialing it in for the best efficiencies in energy (money) and system longevity (money). I rather spend $$$ on grains and barrels than gas and boilers even having the luxury that we charge the distillery jobbers cost on everything. Just comes out of the other pocket. Ps if your system only runs 50% of the time you may want to change out the gun on your boiler. The pay back should be less than 2 years for something that should last 8-10. BTW, We run a 500,000 BTU modulating steam boiler with a 4” header. This supply’s a 275 gal stripping still a 109 gal spirit still and a 275 steam injected kettle. Every thing runs 7 Day’s a week. We use 225 to 275 gal of LPG a week depending on season (2” globe valves on everything for adjustment). First thing we get the spirit charged and running (1 hour heat up and 5.5 hour run). Meanwhile fill the kettle and bring up to temp while the spirit still is heating up. Turn off the steam educator on the kettle and then turn on the stripping still. (1 hour heat up and 4.25 hour run). The boiler stays between 7# & 12# (we might reduce to 11#) bouncing between low and high fire and doesn’t shut off throughout the day. And our returning condensate pipe is typically warm not hot. And believe it or not we are up grading to 750 gallon stripper and kettle and 275 spirit still starting next month and the same 500,000 BTU boiler will do it. Staging will change a bit and our still run times will increase 1.5 hours and our total cook time will go to 6 hours from 4.5 hours. It’s all in a day and if my math and heat loss calculations are off we’ll just install a Rinnai wall hung that we can re-chip to provide 180* water for the kettle with a fill time of 1 hour. Worth every penny of $1500 vs 35k for for a bigger boiler. Frugality marches on .
  11. You may want to change differentials on your high limit and your low limit pressures. Is your burner a high fire low fire one? If so you may want to adjust that. There are also pre & post purge timing adjustments which is usually a chip replacement from the burner mfg. that can be done in the field. It took us about a month in a half to dial our boiler in when first installed. We high fire in the am when everything is coming up to temp and we stage start their times. When we throttle things back our boiler never shuts off (the greatest achievable efficiency) and remains on low fire and sips LPG the rest of the day. We also own an oil and propane company and our service manager (my son) is quite savvy with steam.
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