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  1. Also Bimini in Biddeford ME
  2. Hardshore in Portland ME
  3. Sudzie

    Fed Tax cut

    I don’t see where any of the above statements not pertinent to the CBMTRA and its passage. The mention of the USMCA is just another reference of pending legislation that is being held up also. What I do know about is that our current government atmosphere is totally dysfunctional (all sides) and self serving. We all need to keep the pressure up by continuously contacting your congressional and senatorial representatives requesting that the CBMTRA be made permanent. And BTW one of the leave behinds that we had at the ASCA/DISCUS DC fly-in this July also requested support for USMCA and its passage. A rising tide floats all boats as long as they are well maintained.
  4. Wondering if anyone out there has used or is using a vibratory screen like this one two separate their spent mash?
  5. A lot of the problems we have seen in our oil & propane company have been in nipples size 1” and less on the systems we have installed over the years. And typically on the condensate return. They have also been all cheep Chinese black iron ones and our supplier stopped caring them last year thank god. In the field we now only use U.S. black iron pipe and fittings. And at the distillery every thing is being converted to U.S. SS pro press fittings and SS pipe as we expand and move things around. We bought a Pro Press kit last year for the Service Dept and the guys love it. Hardly a reason to take our the threader. And a perk, the distillery gets to use it as needed.
  6. Here is the video Edwin shot of the 6 head line he built for us. Love it! You will see he uses a CCR corker running with his controls and we put it on a 5 ft conveyor.
  7. Skaalveen What type of Kason do you have? Do you have a pic of video of it in action thanks Dave
  8. PeteB What is the diameter of your screen and what mesh size is the screen that you’re using. Looks interesting. Are you still using this for mash separation Thanks, Dave
  9. Not a bit after the first week. They have been in service most every day for the past 3 years. There was a time or two when I was on vacation and I just filled them with water
  10. We have 4/ 250 Gallon Seasoned Cypress Fermenters for sale. They have been in service every day for 3 years and were taken out of service this week to make room for our new 750 gallon ones. $1000 each or all 4 for $3500 fob 03909 we will load no charge. When put into service When removed from service v
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