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  1. Is this still available?
  2. Sudzie

    Bottle Rinser

    🤯 why take chances contaminating your precious spirits?
  3. Sudzie

    Bottle Rinser

    Dust and cardboard particles are not contaminates???? Since when. How about the misted release agent most glass manufactures employ while making the bottle. How much goes inside the bottle?? How much would be returned to your spirit tank if recirculated back to wash bottles? Ever hear of bottle taint? Strongly consider using a self-contained recirculating bottle washer that uses at least a 5 micron filter not unlike the examples shown above.
  4. Sudzie

    Bottle Rinser

    Possible contamination of your spirits bottling source bank?
  5. NoLimits in Hialeah Florida does a really nice job and we’re very happy the bottling line that they built for us. But their busy so don’t be in a hurry. But the quality and price are worth the wait.
  6. Yes, Edwin built our filler, corker and accumulation table a couple of years ago. I even flew down twice to check on the process. It took around 5 months. Small shop, hard working staff and great products. Over the past we have tweaked a couple of things (replace the hoses on the filler) and also reprogrammed the corker (all we paid was shipping down for the new controller) so it now runs at 840 bottles per hour and we love it. What we designed was a very small foot print line that fits in a 12x11 alcove and did I mention it runs at 840 bottles per hour. The take aways: Great quality, clean design, clever guy, user-friendly, great price. On the down side his shop is busy and overhead low so it takes a bit to receive the ordered goods. Sometimes a day or three goes by without a return call but you do get the call and when connected questions are solved and answered quite well. So, would I buy in the future? Most definitely! We have chatted on the design of a auto bottle waxer and he is able to build it for us. But for now it’s still heat shrinks. I imagine this Covid thing is probably wreaking havoc on his business just like everyone else in the world. Have you given him a call or email to discuss?
  7. Can’t go wrong with Whiskey Systems. Been using it since 2013. Donald is very good and the support (if needed) is paramount.
  8. We have always run our spirit stills slow. When we had a 60 gal Spirit still our take off speed was 170 -190 ml per minute. We then went to a 100 gallon spirit still and settled at 295 - 350 mlpm. Now we have a 250 gallon spirit still and run it at 1150 -1350 mlpm. I was having a conversation with a couple of other distiller friends and they run faster and think I’m wasting time. So I haven’t seen anything on the forum referencing this question. So what is the proper takeoff speed in Millimeters per minute (mlpm) based on the volume of the still. I understand there will be variables to this question based on condenser, BTU input and the diameter surface area of the stIll. So I toss a pebble into the pond to see if it creates any ripples....... Thanks in advance.
  9. I looking for a controller for our 65 gallon still bain marie still. The one that we have been using (and loved) for 7 years finally bit the dust or should I say heated up and melted. We use 3 / 4500 watt low density elements with 2" sanitary fittings. This is on our gin still and we only use it a couple of times a month or when we have a test batch to try.
  10. Yes that’s correct for our average. We barrel as low as 103 to a max of 118
  11. Why not use aloe? 2/3 -1/3 ratio. Make sure the final product is above 60%.
  12. We do 750 gal bourbon batches and run both pot stills just about every day. 750/striping still 8.5 - 9 hour total run (slow and steady) our yield is typically around 32% and 119 pg. Then a spirit run the next day in our sprit still we charge the still, reduce the proof (it’s good to figure this out yourself) 7.5 - 8 hour total run....... our yield typically is 67% and 105pg hearts. I could never understand the need to do fast runs. Isn’t your yield going to age for many years. There’s sooooo much to do while the stills are churning out our gold at the distillery. Crap I bet we move the same 3 pallets of glass around several times a week LOL.
  13. Looking forward to your tidbits of wisdom. Enjoy this new chapter in your life’s journey.
  14. Oops, I missed the striping run part. Collect it all and then do your Spirit run.
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