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  1. Sudzie

    Engineers! Help! (Line Side Harmonic Distortion)

    Make sure there isn’t a cross between your load (black) and line (white) with an outlet. We found this to be a problem at one of our propane customers while instilling a new high tech condensing boiler. Wouldn’t stay running without a reset and fried a circuit board within a week. The line and load wires were reversed on a outlet in another room on he same circuit in a series. Reversed and bam. Runs great and no additional service calls.
  2. Hi all We're expanding again and looking for a 500 gallon cooker with cooling and 500 fermenters.
  3. Sudzie

    TTB stopped our production due to high proof

    Same just above and below stated ABV
  4. Sudzie

    TTB stopped our production due to high proof

    I was in a breakfast meeting (ASCA) with John Mafrita (sp) this spring an he mentioned that they are looking at a +/- in some new proofing regs for 2019.
  5. Sudzie

    Looking for Used Bottle Filler

    A couple of folks interested but no commitments as of yet.
  6. Sudzie

    Looking for Used Bottle Filler

    The Mori has a flowjet pump
  7. Sudzie

    Looking for Used Bottle Filler

    bump We pulled the trigger on our bottling line and our Mori 6 head filler will be able to ship the end of August. first part of September.
  8. Sudzie

    Looking for Used Bottle Filler

    Will have a Mori 6 head available in September '18
  9. Sudzie

    T Top (Bartop) issue

    We have used Paulson for 6 years and their the best on all fronts. We have corks pop now and again, if we have our heat tunnel conveyor too slow or if the neck of the bottle becomes wetted with spirit prior to installing the cork. If either of those two things don't happen then no problems.
  10. Sudzie

    Lighting in Production Area

    4 ft Larson cl 1 div 1 LED. I think they were around $1500 7 years ago. They're pretty bright.
  11. We use Whiskey Systems and it's the best. Over 6 years of nothing but excellence.
  12. Sudzie

    Wording for lease

    Simple is best if your a tenant. Now on the other hand if your the landlord it can never be complex enough. TTB just wants to make sure you have a legal right to occupy and for what terms.
  13. Sudzie

    Alternatives to plastic straws

    We us Stainless Steel straws. Three different sizes. Wash, rinse, sanitize, repeat.
  14. Sudzie

    Case Sales Database

    Totally agree with all of your points and their spot on. This study was not presented as definitive information, but as adverages based on industry and TTB information. Your mileage may vary based on vehicle type, style and how it's driven...... But with that, it does give a set of numbers to shoot for and shows that the largest percentage of current DSP's as of now come no where near close to profitability. And don't forget you can have positive cash flow and still loose money, (or even the converse) but hang in there for quite a while until things work themselves out or not. One thing I've learned in 40+years of being self employed, it not for the faint of heart and wouldn't do it anyother way!
  15. Sudzie

    Case Sales Database

    The presenter of the study mentioned the break even number was around 5000 / 9lt cases depending on ones overhead situation and margins of product sold.