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    Engineers! Help! (Line Side Harmonic Distortion)

    Make sure there isn’t a cross between your load (black) and line (white) with an outlet. We found this to be a problem at one of our propane customers while instilling a new high tech condensing boiler. Wouldn’t stay running without a reset and fried a circuit board within a week. The line and load wires were reversed on a outlet in another room on he same circuit in a series. Reversed and bam. Runs great and no additional service calls.
  2. Hi all We're expanding again and looking for a 500 gallon cooker with cooling and 500 fermenters.
  3. Sudzie

    TTB stopped our production due to high proof

    Same just above and below stated ABV
  4. Sudzie

    TTB stopped our production due to high proof

    I was in a breakfast meeting (ASCA) with John Mafrita (sp) this spring an he mentioned that they are looking at a +/- in some new proofing regs for 2019.
  5. Sudzie

    Looking for Used Bottle Filler

    A couple of folks interested but no commitments as of yet.
  6. Sudzie

    Looking for Used Bottle Filler

    The Mori has a flowjet pump
  7. Sudzie

    Looking for Used Bottle Filler

    bump We pulled the trigger on our bottling line and our Mori 6 head filler will be able to ship the end of August. first part of September.
  8. Sudzie

    Looking for Used Bottle Filler

    Will have a Mori 6 head available in September '18
  9. Sudzie

    T Top (Bartop) issue

    We have used Paulson for 6 years and their the best on all fronts. We have corks pop now and again, if we have our heat tunnel conveyor too slow or if the neck of the bottle becomes wetted with spirit prior to installing the cork. If either of those two things don't happen then no problems.
  10. Sudzie

    Lighting in Production Area

    4 ft Larson cl 1 div 1 LED. I think they were around $1500 7 years ago. They're pretty bright.
  11. We use Whiskey Systems and it's the best. Over 6 years of nothing but excellence.
  12. Sudzie

    Wording for lease

    Simple is best if your a tenant. Now on the other hand if your the landlord it can never be complex enough. TTB just wants to make sure you have a legal right to occupy and for what terms.
  13. Sudzie

    Alternatives to plastic straws

    We us Stainless Steel straws. Three different sizes. Wash, rinse, sanitize, repeat.
  14. Sudzie

    Case Sales Database

    Totally agree with all of your points and their spot on. This study was not presented as definitive information, but as adverages based on industry and TTB information. Your mileage may vary based on vehicle type, style and how it's driven...... But with that, it does give a set of numbers to shoot for and shows that the largest percentage of current DSP's as of now come no where near close to profitability. And don't forget you can have positive cash flow and still loose money, (or even the converse) but hang in there for quite a while until things work themselves out or not. One thing I've learned in 40+years of being self employed, it not for the faint of heart and wouldn't do it anyother way!
  15. Sudzie

    Case Sales Database

    The presenter of the study mentioned the break even number was around 5000 / 9lt cases depending on ones overhead situation and margins of product sold.
  16. Sudzie

    Case Sales Database

    There's an IWSR / Park Street 2017 report I've read and that I can't republish but I think it's online somewhere that has great figures. One that I recall is out of the 1800+ DSP's close to 1600 +/- sell less than 550 cases per year. That blew me away. And that represented 20% of all sales, and this from the 85% of DSP's. The other 15% sell 80% and of that 80% remainder less than around 5% sold most of it. It's been awhile since I read the report and may be off a smig, but I'm sure you get the idea. There's a whole bunch of DSP's not making a whole lotta juice and a very few making most. Another stand out is they discovered that a DSP's removing less than 10,000 PG annually was most likely still cash flow negative. I know this isn't a ray of sunshine, but one needs to know the road their on to get to where they set off to go. Mash on, Dave
  17. Sudzie

    Permanent FET Reduction

    PT's words couldn't ring any truer. One thing I've herd mentioned was the expense to go. So this is what is cost me last week to attend. Travel cost, air, parking gas to Boston. $687. Lodging $987. Food (you have to eat anyways) $218 Lyft $104. Total $1996. And we saved over $8000 on this years first quarters FET payment. So we still saved over $6000 in one quarters FET payment. So the moral of the story is not it cost to attend these Washington DC trips BUT what is it going to cost you in 2019 when the FET reduction expires. We all need to pull the rope in the same direction. When the next DC trip is arranged I expect you all to attend and support the work of others, that is saving you a HUGE amount of money to reinvest in your business. And thanks to all that DID attend this and last year. And all the people that made this possible. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions 207-363-9322 -Dave
  18. Sudzie

    drain pipe size (diameter) for sanitary sewer

    Ours is a 4" SWD that runs 106' to the 28" main line with less than 1/4" pitch, "flat pipe". 600' to the north is one of our Carwashes that is also 4"SWD and that runs 397' to the main line with plus 1/4" pitch, "normal". The carwash has peek flow rates of 95 GPM and there is no problem. I doubt a distillery would have higher flow rates than that. You may have a valley in your pipe (had that problem at our campground) that is causing a problem or sediment infiltrated the pipe due to a bad joint or cracked pipe. Also I've seen a nest in the vent stack that impeded flows. You may want to run a camera (with trace capabilities) down the line (couple $100) before you go too far. Hope this helps, -Dave
  19. Sudzie

    T top corks

    The Paulson gang has some of the best customer service in this industry. I've experienced Dave helping us out sourcing a product that they don't even offer. That's what above and beyond looks like to me.
  20. Sudzie

    Time for a Bottling Line

    Hey All, For the past 5 years we have been filling our bottles 375/750 with a Mori filler from TWC and love it. It's now time to upgrade and we are looking for a used bottling line We have a heat shrink tunnel on a conveyor but if it comes with one that's ok too. Would love it to have a corker. Thanks, Dave
  21. Sudzie

    Time for a Bottling Line

    Dan, I sent off a direct message
  22. Sudzie

    Mash Protocols

    Question, when we do a cook, (lets call it "A") and bring our water to 190 and add our corn to start our cook and then drop temp, yada, yada, yada, finish around 1.060 we get a nice dry grain cap about 2 " thick and you dont see anything going on at all and will finish in 4 days with the cap dropping and end SG usually .998 yield is great. No problems. Been doing it this way for 5 years. Or, (lets call this one "B") we bring our water to 100 and then add our corn and continue raising the temp to 190 cook for the same time the rest of the cook is the same Yada, yada, yada, finish around 1.060 we get a wet creamy, very active bubbling for the 4 days a wet cap will come and go, finishes at .998 pretty much the same yield and flavor. So what i'm in search for info is what is actually happening with the grains during the cook???? cant figure it out. both great flavor, good yield, etc. "B" is a little shorter time. side note we use enzymes and do a sour mash, all added at the same time, temp, quantity between the two its winter here in Maine and l have some time to play around with things and just love learning more.......
  23. Sudzie

    Mash Protocols

  24. Sudzie

    Point of Sale System

    Square is great on most all levels. When you get over 250k annually in sales you can request a lower merchant rate. They will ask that you don't publicize the rate so I won't. But it did drop and life is good. ?