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  1. Welcome back! It's always fun/educational to read your posts.
  2. Open Wooden Fermenter Opinions

    Thanks for the feedback and insights on this! I'll post how our adventures with wooden tanks go. Cheers,
  3. Open Wooden Fermenter Opinions

    Denver Distiller, We are preparing to order a few wood fermenters, do you have any recommendations on suppliers. We have spoken to 4 different folks and prices are all over the place as well as opinions on types of wood to use. Any input you, or anyone else, are willing to share would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hey Folks, is anyone using a AP362 on slightly tapered bottles? I see it says it will work on them but I was wondering if anyone had first hand experience on how well it actually works? Thanks
  5. Lead Distiller wanted for NC Distillery

    Thank you to all the great folks who contacted me about this position. I have filled the job and am looking forward to getting some spirits out the door.
  6. Lead Distiller wanted for NC Distillery

    I have discovered that my email account is having issues for the past week and not downloading messages. If you have emailed me and not heard back please feel free to PM me, hopefully I will have this figured out soon. I apologize for the inconvenience. Tyler
  7. Revival Spirits Distilling Co. is a grain to glass distillery looking for a lead distiller. If you want a to work in a beautiful building on great equipment while looking down on the ballpark where the movie Bull Durham was filmed then we are your place! Revival Spirits in Durham, NC is seeking a Lead Distiller to perform the daily operations at our new facility. The Lead Distiller will be responsible for developing and refining formulas and products as well as production, management, reporting, inventory, and packaging. With the help of the marketing team, the selected applicant will also be expected to represent the brand at shows, dinners, tastings, and some larger events. This is a long term position, with unusual opportunities. Daily Duties Include: -Distillery operations, including milling, mashing, distilling, proofing, driving a forklift, equipment maintenance and CLEANING -Inventory and ordering of raw materials and packaging material -Production scheduling and staff management -Implementation and maintenance of a Quality Control program -Record keeping, including distillation records, quality control, lab records, instrumentation records, TTB reporting, and inventory control. -Development and oversight of safety policies and procedures. -Maintaining a book of Standard Operating Procedures. Requirements: -A “can do” attitude toward daily operations and unusual circumstances -A background in Distilling, Brewing, Chemistry or a related field. Preference will be given to candidates with distillery experience. -A knowledge of fermentation techniques and troubleshooting -Willingness to learn -At least 3 years experience as a Head, Lead, or Shift Distiller or Brewer -Managerial or team lead experience -Amazing attention to detail -Mechanical aptitude and experience maintaining pumps, chillers, filters, pneumatic valves, fillers, labelers, and cappers. -Flexible schedule and willingness to work some weekends, holidays, and late hours -Knowledge of liquor laws, regulations, and compliance, especially pertaining to Control States. -Relocation to Durham, NC. We are willing to invest in continuing formal distillery education for the right candidate. If interested please contact me at tyler@revivalspirits.com.
  8. Concrete Floor Sealer Recommendations

    Bluestar, I have to decide on a floor coating asap and I was wondering if you could share the name of the product you wound up using? I have been getting quotes for covering a 3000sf space with some kind of epoxy slurry coating that would cost about $50k........obviously not happening. I would love to find something I can apply myself. Thanks.
  9. SBA Loan

    I have done multiple SBA loans for various business ventures including the distillery I currently have under construction. You are welcome to PM me for more details. I went through a SBA facilitator at my local Self-Help Credit union. He assisted in helping me get all my documents together and then helped me shop local banks, since i expressed I would rather deal with a local or small regional lender. He was able to feel lenders out prior to having me meet with them to gauge their interest in this type of loan so there were not a lot of wasted meetings. I wound up with 3 lenders giving me proposals and then I was able to negotiate the best deal from them before deciding on one. I purchased my building so I was able to do a purchase/construction loan to do al lthe upfit I need. These loans are nice because they can be a 90% value loan based on building appraisal. I did a second SBA loan on equipment. These are good because they can ammoratize the loan our longer on equipment than usual bank terms and have a great interest rate. One downside of SBA can be if you want to transfer your loans down the road because you decide you don't like the bank you are with or if you decide you want to pay it off early, there can be substantial penalties.
  10. Grain Storage Options

    I was just researching this same thing earlier today! Is anyone out there using super sacks? If so, how are you moving the grain to the mill? I am trying to decide between multiple storage options, a small silo is one but that seems like a pain in the butt and wasted labor to move grain from a sack to a silo then to a mill. I am considering an auger straight from the super sack which seems like a great idea. I have also seen rack systems where you can hang the sack ( or 2) over the mill and feed directly to the mill then auger to the cooker. Anyone have any expereince with that kind of set up?
  11. Saying hello from Durham, NC

    Hi Durham Distillery! We are getting ready to start construction on a distillery in Durham also! With Brothers Vilgalys, Revival Spirits ( our name) and you guys it looks like Durham is going to be a great destination spot for micro-distilling in NC. Hope we meet up sometime in the near future. Cheers,
  12. Funding Quest...and an uphill battle...

    I have done SBA loans on 2 my businesses and have just received great terms offers from 3 banks for doing a distillery. I went the 504 route for equipment and property purchase as well as renovation costs, you can include architect and lawyer fees etc. in that also if you want. They term the loans out longer than conventional lending, especially on equipment. You also only have to have 10% of your own money in so that allows you to use your capital for initial cash flow. The big downside is there is a prepayment penalty if you decide to pay off early, but with rates as low as they are right now I am not certain why I would ever pay off early unless it was because I was selling the business. I have been very fortunate with the SBA 'broker' folks in my area who have been very informative, supportive and helpful in determining which partner banks would best suit my needs. Sounds like you have a very negative person working against you and not for you. Maybe you could shop other SBA folks. Some banks have SBA people on staff and there are professional companies that just do SBA lending. Good luck,
  13. Scottish Distiller Availabe

    Al, I would be interested in talking to you further. We are working on a distillery as well as possibly our own malt house in NC & VA.
  14. We are building in Durham. The folks in Chapel Hill were required to do that seperation and that is how the fire guys in Durham interpreted the regulation also. Maybe because both places are in a downtown area with other buildings close by, it may be different where you are planning to build. We wanted to be certain the use was going to be allowed in a building before we purchased it so we met with all the zoning and fire folks very early in the process. Everyone has been very excited and helpful thus far.