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  1. Blaum Bros. Distilling Co. is a wholly family-owned, 5 year old distillery located in historic Galena, IL. We distill a variety of spirits such as vodka, gin, rum, and absinthe — but our primary production is focused on bourbon, rye, and malt whisky. We are into other types of ill ish, like music, movies, and creating/prolonging awkward moments. Like this moment. Right now. Our Philosophy: Founded by actual brothers that don’t beat the hell out of each other often, we take our spirits seriously; not ourselves. We don’t do anything the cheap or easy way, as we truly strive to create the best version of each spirit we make. If you’re into taking shortcuts for the sake of it, please don’t apply. Unless you are able to find a new shortcut the local Mexican restaurant. Cause we can tear up some queso. We enjoy the spicy salsa as well — it has this ripe freshness to it. Hmmmm. It’s not too spicy really, but it creeps up on you. In a good way. Essential Duties and Responsibilities to Include (but are not limited to): • Report to Chief Distiller/Blender, and work well with other fellow production comrades • Engage in shenanigans that are cheeky and fun. No shenanigans that are cruel and tragic • Mash and control fermentation on our 2000L system • Distill on our 2000L Kothe hybrid still, 400L Hoga pot still, and our cute little 20L R&D pot still. She’s adorable • Perform daily quality assurance/quality control responsibilities • Manage inventory and keep detailed records • Perform all duties within compliance of safety policy • Oh, help maintain safety policy within the scope of OSHA standards • Perform all daily duties and record keeping within TTB regulations • Create and maintain raw materials and operate heavy machinery, such as fork lift, pick up truck, and light cycles (if needed) • Proof, blend, barrel, and bottle all types of spirits • Clean all production equipment • Create, follow, and maintain SOPs • Pour and educate at offsite events Applicant Qualifications • 1-3 years of previous distilling or brewing experience preferred, but not required. • Experience with TTB reporting software such as Whiskey Systems and/or Distillery Solutions (now Five x 5 Solutions) is preferred, but not required • Strong organizational and project management skills (no, this is not from a boiler plate job ad…. This is crucial and critical, and those two words are very similar). • Ability to work autonomously, with little direction. • Lack of an ego. We don’t have or tolerate those too well here. • Be able to live and work within a geographical oddity. Two weeks from everywhere! • Ability to have a flexible schedule, within reason. Physical Requirements: Bending/Stooping/Kneeling Climbing Lifting-Heavy (50-70 Lbs) Reaching/Pulling/Pushing Standing and Walking Contortionsim, definitely not required, but if you can do this, please let us put it on Instagram. Pay: Commensurate with skills, qualifications, and needs. Happy to discuss during an interview. Misc: This job ad was written in a kind of obsolete vernacular. Wildcat… pkow. Contact: Please email your resume to mike@blaumbros.com. Please also include a promotional video or poor photoshop job of you doing something awkward if you so desire.
  2. It's all good. He was a bit harsh for the sake of being harsh, but I'm not butt-hurt about it. And at the end of the day, he doesn't even need to understand what we are or aren't doing... he just either likes it or he doesn't. The same goes for all the other customers who are or are not buying it (both on and off-premise). I'm not a generally confident person, and I'm always working to improve our spirits. But after the years of R&D, hands on experience, lab analysis, and otherwise, I'm completely confident that our spirits are not 'flawed' (bad cuts, fermentation, maturation techniques, etc) in any objective way at all. I reserve the right to get smarter, Mike Blaum
  3. Hey there... that's our bourbon that he reviewed poorly. While it stings upon first glance, you have to realize that everyone has an opinion... and then you either shrug it off and learn from it, or you don't. I can assure you that our grain is perfectly fine, and we do not go 'too deep' into our tails cut. We do not go for a grain-forward, 'clean' whiskey that a lot of craft places go for. And by clean, I mean distilled to a higher proof. On the contrary, our fermentation and cuts are geared toward big barrels and longer maturation cycles (read: congeneric). Take all reviews with a grain of salt and but also learn from them. For what it's worth, our early release of our bourbon earned a bronze at ACSA, and that competition is judged with high scrutiny and is not a medal factory at all. We'll see what happens at ADI. Also for what it's worth, I'd be happy to send you a sample of the bourbon and you're more than welcome to taste it against the review and comment (or not) as you wish. I'll take any and all feedback. Shoot me a message at mike@blaumbros.com if interested. Cheers! Mike Blaum
  4. Blaum Bros. Distilling Co. in Galena, IL is looking for a full time (hourly, no benefits) production assistant. While this is not a distilling position, it may lead to future opportunities on the distillation team. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Grain loading, milling, mashing, fermentation control, bottling, metrics collection, production documentation required for compliance, cleaning, inventory management, barrel filling and loading, engaging with the public at tasting events when necessary Minimum Qualifications: High school diploma, ability to lift 60+ pounds, ability to climb racks in warehouse to retrieve and stow barrels, 21 years of age or higher, flexible schedule, reliable transportation, ability to safely drive a fork lift, ability to stand/walk/lift/work for long periods of time (it is a physically demanding position), positive attitude, intellectual curiosity to learn more about current duties as well as other operations in the distillery, strong attention to detail, proficiency with computers and office software, ability to take direction yet work autonomously with your job duties, special attention to safety, sense of humor Ideal Qualifications: Formal brewing experience and/or education (extensive home brewing history is a plus), experience with mechanical maintenance and plumbing, ability to make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs Please send resumes/inquiries to: mike@blaumbros.com
  5. Hi all, we're looking to expand our production staff in Galena, IL. We're looking for that special someone (to help make even more spirits). Please see the attachment. We will accept resumes until February 6th, 2015. BlaumBrosVacancy.pdf
  6. Call Nancy Just directly at Fermentis/LeSaffre 414-615-4084. Their minimum order is 50 kg (5 x 10kg boxes).
  7. Hey folks .... the Brewery and Distillery (two completely different companies) in Galena, Illinois are looking for an entry-level brewer/distiller to split time between our two establishments. Please see the description below and PM me if you have any questions. A great opportunity for someone! ENTRY-LEVEL BREWERY/DISTILLERY INTERN WHERE: Galena Brewing Company and Blaum Brothers Distilling Company, Galena, Illinois PAY: $9/hour or commensurate with experience. HOURS: 30-40+ split time between the brewery and distillery. This is a unique opportunity to work for both award winning and fast growing companies. It is a great position for anyone looking to expand their professional experience and break into the craft beer and spirits industry. The ideal candidate will have a deep-seated passion for beer and/or spirits production, brewing experience at home and/or professionally and/or professional distilling experience, the ability to be flexible on hours and tasks assigned, have a sense of humor, and be capable of working with heavily bearded individuals in close quarters. To apply, please forward resume to jonwagner49@gmail.com. BREWERY Responsibilities - CIP of brewhouse, fermenters/bright tank, and transfer of liquid between tanks. - Assist brewer on double batch brew days including brewing, clean-up, and preparation. - Maintain cleanliness and sanitation of all equipment, tanks, and work areas to brewer’s specifications. - Participate in beer festivals and brewery events as needed. - Maintain brewer’s specified SOPs in wort production, vessel cleaning and sanitation, yeast handling, fermentation, and maturation. - Understand and adhere to recipes, processes, and safety procedures in all tasks. - Willing to perform all tasks involved in the packaging process including washing and filling kegs, building bottle packaging, and assisting with canning operations. - Troubleshoot and report all mechanical issues to brewer as needed. - Clean and maintain draft lines on a weekly basis. - Operate and collaborate with brewer on pilot system for new and innovative brews. - Ship and receive products through use of a pallet jack and forklift. DISTILLERY Responsibilities - Obtain and demonstrate foundational knowledge in distillation theory and maturation. - Receive practical, hands on experience in all aspects of spirits production: grain selection, milling, mashing, distilling, proofing, and bottling/barreling - Aid in the development of potential new products - Assist with all behind-the-scenes duties which keep the production floor running smoothly: cleaning, organization, documentation, safety, and compliance Essential Job Functions - Must be in good physical condition and able to maneuver in confined spaces. - Ability to sit/stand/bend/walk and maintain manual dexterity for duration of work period. - Must be able to work independently and be able & willing to work morning, midday, overnight and/or weekend shifts. - Able to lift 55 lbs. and move at least 165 lbs., and work in extreme hot and cold environments. - Extremely high level of attention to detail. - Ability to think and act creatively, while conforming to existing standard operating procedures and federal, state, and local regulations - Understanding and passion for of all aspects of beer production, including grain handling, yeast management, and packaging. - Possess good beer knowledge and a good sense of smell, distinguishing flavors and colors in beer. - Possess technical/mechanical expertise and have the ability to troubleshoot and fix brewing and packaging equipment - Have a flexible schedule - Be 21 years or older. - Clean driving record and reliable transportation. Preferred Experience/Qualifications - At minimum, this individual will have an introductory knowledge of all aspects of the brewing process (raw materials, wort production, fermentation, sanitation, maturation, and packaging). - Professional brewing/distilling experience is a plus but not required. - Insatiable willingness to learn. To apply, please forward resume to jonwagner49@gmail.com. Cheers! http://discussions.probrewer.com/showthread.php?37549-Entry-level-brewery-distillery-intern&p=114042#post114042
  8. Also keep in mind specific state laws with regard to lag between bottling and selling. In Illinois we can bottle, take out of bond, and start selling right away. In Iowa, for example, you have to ship all your bottles off to the State for tax processing (for lack of a better term) and receive them back before you can put them on your shelves.
  9. Also the option for quarterly excise payments exists if you anticipate (or have a proven track record for the previous year) owing $50,000 or less for removals per year http://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?c=ecfr;sid=b0f767f15457a2338962df1c70b3b0c1;rgn=div5;view=text;node=27%3a1.;idno=27;cc=ecfr#27:
  10. Hi there, You are correct that you don't pay excise on the barrels until that spirit is taken out of bond. You do need to have a surety bond to cover it while in bond, however. Bottling operations are part of your processing account and should be done in bond. I think (but am not 100% sure), that your spirit must leave the bonded area in bottles with approved COLAs, unless your doing a Transfer in Bond (TIB), in which case you aren't paying excise on it anyways. Disclaimer: I'm not a TTB agent and I reserve the right to get smarter.
  11. Ours is named Chester. Because he's a Copperpot still. Yes. That just happened.
  12. It's all good, we're on the same page ... Perhaps to answer the question I'd say that chocolate malt is going to give me a much different flavor profile than real chocolate in any spirit I make. I think the use of real chocolate is going to really overpower things with a chocolaty taste (which some people are looking for in certain product categories), whereas chocolate malt (which actually tastes more like coffee) is just referring to how deep the malt was roasted, and will add a little sweetness (or bitterness, depending on how much is used) to the spirit. Definitely won't make my whiskey taste like chocolate though (at least not in the quantities I'm using!).
  13. In my most recent --yet limited -- experience, I've found that the specialty malts really pop through with column use. The same amount of specialty malt does not come through as much on a double, alembic distillation. I think I'll either need to add more specialty malt and stay alembic, or start stripping through a column.
  14. The spirit tastes great, by the way. Thanks fldme
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