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  1. Sediment in finished bottles

    Dang, really sounds like the water is the culprit. Try bottling a few at cask strength (with the same filtering regime) and see if you still get that settling. Start eliminating variables....
  2. Sediment in finished bottles

    How long ago have you changed your RO filters?
  3. Looking for a 5 gallon bourbon fresh dumped barrel for a small experiment. Thanks!
  4. Bourbon & Rye Barrels fresh dumped

    Hi, Haven't heard anything. Are these sold?
  5. Bourbon & Rye Barrels fresh dumped

    Hi Joe, I'm interested in these barrels - Particularly the bourbon barrels. Any idea on how much I'd be paying in Freight shipped to 97405? Also, how many do you have? You, for some reason, are unable to get PM's by the way.... Feel free to shoot me a email: kaylon@thinkingtreespirits.com
  6. Can Anyone Interpret This Spirit Analysis?

    Tequila is actually any spirit made in a "qualifying" state of Mexico that is 51% or more agave and is made from Blue Agave hearts only. Many are just that. 100% agave tequila should, by definition, contain no alcohol derived from cane or beet sugar. To advertise is as being from "Blue Agave" is redundant since tequila must be made from this species of agave. 95% of 'Tequila' sucks anyways - Mezcal is where it's at. Ha! But what do I know. I'm just a pale kid in Oregon.
  7. Pulsing Still

    I'm currently wrastling with this same issue as the O.P.. 50 gallon pot, steam heated, 6" diameter column still has a three foot packed section below six bubble plates. It will chug along all happy (but very slowly - about 1.25 gallons an hour) for about 5 hours or so and them out of no where start a massive surge cycle. Parrot has surge breaker holes, I also read about the flash boiling a while ago so I cut up several sections of copper pipe and put them in the pot. Didn't help. I have been somewhat successful by turning down the dephlag and running real low heat with the thinking that my surging was coming from too much condensate return 'chocking' the packed section and creating a sort of liquid blockage for the rising vapors. My packed section is pretty fine copper mesh (used to keep mice and rats from chewing through holes). No sure if this is the issue or not but this is driving me fairly crazy as every time it surges I have to crank up my dephlag, turn down my heat, and re-equalize my column. Any thoughts?
  8. Cost to filter spirit

    Are you using R.O. water to cut your spirit? I've only ever seen cloudy spirits way way past where I would take my tails cut. Smell and taste are what I use as my hydrometer in my parrot will read different depending on temperature of the spirit coming out.
  9. What ever happened to iStill?

    Yes, and I need enough of it to pack 30 inches of it to pack a 6" diameter column. Available for real market testing yet?
  10. Spiced Rum

    Joe - Well put. making money is, for most, the only way to make it "work". It sucks but is the truth. I would not ever condone a person for that. Easier is usually the best route - especially if quality does not suffer. Congrats on the expansion and growth! Silk - You misunderstood me (or I was not clear enough). I don't "poo-poo" people doing things from scratch themselves (even making flavoring themselves to keep product consistency). That's what it is all about. A Vanilla bean is a flavor as is a cinnamon stick. Our Gin is packed with flavor from herbs we did not grow. What I am against is the multitude of producers claiming to be micro distillers who buy and flavor NGS. I really don't think someone would go through the trouble of making a neutral spirit, or any unique spirit from scratch, then just normalizing it by dumping a mass produced/mass distributed flavoring in it. As I stated these products are then often labeled as "hand crafted", "small batch", "micro distilled", "Artisan". Etc. It's competing against these producers with a truly craft product that took real time and significantly more money to create, in a market that is already feeling crowded, that I think needs to change. My original post was in reference to the OP wanting to create a home made flavoring for his rum and Dehner saying "buy the flavoring and be done. don't be a super hero..... make money, don't waste time." which, from his point of view and biz plan, makes sense. But from my point of view and ethos, goes against being "craft" (whatever the F that means these days).
  11. Spiced Rum

    Hey Joe, I really like you and often applaud your self proclaimed success in this industry.... but this advice you gave sucks in this context. I feel like this is exactly why our industry is in inner turmoil with true craft distillers trying to find a way to set our selves apart from rectifiers who claim to make "small batch" "locally distilled" " hand crafted" products from bulk spirits. Yeah, ya could just buy the flavoring and be done with it - pour that flavoring into your bulk purchased NGS (I highly doubt you would want to ruin something that you put you heart and soul into) and sell as a craft produced product. Which is the equivalent, in my mind, of a small bakery decorating homemade cake with Betty Crocker frosting and calling it homemade. Don't you make flavoring Joe, I remember a thread a while ago where you said you were producing one I think? I guess the direction you choose will determine if you intend to make a unique craft product and sell at craft product prices. Or if you intend to make a mass-produced product you plan on marketing like a craft product.
  12. Carbon Filtering Redux...

    Also, you will want to have your "Neutral In" pipe higher then the "Neutral Out" pipe to the whole holding tank will drain....maybe its just looks wrong on your napkin drawing. Note: I see the valves now. Looks Great!
  13. Carbon Filtering Redux...

    We use a very similar system with good results - but at a very limited capacity. We use .5" tubing for neutral to flow from tank to tank. I let it flow through the carbon at about a rate of 25 gallons in 12 hours. I do this as many times as needed until I feel it taste clean enough. (usually around 4-5 passes through the filter bed). Our filter bed is 36" tall and 4" in diameter and we use coco carbon with a few stainless filters at the top of the column. Carbon dust is rinsed out before using the filter for the first time and seems to be removed fairly completely by passing the neutral through the filter several times. Don't forget to place a few ball valves - one at the top and one at the bottom of your filter canister so you can isolate and/or remove for filling or whatever. I also use these valves to adjust flow rates and to close off the filter between batches. We store our filter full of vodka - not sure if that matters though.
  14. Help: Ferment stalled

    Hi JustAndy, I agree, 29 Brix is high. If this was a sugar wash or grain wash it would be ludicrous and just may be with this one as well. When I first started running experiments with different rum washes I found that one gallon of this molasses with four gallons of water gave me about 20-21 Brix. This, of course being a 100% molasses rum wash, did not finish out dry at 0.000 on the hydrometer due to crud and unfermentables in the blackstrap so at 21 brix I was not pushing above 8-9% alcohol. So, I am estimating that there are 8-9 brix points, (sorry, I miss calculated 7 earlier) being brought back over from the pot to the fermenter. Not first batch with backset (probably at least the 15th) and same amount of everything as usual. It is a lot of osmatic pressure but not out of the range of what we've been doing and I'm not sure how burnt sugars affect osmatic pressure. I really do feel like you may be onto something with the building yeast-toxic levels of salts/minerals though. It is a lot of backset to add each time. Update: Just checked ferment. Tank has a white film scum like a bloom on a wine/mead ferment. Smell is rum wash based with a slight sweet acetone/nail polish aroma - exactly like fores actually. I drew liquid from the middle of the tank and it smells just fine - like clean rum wash. PH is 4.44, Brix is 28, temp is 85. Is any body else out there using backset in their rum washes want to chime in on issues they may or may not have had with continued use? Is 200 gallons of backset in a 500 gallon wash too much? Thanks!
  15. Help: Ferment stalled

    You know, I kind of just keep doing the same recipe each time and haven't been monitoring things as well as when I began. I do always check PH and Brix and they have stayed consistent. Don't add anything to monitor PH crash because I have been finishing dry tasting after about 7-10 days of fermentation and I end in the low to mid 4's (a bit lower then 5 but not in the dangerous range). I keep ferments at 90 degrees F and have an aquarium pump at the bottom of my fermenter to keep yeast suspended. Yeast food consists of 500 grams DAP, 70 grams Vit B Complex, 10 grams of Epsom Salt dissolved separately and added while initially aerating the mash in one feeding. I used to add a few pounds of boiled yeast for nutrients and citric acid to bring the PH down but now I just add 175-200 gallons of my backset which should have plenty of acid and boiled yeast in there. Feedstock is 100% black-strap from Glory-bee. I forget what my normal ending gravity is as I have not checked with the meter in a while - its in my notes. I just usually taste a bit of it.