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  1. Hey, Is your Hoga Still, still available? Thanks NW
  2. Thanks all for your comments. We decided to go with Minox Fustis from m5 corp. The guy Dominic is a great guy. Dominic@m5corporation.com They are well made and the 50 liter ones are ASTM A666 complaint.
  3. Is this still available? Could you please send pics to wssrm3@aol.com Thanks so much Neil
  4. We were told that it binds the harsher chemicals of the vodka into the pours of the carbon and then we filter it out.
  5. Neil

    How to add sugar to VODKA

    I guess the last person who posted mean sugar "syrup"? Do you mean that we should be buying sugar syrup or making the syrup ourselves? Thank you
  6. Neil

    How to add sugar to VODKA

    Sorry, I accidentally posted this topic twice.
  7. I understand from TTB guidelines that you can add up to 2% sugar for an unflavored vodka without having to list it in the ingredients. This is our first experimental batch but our question is, are vodka makers simply dumping straight granulated sugar in to the batch and mixing with a paddle? Or, do we first have to boil the sugar and then add it to the vodka so it stays in solution. Or, are the vodka guys buying their sugar in liquid form? If someone can shed some light on this subject, we would be very grateful. Thanks!
  8. Thank you very much for responding, I will do a bit more investigation on my own and let you know what I came up with.
  9. Hi all, I could use some help on the whole grounding bonding issue in connection with transferring ethanol from 55 gallon drums. We are using a SS hand pump and pumping into a stainless steel pail. We know that the actual pump has to be grounded to prevent any static charge but we need some clarification on how to do this. Also, we saw some diagrams where the drum is also grounded. Not sure if we have to do this as well. And regarding the SS pail, I'm assuming that it has to be bonded to the pump?? If anyone can direct me where I can learn more about this or just explain how to go about it, I would greatly appreciate it. Safety is my number one concern here. I found this web site that has grounding and bonding wires: http://www.thecarycompany.com/containers/drums/drum_pumps/ground_wires.html Thanks so much - Neil
  10. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone can recommend small spirit tanks that can be picked up and handled for storage and weighing purposes. We're looking for 25 gallons more or less with handles on both sides. Thank you
  11. As a follow up, I was told by a distributor that we can simply put on sanitary tri clamp fittings on the NTP outlet and stick with the Standard (non FDA) pump. Also someone else mentioned sanitary Fittings - S-Line Style http://www.spx.com/en/waukesha-cherry-burrell/pd-wcb-fittings-s-line/ Not sure which are better. Thanks all.
  12. Hi all, we are in the market for an air operated diapgragm pump for Ethanol transfer and also for filtration of vodka for batch operation. We are looking into the Yamada model NDP-20 BSE but there is an option to get it FDA approved which is another grand! Basically, the FDA one has Sanitary Tri-clamp fittings (which we heard we need for our hoses) as well as some other bells and whistles (namely comes fully cleaned, has a Polypropelene air suction as opposed to aluminum which hods up better for chemicals in cleaning solutions.) I spoke with the manufacturer and they said that the standard pump has NPT ports but not the sanitary tri-clamp fittings which supposedly is to keep contaminates from getting into what's being pumped but according to the manufacturer and one distributor we spoke with, we wouldn't have this problem with alcohol and the standard 3/4 industrial pump would be fine. He said the FDA one is more for the food processing industry but we should be fine if we're only pumping alcohol. I looked on the TTB site but I couldn't find anything on pumps. Does anyone have any info on this or if we really need to spend the extra dough on the FDA model. Thanks
  13. Can anyone recommend a good brand air operated diaphragm pump. We are using it for ethanol transfer and will also be doing filtration. We are considering a variable speed pump (0-30) gallons per minute. We were told by one source that the best material we should be looking at for the inner is a PTFE (Teflon) inner diaphragm. But another company is recommending a "Yamata" pump but they make their inner diaphragm from "Hytrel" (Carlson) We are also looking into Graco and Aro from another source. Does anyone have any first hand knowlege of either of these brands or can recommend a knowledgable source for more information on this subject. Thanks kindly
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