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  1. irene@allamericanlabel.net

    Getting Rolling, Highwood, IL

    Congratulations! It's a process for sure! When you are ready to talk about labels, materials and branding in general, please don't hesitate to email me. Irene@allamericanlabel.net We print for several IL distilleries and I would be happy to send you samples of high end materials, in addition to showing you a variety of label embellishments. irene
  2. irene@allamericanlabel.net

    Hi there

    Welcome! It's a great community with a wealth of information. Whenever you are ready to begin looking at label design, label materials and ways to enhance your labels, please feel free to connect with me. irene@allamericanlabel.net I'd be happy to send you a nice sample package to get you thinking about this end of your packaging. The most important end, which is your branding! irene
  3. irene@allamericanlabel.net

    Best label company

    Hi...I'm Irene with All American Label. Please feel free to connect with me for label quotes. Short runs, no minimum orders. I'm happy to send you material samples as well. Please email me directly at irene@allamericanlabel.net Looking forward to hearing from you!
  4. irene@allamericanlabel.net

    Bottle Labels

    Hi...we do not have minimum orders! Contact me, irene@allamericanlabel.net I'd be happy to send you material samples. Foils and embossing are a specialty of ours which are beautiful label enhancers. Send me an email and we'll take good care of you! irene
  5. irene@allamericanlabel.net

    Label Design

    Hi...my name is Irene George with All American Label. We have an amazing designer on staff. She's brilliant! Contact me at irene@allamericanlabel.net I will send her portfolio of work. I am also happy to send you samples of a variety of materials. With foils, embossing our specialty we can help you design in a way you can have high end looking labels and only pay for tooling one time. irene
  6. irene@allamericanlabel.net

    Stupid label question

    We call them tamper strip labels. You will want to be sure you have a good aggressive adhesive. These are hand applied and the oils from your fingers can compromise the adhesive. You can connect with me at Irene@allamericanlabel.net No such thing as a stupid label question!
  7. irene@allamericanlabel.net

    Led bottle or labels

    Hi...email me at Irene@allamericanlabel.net We have patents on the Bekan. We can get you set up!
  8. irene@allamericanlabel.net

    Best label company

    Hi, My name is Irene George with All American Label. I'm happy to send you samples of our print work and we can go from there. Email me at Irene@allamericanlabel.net
  9. irene@allamericanlabel.net

    Bottles, labels, closures

    Sounds like you are well taken care of! Good to hear. Good luck with your new adventure. If anything changes let me know and I'll be happy to send you a nice package of samples. irene
  10. irene@allamericanlabel.net

    Bottles, labels, closures

    Hi Justin, Happy to send you samples of custom labels. High end materials, foils and embossing. email me: Irene@allamericanlabel.net
  11. irene@allamericanlabel.net

    Hello from Murray's Fools Distiiling Co

    Welcome MFDC! If you are in need of labels or would like to see some great samples of our print work, please email me directly! Irene@allamericanlabel.net We are long time exhibitors with ADI and hope to see you in Baltimore 2017 for their next big event!.
  12. irene@allamericanlabel.net

    Another from Maryland

    Welcome! When you are in need of labels...let me know! irene@allamericanlabel.net We exhibit at all the ADI shows perhaps we have met? best of luck to you, irene
  13. irene@allamericanlabel.net

    Hello from Illinois

    Welcome! When you get to the point you are looking for labels, let me know. I would be happy to send you a nice sample package of materials. irene@allamericanlabel.net
  14. irene@allamericanlabel.net

    Eastern Oregon Distillery

    If you need any help with labels or would like to see samples please connect with me! irene@allamericanlabel.net We are exhibiting at the ADI event in April...booth 364! Stop by if you are making the trip. Great information at these shows!
  15. irene@allamericanlabel.net

    New to the industry an already cant get enough

    Welcome! You picked a great industry to be involved in...and these forums are a wealth of information. Everyone is very generous as they were once in your spot too. My name is Irene George with All American Label. When you get to the point when you are ready to consider labeling your products please keep my name handy as I'd love to send you samples of what we do. We are also long time exhibitors with ADI, and will exhibiting April 4-7 in San Diego. If you plan to attend (highly recommended) please stop by our booth. If you are interested in label samples sooner than later...please connect with me at: irene@allamericanlabel.net I'm happy to help with any information you are looking for...from designers to material testing. Best of luck to you...enjoy the ride. irene