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  1. Craft spirits industry overview numbers and trends

    Enjoy the white paper. Michael has been spot on since he started it back in 2011.
  2. Craft spirits industry overview numbers and trends

    I agree that everything should be a level playing field but it is not. Marketing and branding is where it is at for any business. Especially new ones just starting out I don't see where anything about borrowing funds from "conventional firms" is ever mentioned in the original post. Knowing the numbers is a good thing.
  3. Craft spirits industry overview numbers and trends

    For some reason it went to Michaels original white paper. Here is a link to request the latest download... http://www.coppersea.com/download/ Enjoy the read.
  4. Craft spirits industry overview numbers and trends

    Here is the industry white paper for last year from Michael at Coppersea. He probably has a new one coming out soon. http://www.coppersea.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Craft_Distilling_2011_White_Paper_Final.pdf
  5. Anchor Distillery

    I will have to try their rye... Another beverage I am very particular about. Thanks for the tip!
  6. Anchor Distillery

    Their Junipero gin is one of my favorites. It falls in my top 4 category. If you haven't tried it I highly recommend it.
  7. Distiller or Brewer Position Open @ Philadelphia Distilling

    Trust me, if I were contemplating a move to Philly you guys would be on my short list. Just to let you know, my wife would like me to seriously consider it. As a side note, I appreciate all the hand written cards I've received from the Bluecoat rebate promotion. Class act.
  8. Distiller or Brewer Position Open @ Philadelphia Distilling

    Your blue coat gin is in my top 4 favorites (and I'm tough to please when it comes to gin). A great company that makes a superior product. This is one company I wouldn't mind working for!
  9. What to do with HEADS?

    I always think these would be a good use... http://www.ethanolfireplaces.com/?gclid=CLP7h4uU28gCFdEYHwodEiUGTA http://www.ignisproducts.com/?gclid=CLTDvcqU28gCFUyPHwodyXII6Q
  10. NYS GNS

    Lake distilling over near Ithica, NY. http://www.lakedistilling.com They are great.
  11. Number of runs per day out of a 100 gallon spirit still?

    I'd say probably one stripping run and one spirit run would make for a 8 to 10 hour day. This is for doing a whisky but it really depends on what you are making and when you take your cuts.
  12. NY State and distilleries selling mixed drinks?

    Wow, that's great. I did not know this.
  13. NY State and distilleries selling mixed drinks?

    We have a local distillery that just opened here in upstate NY and I noticed they are selling mixed drinks. Isn't this totally illegal for a distillery to be doing. Don't you need a liquor license to do that? You can't get that license for a tasting room, correct. This is the second distillery to go on line around here in the last few months that I've seen do this? Kind of unfair to the other distilleries who are abiding by the rules.
  14. Vodka from Corn-Based GNS

    edited as post was not on topic
  15. Glass lab still and Alcohol Textbook

    Both sold. To be used and enjoyed by another ADI forum member. Thank you everyone who contacted me.