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  1. We have used this chiller for a couple years and it runs great. Due to new equipment we have had to upgrade and need to find it a new home. Price $5000. Please call me at 828-773-7536 if interested. Thanks, Alex
  2. I have 4, 250 gallon Conipac HDPE fermenters for sale. $350 per fermenter. Able to lift with forklift. I am having trouble attaching photo's. Please e-mail info@southernartisanspirits.com if interested. Thanks, Alex.
  3. - 550 nominal gallon capacity (580 actual), 42wx48dx74h, 10 guage stainless steel. - Bottom has a 1" slope to drain. - 1" sample valve with guard. - Amphora Society constructed condensing assembly capable of condensing 400,000 BTU/HR - 6" Grain chute - 22" manway in top with gasketed lid, fitted with 5 in 1 pressure vacuum vent set at 3 psi positive and .25 psi vac. - 4" drain and butterfly valve - sprayball assembly (CPI System) installed in lid through 2" ferrule - mixer 3 HP 220, 3ph, with two 6" mixed flow impellers. - Double bottom connected to on side jacket to allow direct fire gas heating. Includes Ribbon Burner. - second side jacketed for cold water/glycol cooling - Interior food grade ground (120 grit) - side manway, rectangular, 17-5/16 x 13, outward openingin 305 SS , Grey EPDM gasket. - 6 " Thermowell We have used this tank for 2 years with success. We are currently sizeing up so we are needing to free up space. This tank would be great for anyone making whiskey or rum. This is a very good deal at 11k. I am having trouble attaching photo. Please contact me if interested 828-773-7536 or info@southernartisanspirits.com.
  4. Charlie

    Franchise States.

    KMHerring 3, Thanks for the response. That is exactly what I was looking for. I will shoot you an email.
  5. Charlie

    Franchise States.

    Some states have franchise laws that govern agreements between wholesalers and suppliers. That means that alcoholic beverages suppliers who want to sell their products in the state must establish either exclusive or non-exclusive franchise relationships with in-state distributors. You could possibly be stuck in a contract with a distributor which isnt living up to his side of the deal for a while. I am not a lawyer. However, these laws concern me when considering distributing in states with such laws.
  6. Charlie

    Franchise States.

    I am curious how many and which states are considered franchise states. I know TN an GA are. Thanks, Charlie
  7. Charlie

    Non Profit donations in controlled states

    Thanks. I will contact the state and see what I need to do. I just have a hard time paying again for the bottle. I dont mind paying the taxes. Thanks, Alex
  8. I have been contacted by multiple charity organizations lately wanting donations of spirits for events, auctions, etc. I am in North Carolina which is a control state. I would love to help these organizations but I am not sure if it is financially feasible. I know this is more of a question for my state ABC but can I just donate the spirit and pay the Fed taxes or do I need to repurchase my gin from a state ABC store? Since im not saleing it I would think I could donate it. Thanks, Alex Mauney
  9. Charlie

    Reverse Osmosis water's TDS

    Those of you using reverse osmosis filtering system's as I am. At what TDS do you typically change your RO filters? I asked the company I bought it from and they told me it depends on the individual. For our given application what would be the TDS reading to look for to change the filter? I really appreciate it. Thanks, Alex Mauney
  10. Charlie

    gauging thermometer question

    Thanks guys. Looks like I will be needing a glass one also.
  11. Charlie

    Flex tank Fermenters?

    Flex tank USA. I am curious if anyone has any experience with this company? Is there other companys simular to this? I also notice the sell aging tanks. How do you think this would be aging spirits in a HDPE tank? Let me know what you think. Thanks, Charlie
  12. Dear All, I am looking for the TTB gauging tables in excel. I could copy them over by hand but this would take a considerable amount of time which I do not have. I am going to make a access database out of them and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Charlie Mauney
  13. Charlie

    We have our local approval!

    Congrats. We couldnt apply for our state permit until we received federal basic permit. I mailed the state application today. Hopefully it will go smoothly.
  14. Charlie

    We have our local approval!

    We have received our Fire, Zoning, and Building codes approval. The first initial walk through in with the local fire marshal was very laid back. He told us some things that needed to be done before he would sign off on it. We had to get an additional door for a fire exit, Safety lights for the doors and fire extinguishers. Nothing really unexpected. The zoning/building code people from city hall came down and looked over everything. Since we were sprinkled and an existing building it was pretty much cut and dry. I wish you all luck. Cheers, Charlie Mauney SAS
  15. Charlie

    We received basic federal permit!!

    We are a LLC and have a DBA set up under the corp.