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  1. Puree vs Concentrate vs Raw Fruit

    Any thoughts on the difference in end product of starting with raw fruit vs puree vs juice vs concentrate? Obviously the juice and concentrate are less "crafty" and easier to use but does anyone have an informed opinion on the differences in end product of starting with different types of material? We will try full fruit at some point but interested in starting with a concentrate but not if the end product is likely to be poor. Thanks!
  2. WTB - 50G or so - Oil Jacketed

    Hi - we are looking to swap out the boiler on our small test still (we have a HillyBilly Flute we use for development which currently has a 26G direct element boiler). We are looking for options for a 50-100G oil jacketed still boiler than can be utilized as a mash tun as well for on grain mashing/distillation. We are also looking for a similarly sized jacketed fermenter. Thoughts on who is making in this size ranger. We see ASD has a nice 30G we are looking at but not sure what else is around.
  3. 2 - 30 gallon recipe/training stills

    Set up for bain marie?
  4. Sediment / Cloudiness in Spirit

    UPDATE: Thanks for all the replies. We *think* we fixed this. We still can't isolate what caused this but it appeared to form over a week or so. We dumped the bottles out, let it settle and filtered through 1 micron and .5 micron (not chill) and the filters did appear to pull out the flocking or whatever we can call it. We rebottled and it looks great. Moving forward, we will probably dilute down to bottling proof more slowly and tank and then filter before bottling and go from there. Will update again if we have the same issue.
  5. Sediment / Cloudiness in Spirit

    We do not currently chill filter. We are reducing from 125 proof to 90 proof with RO/DI water. We could conceivable rest longer before filtering, although that would not be easy with our current set up. My other concern would be that when the bottles are shaken or moved, the cloudiness/sediment seems to mix back in so I'm not confident one way or the other that filtering after resting would cure the issue although it is worth a try. Any idea on why this would be happening now? We are essentially making the same product, in the same space, using the same ingredients, aging in the same conditions (albeit a little longer) and didn't have this issue for the first year or two of operations. The only thing I could think of was that our filters were getting old (although I believe the RO/DI system was showing a read out of zero on the output but we changed the filters in it regardless. I don't think it is an issue with our process (ferment, etc) because we didn't have the issue before and had it with a beer we distilled into an aged whiskey from a brewery in our same building.
  6. Sediment / Cloudiness in Spirit

    So we are having a similar issue with our bourbon. We released several batches of bourbon with no issue but in the more recent bottlings, we are getting a post bottling sediment/cloudiness on the bottom of the bottles. Details (feel free to ask more): Product: Whiskey (fairly standard grain bill), aged in new charred, aged 1 to 2 years. Water: We use filtered city water through large carbon block for our process water and we run that filtered water through a RO/DI system for our proofing down water. Filters: We used cartridge filters and run a 5 micron and 1 micron in series. We had no issues for a long time and then in the last several months we have had this issue. We had thought the issue may be that our RO/DI filters were too old so we swapped them out. That seemed to work on a malt whiskey we released but the most recent bottling of bourbon has the same issue. Timing: the whiskey looks perfectly clear during and post-bottling. The haze is like a stringy cloudiness on the bottom of the bottle that clears out when shaked. Any thoughts? We have a 1/2 micron filter we can try but I am skeptical that will fix it. We already filter through a 1 micron which should be more than enough. We also waited a few days between proofing down and bottling so anything that formed should have been filtered out (unless perphaps the agitation of the bottling process hides it). TIA
  7. Filtration Suggestions

    We use Donaldson Filters. Contact there is Scott Grimes. He works with a lot of distilleries and is VERY helpful in making recommendations. We use an affordable cartridge filter set of 5 micron and 1 micron. I can't comment on other filter methods but this works well for our spirits. Doesn't appear to remove flavor but leaves a nice clear (in white spirits) product or nicely colored aged product without sediment. Some will favor a coarser filter but that's what we use and like. The filters aren't too expensive and its easy to just maintain a set for each spirit to avoid flavor contamination.
  8. Barrel racks. Cost and need?? Stainless steel??

    There are a ton of suppliers online for the two barrel steel racks in various sizes. Keystone Fermentations sells them locally in PA: http://www.keystonefermentationsupply.com/equipment/western-square-barrel-racks-accessories/60-gallon-racks
  9. Barrel Temperature

    We have space where we can store barrels but the temperature will remain fairly constant year round. The temperature never really drops below 50F and never goes above 65F or so. Ideally, we'd have bigger swings but I was wondering if this would work for barrel storage. We typically use a mix of 15G and 25G barrels. IS this going to significantly increase the aging time?
  10. Grain Mill

    I believe so. Your experience may vary but the design/build were pretty bad, it overheated a lot, and is incredibly dusty even with the cyclone.
  11. Grain Mill

    Recommend avoiding Pellet Masters. We've had plenty of issues with ours.
  12. Experienced Distiller Wanted to Join Team

    I don't think they are open yet. Elverson, PA. Chester County.
  13. Concurrent Applications - State and Federal?

    We had to go through a general health inspection for our tasting room and production (where we have our triple sinks) to get our CO. Just basic things like backplates around sinks, caulking, and sealing well all the wood on our bar. Wasn't too bad. We got the same inspection as a restaurant essentially because we use fruit juices and cut fruit for our bar (we serve no food).
  14. Has anyone used Panela?

    We've been using DADY but are considering a switch.
  15. Has anyone used Panela?

    For anyone that uses panela, do you ever get the "like tequila comments"? We like the flavor a lot but we do get a fair bit of comments about a tequila nose and slight flavor. Just curious is it is something in our process or just the nature of the panela.