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  1. Does anyone out there use a blast of compressed air to get dust and other small particles out of the bottles prior to filling? If so what kind of filter do you run on your compressed air to keep out any oil or other possible residue from the compressor?
  2. whiskeytango


    What would your recommendation be for a do it all pump?
  3. whiskeytango


    Seems that the two basic pumps for transferring high volumes of liquid are flex impellers and centrifugal pumps. Both come in a wide range of cost and output. They are comparable on price so what are the strong suits of each? Can each one pump a mash? or is that more for Impellers? What about hight temp. Seems thats more stable for centrifugal pumps? or is there some cross over between the two? What you all got and what do you do with them?
  4. $12.75 p lb isn't very close to $4.50 in my book.
  5. We get 3-400 lb at at time, Not organic dont need it dont care about it. The are Albanian and yes they are very soft and delicious great flavor
  6. We get our juniper for $4.50 pr lb 50 lb bags
  7. about the only think I have ever gotten from Warren Rupp was "take it to a dealer" they have been less than zero help in the past
  8. Anyone have any experience with the sandpiper diaphragm pumps? I have one that just isn't creating much suction. Wondering what to trouble shoot. I have already replaced the diaphragms and complete wet end assembly.
  9. In this industry great branding and marketing can (and often does) compensate for sub par product. And on the flip side the best product in sub par branding will often fail.
  10. Will your local just let you dump the wast down the drain?
  11. I know lots of places only get up to 170-175 for their top end heat on the corn. Why are you guys going so hot?
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