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  1. Organic distilled spirits means exactly what?

    Good to know i cant label my product "organic" thanks for the info and i guess time to get my labels re printed.
  2. Mileage on activated carbon?

    We use roughly 2 cubic feet of granulated carbon and filter about 10,000 gallons. But seriously you do see your asking a un answerable question. What might be filtered enough for you may not be enough for someone else, or vise versa. Your distillate might not be as pure as someone else or more pure. How do you ferment? fast and hard? Slow with lest off flavors? How many plates are you running? How good are you at running said plates? Or do you just think your good at running your still? Just do what you think works for you and call it good the thing with this business is there are very few hard yes and no answers.
  3. Alaska distilleries need your help

    Where is the push coming from for the state to make this change? Its always hard going agains the state.
  4. Alaska distilleries need your help

    So you can basically act like a bar now without having to have a bar license? Thats a sweet deal.
  5. Can we do something about the spammers?

    Seriously the spam is insane.
  6. Basic Amaro recipes

    so you think most are not using real botanicals just extracts? When i have tested mine with real botanicals i get a really funky yellow opaque colored spirit.
  7. Basic Amaro recipes

    So are most amaro's macerated then re distilled like you would a gin?
  8. Rhum Agricole

    Where are you guys getting your food grade caustic? I see lots of sources on the internet but I'm not 100% sure what I'm looking for and want to make sure i grab the correct food grade stuff
  9. Rhum Agricole

    any recommendations?
  10. Vapor in Column Backflow

    Ok so there is no down tube inside the still kettle that pushes the reflux form the column back down into the wash? There usually is a p trap at the bottom of each column and a down tube into the kettle. Have you contacted the manufacture?
  11. Vapor in Column Backflow

    When you say "boiler" are you talking about the still kettle or the actual boiler that is providing steam to your still?
  12. My experience with Corson Distilling

    Got it, So the drain line back to the kettle was not designed properly allowing vapor and mash to go up it. Yeah that could cause problems
  13. My experience with Corson Distilling

    Thats nuts. How did it build up enough pressure to blow the hatch open?
  14. Ship Spirits to California

    If its just for your family and your not hoping to distribute just ship it to them. Not like your family is going to run to California ABC and turn you in.
  15. Violent bubbling in the parrot

    The vapor can push strait through the the condenser without spending enough time in it to even heat the water. Just because you have cold condensing water coming out doesn't mean its cooling all the vapor. What is the condenser look like? Call the still maker and ask them WTF.