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  1. whiskeytango

    Filtering Through Limestone

    Wait you mean a "judge" at a pay to play competition that makes their living by handing out medals doesn't know what he is talking about. Get out!! Those guys are legit.
  2. whiskeytango

    thermostatic valve and dephlegmator

    Question for you guys running thermostatic valve with your dephlegmaor. I understand how they work and the valve will keep the dephleg running at the same temp. The thing that I wonder about is when im running my vodka column I will need to gradually turn up my heat so the I have more btu going to the kettle as the run goes on. My run will practically stop and I will need to put a bit more heat on the kettle to keep it going . But with the valve how does this work? If I add some heat the valve will just adjust and keep it in reflux
  3. whiskeytango

    T Top (Bartop) issue

    "corks with a small vent on the side" never seen these do you have any info on them?
  4. whiskeytango


    What is everyone using for a hose to run their CIP system? Would need to be able to handle suction as well as a base and acid solution commonly used in cleaning.
  5. whiskeytango

    oil in steam boiler

    Just regular old liquid dish soap? I have also heard borax works well.
  6. whiskeytango

    oil in steam boiler

    Anyone have any advice on how to clean out oil form a steam boiler?
  7. whiskeytango

    Seeking recommendations for Best Stills

    Probably easier to ask who to stay away from. I run an small old Affordable Distilling unit from Paul and a large DYE from China both great service and well made units. PM me up if you have any questions about either.
  8. whiskeytango

    How Much Should Proofing/Bottling Cost?

    How much will it cost you to do it? Thats about the number to go with.
  9. whiskeytango

    DYE China?

    Im up and running with mine, 450 gallon set up with two columns so I can do vodka and everything else thats lower proof. Just like every new piece of equipment it took a run to work out the kinks but runs smooth once you get it dialed in. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
  10. whiskeytango

    Proofing....hydrometer vs Anton Paar

    Rudolph makes a desktop version thats TTB approved and much more affordable than the Anton Paar. Iv had better customer experience with them as well.
  11. whiskeytango

    Column Leveling

    So just thinking about this another way. Why don't you get a concrete guy in to grind down your concrete floor? They use a big machine that they push behind and it will cut down the high spots of the concert first. We have had this done at our building and was very affordable.
  12. whiskeytango

    Glycol / cooling system

    How large of a mash are you heating this way?
  13. whiskeytango

    Glycol / cooling system

    So I see a lot of talk about glycol / cooling systems to maintain their mash temps. Presumably for cooling them down. My question is what are people doing if they want to keep it warmer? Does a glycol unit have the ability to raise the temp as well? Say up to 75 or 80 degrees for a rum wash? What are some common fermenting temperatures for Whiskey / Grain mash Rum / Cane / Molasses Vodka / potato / Grain / Other?
  14. whiskeytango

    Eye Wash Stations

    If you listen to engineers and architects you will have one of everything in your building.
  15. whiskeytango

    New Application TTB consultation

    Dave Dunbar. Best there is. Does all my stuff. dhdunbar1@gmail.com