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  1. It all depends on your local authorities. I know multiple distillery's that are F1 with barrel storage as well as over 270 of spirit. Its hard to argue with them so be nice and work with them.
  2. Damn who is balling enough to pay 15K for a test still? Its cool but man...
  3. The biggest thing is when they where coming by trying to sell me on the units (the countertop ones) Anton par would never bring one for me to actually try out and their hand held where not functioning on either visit. Rudolph brought a unit in and sat it up so I could actually see how it ran and use it. Im sure both are good but I just got a way better feel and sales experinece from Rudolph.
  4. Yes they (botanicals) are considered part of the formula that calculates organic. The thing your going to have to watch is that if your organic certified neural is only say 96% organic then if you add anything to the recipe that's not it can push you easily over that 95% organic threshold. Just because something says organic (like your neural) doesn't mean you start with it being 100% organic then allowing you to add 5% of non organic items.
  5. we have the Rudolph Research works great and tech support has never been a problem
  6. Wait you mean something made by Corson wasn't made correctly? Thats a shocker!!!
  7. Haven't seen any news on this. Is congress even in season? Id be planning ahead for a big jump in taxes if it where me. Back to the good old days I guess
  8. Does anyone out there use a blast of compressed air to get dust and other small particles out of the bottles prior to filling? If so what kind of filter do you run on your compressed air to keep out any oil or other possible residue from the compressor?
  9. whiskeytango


    What would your recommendation be for a do it all pump?
  10. whiskeytango


    Seems that the two basic pumps for transferring high volumes of liquid are flex impellers and centrifugal pumps. Both come in a wide range of cost and output. They are comparable on price so what are the strong suits of each? Can each one pump a mash? or is that more for Impellers? What about hight temp. Seems thats more stable for centrifugal pumps? or is there some cross over between the two? What you all got and what do you do with them?
  11. $12.75 p lb isn't very close to $4.50 in my book.
  12. We get 3-400 lb at at time, Not organic dont need it dont care about it. The are Albanian and yes they are very soft and delicious great flavor
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