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  1. In this industry great branding and marketing can (and often does) compensate for sub par product. And on the flip side the best product in sub par branding will often fail.
  2. Will your local just let you dump the wast down the drain?
  3. I know lots of places only get up to 170-175 for their top end heat on the corn. Why are you guys going so hot?
  4. I got a 300 gallon milk tank ill sell you we used if for years to blend in.
  5. Maybe different state but doesn't matter once the law suits fly over trademark.
  6. You do have to get your glass hydro's re verified so id assume that they can change. And im sure that any digital thing can even if they say they dont. We run a Rudolph research unit that they say you never have to calibrate. But we do anyway.
  7. does anyone re burn their used carbon and re use it? The theory is your burning out all the impurities it had absorbed. Seems like it would need to be fairly hot
  8. Any alcohol above 20% is considered flammable. So I guess depends on what your working with but most likely your going to have alcohol on hand higher than that even if your proofing down to below 20
  9. Looking for a small pump that would be suitable for a bottle washing station. Would need to be able to run without the alcohol flowing so when the bottle is depressed on the head it will flush the bottle.
  10. I have been trying to reset it and its not re setting.
  11. I have been trying to log on to formulas on line and been getting shut down, anyone able to access this or is this closed until they re open to.
  12. Closed for all new business. Still open to take tax payments.
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