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  1. Only things dont like is they only hold a small roll of tables like maybe a few hundred I had to build a rig to hold the lables up higher so I could fit a larger roll on and the counter only goes to 999 you would think it would be pretty easy to add another number on there so you can actually count how many bottles you do a day. But that said I love mine and would buy another.
  2. whoa your going to tell the hell out of this!!!
  3. They just pushed out a brand new website so im thinking they are still in business but dont know for sure
  4. It has a dip tube that is fully submerged at least a couple feet. If I have both drain valves closed and open them each just a crack I dont get the suck from column one to column 2. but if I open both It will suck the liquid out of the bottom of the short column one and into the bottom of column two.
  5. Hi I have a question. When im running my two column still 4 plates on the first and 16 on the second column. It seems like the second column is crating a vacuum and not letting the reflux drain back into the still. Has anyone seen this?
  6. Just wondering where everyone thermometers are on their mash tuns. Ours is on the outside edge so they will be out of the way of the rake but it seems like our temp is not super accurate due to being close to the jacket. So wondering where everyone else has their thermometers?
  7. Yeah this is what we see as well. Have never heard that the cap is causing yeast to die due to C02 build up.
  8. I just got an order from them last month.
  9. Yes thanks for clarifying, You where referring to the dimensions posted. (im assuming) and not the one Paul made correct?
  10. What do you mean to much gap between inner and outer?
  11. Um go to the local building authority and ask them if you can have a distillery at that location. That should pretty much answer your question on if its ok
  12. You should post a pic of your set up so we can see how / where it might fit in
  13. Think Oregon and Utah have closures as well
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