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  1. whiskeytango

    TTB & Gov't Shutdown

    Closed for all new business. Still open to take tax payments.
  2. Yep no serviced provided by the TTB except taking our tax money.
  3. whiskeytango

    On Grain or Off Grain

    Paul. So you are pumping your spent wash (after distillation) strait into totes or another container for hogs and do you strain it some how for cattle so its more dry?
  4. whiskeytango

    On Grain or Off Grain

    How do you deal with a spent grain in wash after distillation? Do you just dump it down the local sewer?
  5. whiskeytango

    To filter or not to filter...

    Im probably wrong but I dont see much different in bottling between 45 and 47 I still think the same issues will arise at a higher proof. As far as filters does osha really monitor what filters you buy and use?
  6. whiskeytango

    To filter or not to filter...

    Ok so we have established that this is impossible to talk about on a forum and we must direcclty contact filter guy to get a true answer and that Indispirit uses a 5 micron instead of a 45 micron. We are making process folks! Indi for our brown (gin) we use a 5 micron from barrel into profing tank then a .45 micron (this is why I was questioning your 45) into our bottles and we do sometimes see sediment after a few weeks so im looking for answers as well..
  7. whiskeytango

    To filter or not to filter...

    45 micron pre-bottling filter or .45 micron pre-bottling filter.?
  8. whiskeytango

    Mitigate against the risk of fire and explosion

    so just tell them that when the time comes to set up and run you will consult with a certified engineer to insure that all operations meet your local (whatever they are in UK) safety standards
  9. whiskeytango

    Potato Vodka - HELP

  10. whiskeytango

    Plumbing question: is this normal?

    Shoot a wider pic so we can see where all the plumbing is running to and from
  11. whiskeytango

    Glass Costs

  12. whiskeytango

    Water Tank Ideas

    Not to hijack this but I have a 300 gallon insulated milk tank id be willing to sell if someone wants it. I was planing on doing this exact thing with it but it just wont fit in my space very well.
  13. whiskeytango

    Hot vs Cold Water Barrel Prep

    I dont get many with staples but I get them with the little T tacks I have driven em down with the tacks in place and occasionally have developed a leak where the tack rips the wood. Not often but its happened. The staples are probably thinner and more pliable?
  14. whiskeytango

    Hot vs Cold Water Barrel Prep

    Your hoops don't fall off when the barrel shrinks! I agree though they are a total pain in the butt.
  15. whiskeytango

    Hot vs Cold Water Barrel Prep

    What would be wrong with just using a clothing steamer and stuffing the hose into the bung hole? lol. I mean a lot could be wrong with that but... If your just building a way to crate steam and a direct open line to the barrel I dont see how making one would be all that scary. Now if your trying to make it pressurized to get your temp hotter yeah that could be dicey