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  1. We have about 80 used barrels (53 gal) we are looking to sell. All of them used, and previously held either our Dead Guy Whiskey, Oregon Single Malt, Chipotle Whiskey, or Rye whiskey. We are looking to get about $110 per barrel. If interested please contact Eric Brown at ericb@rogue.com . Cheers!
  2. Well there are many cost issues associated with the process. I feel the most significant is the upfront cost. I think the biggest misnomer about making barrels is some the thought you can just walk down to the general store and pick up some coopering equipment. There are some pieces of equipment you can pick up, but several of our machines are either pre WWII or just thereafter. We had to buy a cooperage out of Canada that was going out of business, and ship all the equipment down here. On the other side, I have seen these mega machines that cost upward of $5 million that you put logs in one side and barrels come out the other end. Its crazy either way and I caution anyone thinking about making their own barrels.
  3. We make our own barrels here out of Oregon oak. It is not cost effective unless you are cranking the SOB's out like mad dogs. Just saying...
  4. I know of a brewery and distillery combo on the West Coast (best coast)!
  5. I had looked into this for a project once- http://www.hurstboiler.com/boilers/solid_fuel_fired/wood_fired I called the rep and he told me these things are so massive it would be WAY too expensive as they would have to custom build one small enough for our application. If you got the cash though they can make anything. Good luck hunting!
  6. Hello all! Many of you know my exploits on the ADI Forums, some have yet to get to know me. But I have exciting news to share with all of my comrads here. The past two years I have helped start Trailhead Spirits here in Billings, MT. We have released vodka, two different gins, our first whiskey- with three other whiskies on the way. I have also helped many distilleries through consultation services in Minnesota, Arkansas, Denver, and Ireland. I am taking on a new project in Baltimore, Maryland- acting as both Head Distiller and part Owner. The Baltimore Whiskey Company- to be opening in 2015! I am very excited to take on this new project, and I have some great business partners. I am sad to leave Montana, it will always be home. But come Sunday, my family of 4 and dogs and cat in tow, we are moving East. I will be at the ADI Conference in Louisville this year. Can't wait to put faces to usernames! Thanks. Jake Holshue
  7. Thanks! Already on my interwebs!
  8. Rye is just typically a "dirty" grain. Debris is common, but yeah I would just chalk it up to character in your rye whiskey.
  9. I can tell you my experience with our "forklift" has been horrible. We got a walk behind Crown electric forklift. Its powerless, it can't go for more than one day unloading without dying. It gets caught on every uneven surface outside, God forbid the sidewalk is uneven when carrying a load. Plus we have no garage door, so every time I use it inside I need to disassemble it, and set the forks in narrow so it will fit through the door. Then reset the forks once I am inside, then repeat when I move it back outside. I swear I am going to drive that thing off of the highest mountain I can find.... That last one is a joke... it wouldn't make it down the street.... Jake
  10. I can only comment on my Holstein, great workhorse still.
  11. Well while going big is a dream of ours, we started small. More for the reasons that we had an ideal building for a tasting room- but not necessarily the best production facility, but we had a custom built small system because that was the biggest thing we could fit through the door. We are located in a nationally registered historic building, that had no garage doors. So our still is 300 liters (almost 80 gallons) with 12 hectoliter fermenters, our boilers are undersized (and used in series), and our actual production space is less than 350 square feet. You can still make quality products, but space and quantity will always be an issue. Luckily we just got the ability to legally store off site in the state of Montana, this will help- but still dream of a bigger location. Jake
  12. My favorite part of his filed response- "Its a neat trick not uncommon among bullies- assert a bunch of false and unfounded accusations to obtain injunctive relief that would arguably rob Chip of his Constitutional right to deny the allegations made public by the filing of the lawsuit. Somewhere, Vladimir Putin is smiling." I will remember that line for some time.
  13. I am waiting with baited breath to hear Chip's side of the story (when the gag order is lifted). Stories like this make me reflect how lucky we all are, everyone wants a piece of the pie- and on the rare occasion that there are crumbs left we might have a few for ourselves. We could all use some toasts and prayers....
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