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  1. I own a glass blowing studio and have been in business many years. I think it will be cost prohibitive to produce hand blown glass. That much cost just can not be passed on with this market. I cant speak to regulations. A friend tried to make hand blown wine bottles once. He sold a few of them to high end restaurants. I think they re-bottled for serving. He could not get any interest even with all the local wineries around here. How much vodka do you intend to produce? I can build you a vodka still and will throw in a pair of hand blown drinking goblets. Good luck. Scott
  2. 100 gallon custom copper still shown with a four inch glass perf plate column. This still will be completed with what ever options you need. Shown with the glass column, I have considered twin four or six inch columns and possibly a combination of packed and plated columns for true versatility. In a cleaning run yesterday the eight plate glass column stacked perfectly at a nice low vapor speed and after a 30 minute reflux period take off was 94% at one gallon an hour. Using the glass column run time on 100 gallons of six% wash would be six hours after heat up. Six inch or twins would reduce that time.
  3. A conventional pot still will not make 190 proof. I would start with what will fit into your definition of a pot still. Even a pot still will have some reflux action. Reflux columns can vary considerably in their efficiency. Onion dome shape and lyne arm angle create some passive reflux as compared to forced reflux using a dephlegometer, (partial condenser or reflux condenser) If you will not have a still that uses forced reflux on your property you will not be able to make vodka. I have built stills that have a very low HETP using packing that could be made to look very classic. If you want to maintain a “Traditional look” you could do that by building the right still. I would sugest that you do what I have been told some people are doing. Buy NGS and batch distill it making good cuts. You could create a very nice product. You could go from there to flavored recipes or gins. My two cents. Good luck. Scott
  4. Hi everybody. I have been reading here for months and decided that it is time to introduce myself. My name is Scott. An artist and fabricator by trade, I have been studying, designing, building stills that are highly efficient and will really catch your eye. My company is. American Made Stills LLC. Just getting it launched, my website is. AmericanMadestills.com Its not up yet so you will have to contact me through ADI with any questions for a few weeks. I will offer hand crafted custom artistic stills that will function to the level you require. Do you distill cider and want a still that looks like an apple or apple motif? Feeling the love of corn? Here are a few pics of my artistic columns and accessories. I will provide the finest craftsmanship available at reasonable prices that we can all live with. At the present I am building a 100 gallon copper hand riveted boiler. I anticipate using twin six inch plated columns or a combination of plated and packed units for true versatility. This will be completed to customer specifications for heating requirements. I have done extensive packing studies. I can provide still heads that will produce 96% neutral or high quality flavored spirits. For those that started small I have two plug and play continuous stripper stills that I will offer at reasonable prices to help raise your production rates. I am fine tuning these now to run well with a dirty wash. If you are interested in this 100 gallon still. Contact me to discuss the type of column head you will need. The heating system you will run and other goodies. I will quote you a fair price on your custom still. Scott
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