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  1. Canada

    This is a great idea! Canada is a distinct society... I heard that somewhere in the '90s. JK
  2. For those who have viewed this and have visited the registration page at http://behindthegrain.eventbrite.ca - Do you have any feedback about this event? Are you likely to attend? Why or Why not? All feedback welcome! Thanks, Jamie
  3. The Town of Perth, Ontario, Canada, and Waverley Spirits Limited invite you to attend Behind the Grain - The Art & Business of Craft Distilling, a symposium taking place February 8 and 9. The symposium will deal with just about everything you need to know about starting your own distillery, including the science of distilling, the regulatory framework in Ontario, financing, branding, packaging, marketing and sales! The program for Behind the Grain stems from our experience as a start-up in the craft spirits industry. Featured speakers (including Jason Lippa of Distillery Solutions; and Kris Berglund, Ph.D., Distinguished University Professor of Food Science, Michigan State University) have extensive knowledge of the craft distilling industry and are eager to share their knowledge and foster the development of new craft spirits producers in Canada. Join us in Perth for a great weekend of learning and networking in a relaxed and charming atmosphere! Hope to see you there! Sincerely, Jamie Snasdell-Taylor Founder Waverley Spirits Limited
  4. Waverley Spirits Limited

    Hello fellow forum members! Just wanted to introduce myself - I am planning to open a craft distillery in the historic Town of Perth, Ontario. Been working at this for about a year now and am at the recipe development stage for our first product, a character vodka made from local wheat and corn. So far we've run one sizeable test batch with promising results. Our goal for 2013 is to get our vodka to market and to get working on some whisky. If you're interested in following our progress, we're on Twitter @waverleyspirits and on FB at www.facebook.com/WaverleySpirits. Also have a website http://www.waverleyspirits.com though it remains a simple splash page for now. Looking forward to many hours of reading and learning here on the ADI Forum. Very happy to be part of such a great industry. Hope to meet as many of you as possible over the coming years All the best for a great 2013!
  5. Hello from Winnipeg, Canada

    Hello from Perth, Ont, Hope things are progressing well with your distillery idea. I am working to establish a craft distillery in Perth, Ontario. The planning can seem endless at some points, but no doubt it pays off in the end. We are hoping to launch our first product sometime in 2013. Just working on the recipe now with some great partners in Michigan. If you're interested, follow us @waverleyspirits and like us on FB www.facebook.com/WaverleySpirits. Either way, good luck with your operation!