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  1. Beach Time

    Feeling very pleased with my efforts

    Congratulations & Thanks for your contributions on the forum.
  2. Beach Time

    Doing the pH panic..

    I lived in Indy for a while. At one gig we had a boiler system that the variations in the city water alkalinity drove nuts.
  3. Beach Time

    Doing the pH panic..

    The randomness might be changes in the incoming water. The water companies add CaCO3 & CaOH to boost pH (reduce corrosivity). The surface water water from The White River & Fall Creek change seasonally and adjusting the pH will require more/less additions. This will effect the buffering capacity of the water and you could monitor this by measuring total alkalinity.
  4. Beach Time

    xpress fill reviews xf460hp

    I like my XF460, zero issues with reliability, no repairs required so far. One advantage of the volumetric filler is that you will see how much variation is in your glass. Two complaints, 1) I have one spout that fills slightly less than the other three and 2) It is difficult to clean because there is a labyrinth of tubing & a manifold system that traps whatever liquid you run through it. Now that I'm past the warranty period, I'm going to modify the plumbing to address these issues.
  5. Beach Time

    Off hearts to trails ratio

    When I ran my first batches and struggled getting the results I was intending, I reached out to 4 distillers I had met along the way. 3 of them returned my call within 24 hours and their input helped me connect some of the dots and eventually sort out the main issues (it took me over 12 months and dozens of batches to develop my process and I continue to make adjustments). the 4th blew me off so another case of the 80/20 rule (I guess). In the spirit of the 3 that did help me (James Y, Kelley S & Joe D), here are some pointers but you will need to make that journey yourself. * yeast health is first & foremost, you should be able to get down to 0.998 FG, if your final gravity is more than 1.010 then figure out how to lower that number. (some suggestions already posted) * use backset say 20% (+/-) * are you trying to get any funky island flavors? read the Arroyo papers. * compact your heads, a lot of the "good" esters blurr with the heads (ethyl acetate) and you could lose them in the heads cut * making good spirits is like making good BBQ, low & slow. I bet 80% of the bad booze I've tasted was due to running too hot or too much heat flux. (BOTH heads & tails in a spirit? cum'on man!) * get a small cocktail straw and use it to grab 1/2 drop samples out of the parrot for tasting to determine final cut point. it is YOUR rum use YOUR taste to make that final decision. Louching, nosing and eyeballing are BS, taste rules, and 1/2 drop is PLENTY to determine the final cut. * what constitutes off? you will have to make that decision based off your personal preferences and goals for the product. * raw spirit straight off the still can be rough (especially if you took a small heads cut trying to capture esters) and a few days/weeks in stainless can work wonders
  6. Beach Time

    Off hearts to trails ratio

    The higher OG & ABV both stress the yeast and make the yeast produce more congeners. You could also try changing yeast strain, adding/increasing nutrients, lowering fermentation temp, incremental feeding. Lots of variables to sort out.
  7. Beach Time

    Off hearts to trails ratio

    or run less power...
  8. Beach Time

    Off hearts to trails ratio

    I found that the fermentation process has a greater impact of the tails fraction than the distillation process (garbage in garbage out). If your wash ABV is over 10% that might be the root cause.
  9. Beach Time

    Hopped Whiskey(?)

    Reminds me of the DFH beer called "Golden Shower", the specialist didn't know the alternate meaning of the phrase and approved the COLA. It was caught later and the COLA retracted.
  10. Beach Time

    Hopped Whiskey(?)

    Is the issue flavor/aroma impact or that there is something other than the base fernenable?
  11. Beach Time

    Hopped Whiskey(?)

    Thanks for all the comments, had no luck getting to a specialist.... the old leave a message and we'll return your call. They did try calling twice but the line was dead. I get enough robocalls to know my phone works fine... most of the time I'm satisfied with my dealings with the regulators, but this one is really frustrating. BTW, it is common to use hop extract in the tropics in rum production, I hear it increases yield due to it's anti-microbial properties... so should those rums also be called "spirit specialty" since they are not 100% sugar cane products??? The enquiring mind wants to know.
  12. Beach Time

    Hopped Whiskey(?)

    There are products in the marketplace that claim both to be distilled from hopped beer and to be American Whisky. The purpose of this post is to discover if there is some path forward to make similar claims. If, as it appears, there is no away to call spirits distilled from hopped beer "whiskey" then either those already in the marketplace are making false claims regarding the use of hopped beer in the approved formula or they are not in compliance (or the TTB screwed up and approved the COLA in error). Am I missing something?
  13. Beach Time

    Hopped Whiskey(?)

    Thanks for the comment, I'll have to call and talk to a specialist. If I get anywhere I'll post back.
  14. Beach Time

    Hopped Whiskey(?)

    I know a lot of us distill beer from a local brewer that is either custom brewed or more likely something old or off that they need to destroy. So I submit a COLA for said whiskey and get told you need a Formula. Submit formula and it is approved as "spirits specialty" (can't call it whiskey). Any comments regarding hopped whiskeys? PM me if necessary. Thanks, Greg
  15. Beach Time

    Steam Boiler

    In the USA a boiler is certified by the National Board and has a NB number assigned. The boiler design nearly always must meet ASME code as well. There are exemptions for low pressure and small volume systems. Local and State codes can also place different requirements which can be more or less restrictive. Thatch's advice is spot-on, the local person makes the final decision, get them involved early in the program. My advice is when it comes to pressure vessels (boilers, air compressors, chiller systems) get domestic regardless of where you are located. You can expend a lot of time & $ trying to make a case to the authorities for imported pressure vessel equipment.