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  1. Hopped Whiskey(?)

    Reminds me of the DFH beer called "Golden Shower", the specialist didn't know the alternate meaning of the phrase and approved the COLA. It was caught later and the COLA retracted.
  2. Hopped Whiskey(?)

    Is the issue flavor/aroma impact or that there is something other than the base fernenable?
  3. Hopped Whiskey(?)

    Thanks for all the comments, had no luck getting to a specialist.... the old leave a message and we'll return your call. They did try calling twice but the line was dead. I get enough robocalls to know my phone works fine... most of the time I'm satisfied with my dealings with the regulators, but this one is really frustrating. BTW, it is common to use hop extract in the tropics in rum production, I hear it increases yield due to it's anti-microbial properties... so should those rums also be called "spirit specialty" since they are not 100% sugar cane products??? The enquiring mind wants to know.
  4. Hopped Whiskey(?)

    There are products in the marketplace that claim both to be distilled from hopped beer and to be American Whisky. The purpose of this post is to discover if there is some path forward to make similar claims. If, as it appears, there is no away to call spirits distilled from hopped beer "whiskey" then either those already in the marketplace are making false claims regarding the use of hopped beer in the approved formula or they are not in compliance (or the TTB screwed up and approved the COLA in error). Am I missing something?
  5. Hopped Whiskey(?)

    Thanks for the comment, I'll have to call and talk to a specialist. If I get anywhere I'll post back.
  6. Hopped Whiskey(?)

    I know a lot of us distill beer from a local brewer that is either custom brewed or more likely something old or off that they need to destroy. So I submit a COLA for said whiskey and get told you need a Formula. Submit formula and it is approved as "spirits specialty" (can't call it whiskey). Any comments regarding hopped whiskeys? PM me if necessary. Thanks, Greg
  7. Steam Boiler

    In the USA a boiler is certified by the National Board and has a NB number assigned. The boiler design nearly always must meet ASME code as well. There are exemptions for low pressure and small volume systems. Local and State codes can also place different requirements which can be more or less restrictive. Thatch's advice is spot-on, the local person makes the final decision, get them involved early in the program. My advice is when it comes to pressure vessels (boilers, air compressors, chiller systems) get domestic regardless of where you are located. You can expend a lot of time & $ trying to make a case to the authorities for imported pressure vessel equipment.
  8. On cooling mash / wort...

    What you are describing is similar to a flash pasteurizer, google that phrase... Not cheap but might give you ideas.
  9. On cooling mash / wort...

    Indy, I'd be very cautious of using the same jacket for heating & cooling. Lots of potential problems... boiler water contaminated from cooling water, thermal stress cracking trashing your tun/tank, corrosion of any pipes/valves that contain both steam & water. I worked on a steam curing system that had water cooling as you describe and it was a maintenance nightmare. We were operating at higher temperatures, but unless you have 316 stainless jackets and all copper or stainless piping I would anticipate premature failures. But hey, sometimes the $ saved pays for the replacement and/or repairs.
  10. (Direct) Heat Source for 120 Gallon Alembic?

    Trevor, Direct flame obviously is an option, sounds like you are unlikely to have fire code issues with your situation. Indian Creek near Dayton, OH has antique stills supported on custom metal frames with a brick furnace built around the stills. They might be a worthwhile road trip to check out. If you can get the masonry work done for at an affordable cost this might be a viable option. One thing about direct flame is the turndown ratio. A standard burner might have high fire & low fire only. A high turndown burner might be 20:1 and burners are normally quite large to get the ratio that high. This still might not be enough turndown on the low end. Consider a two burner option, both on for heat up and turn the large one off for run off. One big advantage of steam beyond those already discussed above is the turndown ratio can be very high allowing fast heat up and slow runoff.
  11. Filtering / Separation of Colloids (Liqueurs)

    I'll give that a try, how cold should I target?
  12. Lees - in or out?

    Following up on the lees runs, I didn't like them as much as there were meaty / autolyzed flavors in my stripping runs. I started refluxing the stripping runs and so-far really like the results. I'm not taking a heads cut on the stripping runs and putting lees in the muck barrel to feed the wild culture.
  13. Lees - in or out?

    Distillate The spent yeast was loaded with diacetyl on those early fermentations and it carried over into the distillate. A lot has changed since then and I don't really get that much if any diacetyl in the current fermentations. I don't have as much volume of lees either once I stopped aerating the wash prior to pitching. Hot backset and a small qty of fermaid have really helped keep the yeast happy. I run less heat on the still which has improved quality. Also using a wild strain similar to FLA Cracker, it has increased ester production & yield by reducing the size of both the heads & the tails cuts. I have recently ran some batches with lees in the pot, I'll comment back after I compare results.
  14. Filtering / Separation of Colloids (Liqueurs)

    I don't add any sugar to my spiced rum. I don't see any flavor change but the improvement in appearance is dramatic when I get it filtered bright. I'm currently using a 0.2 micron absolute membrane cartridge, 0.47 doesn't get the job done.
  15. Lees - in or out?