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  1. XF460, works on a timed cycle.
  2. Sorry to be late responding, I don't log on that often these days... Regarding the OP: item 1) blow down separators, there are several "blow down" points on a boiler, so more info is needed to give a thorough answer. Having said that, the purpose of a separator is to separate the flash steam from the remaining liquid and give each of them a safe (not in your face) place to vent up (steam) or drain (liquid). Most distillery boilers are really small capacity (relatively speaking) and low pressure so the amount of flash is less of a concern. item 2) Install cost. Local codes vary widely and they will significantly impact cost. Rough rule of thumb the same as the new boiler cost. item 3) I'm not familiar with either brand but a quick look at their web pages and they both seem fine. The 3-pass, wet-back fire-tube (scotch marine) design is rock solid. properly matching the boiler to the process load and properly sizing the distribution piping is very important. If the boiler is over-sized for the load even the highest turn-down ratio burner will not correct the issue. Don't walk but run away from anyone who touts that any boiler requires no water treatment. This is simply untrue regardless of your source-water circumstance, including RO. Even if your system & piping are properly cleaned & passivated prior to service and you get a very high % condensate return, (hint these are important) there will be make up water required. There will also be periods that the boiler is turned off. Both of these situations require scale & corrosion inhibitors (water treatment). Modern H2O treatment can be food grade & kosher and will pay for itself in extending the life of your equipment. If you ever see red rust in the condensate of a boiler system you have (or eventually will have) big problems.
  3. Here you go... I need to get a 7/8" knockout punch to cut holes in the top to mount the 4 small valves and one hole in the side to mount the master flow control. I drilled a hole in the table to route the suction hose and bypass that quick connect. The braided tube is silicone (pricey $$). All components came from McMaster-Carr.
  4. After visiting a distillery in Denver and seeing how they managed this problem, I had adapted their strategy and use a diaphragm pump to empty my barrels in place without disturbing the char sediment. If you have barrels stacked up you might consider getting them unstacked and lined up a few days prior so they resettle and then decant the clear spirit out. I do a 1 micron depth filter + 0.5 micron absolute polish and don't get nearly as much binding/plugging of the filters doing this way....
  5. I have a 4-spout ExpressFill, my biggest complaint is the way it is piped inside makes it loud & hard to clean. After 4 years of use I decided I could improve the performance and completely gutted the birds-nest inside and redesigned the plumbing to something more logical (at least to me). One unexpected benefit to the revision is that this thing is quiet as a mouse now (yes Skaalvenn I agree it was loud & used to wear ear plugs when filling bottles). The main reason I made the change is to fill 50ml minions which was difficult on the original setup due to surging and unequal filling. The new setup has a master flow control at the pump outlet (normally wide open) and smaller flow controls at each spout (also normally wide open). If filling 750ml bottles, use the small flow controls to balance the system to eliminate that one spout that was consistently high or low. This might have slowed my fills from <25 seconds to maybe 28 seconds. (note the service factor on the filler pump is such that you shouldn't count on more than 1 cycle per minute +/- over extended periods). To fill minions I bought special fill tubes that ExpressFill sells, these point straight downward (no dogleg). To fill minions, close the master flow control until the fill cycle is slow enough to not surge or overshoot (about 4.2 sec for my setup). You might have to adjust the spout flow controls also to get perfect fills on all 4 spouts. It works great, but it did take 10-15 minutes and about 15 cycles to get it set up the 1st attempt. We filled 2,000 minions without making any additional adjustments and the fills were all spot-on.
  6. Thanks, another phishy one I'm getting hit with is event hosting reservations. They insisted on needing my mobile phone to text me their CC info. Told them to call the shop, still waiting on that call so it must be a scam of some kind.
  7. Has anyone received inquiries about exporting product in small quantities? I recently received a second inquiry about shipping to Japan, seems Phishy but maybe it is legit. Anyone out there successfully ship / export a few cases to anyone overseas? THX! Greg
  8. Thanks for the reply, I did the Bacardi tour over 10 years ago. It was indeed fake, like taking the Hershey chocolate "tour". Looks like Barrilito & SolTaino is the short list...
  9. Sounds like the issues could be in the control power (not the 3-phase), look for how is the 120 VAC single phase transformed down from 480 VAC 3-phase. Maybe there is a problem with a transformer or other item. Are there any short bumps/drops in the power? Very short, just a flicker. If yes, these can be a circuit interrupter tripping on a temporary ground fault and auto resetting, this can be caused by failing power distribution lines and/or trees getting touching the power wires crating path to ground which is detected by the power companies equipment. Repeated ground fault trips can cause some of the problems described. If you suspect this, call your power company and ask for engineering help.
  10. How was your visit to Puerto Rico? Any advise or places to not-miss?
  11. Congratulations & Thanks for your contributions on the forum.
  12. I lived in Indy for a while. At one gig we had a boiler system that the variations in the city water alkalinity drove nuts.
  13. The randomness might be changes in the incoming water. The water companies add CaCO3 & CaOH to boost pH (reduce corrosivity). The surface water water from The White River & Fall Creek change seasonally and adjusting the pH will require more/less additions. This will effect the buffering capacity of the water and you could monitor this by measuring total alkalinity.
  14. I like my XF460, zero issues with reliability, no repairs required so far. One advantage of the volumetric filler is that you will see how much variation is in your glass. Two complaints, 1) I have one spout that fills slightly less than the other three and 2) It is difficult to clean because there is a labyrinth of tubing & a manifold system that traps whatever liquid you run through it. Now that I'm past the warranty period, I'm going to modify the plumbing to address these issues.
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