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  1. Shindig

    Kothe Still - Plates and Dephlegmator

    I know this post is old but what did you end up doing and how is it working for you? Thanks -
  2. I didn’t know SD did any control boxes. Where is that one from? Thanks -
  3. Shindig

    Puree vs Concentrate vs Raw Fruit

    Has anyone had any success with making a flavored whiskey, rum, vodka , etc... with adding the fruit (purée or concentrate ) to the final spirit run (after two stripping runs)? If so any hints on ratios to get any flavor from it ? If adding it to the ferment it would change the class I’m guessing. Thanks -
  4. Shindig

    Canned Cocktails?

    DEVOS family bought it. $$$$
  5. Paul- can you you post a picture of the “Open to atmosphere” valves you’re referring to ? Thanks -
  6. Shindig

    Steven Cage

    Thought something seemed odd. All the old sales people are gone and the website info is old.... too bad.
  7. Shindig

    Artisan Still Design now American Made

    Are you up and running ?
  8. Shindig

    Spiced Rum

    I am wondering if I could get some advice on making spiced rum using maceration? I bought around 10 ingredients but have no idea where to start with blending them (amounts) or what proof I should be macerating at. I know some things like cinnamon and star anise can be overpowering quick and others take more time to steep. I was thinking of doing each one separately in their own mason jar and then blending the tinctures. Right now I am starting with a full bottle (750ml) of 80proof silver rum and eyeballing the ingredients. I just ordered a scale that does smaller weights since mine only goes down to 1 gram and I thought about making tea bags with small amounts so I could use less than 750ml bottle of rum. Any advice would be a great help! Thanks in advance
  9. Shindig

    T-shirts/hats and Swag

    @Silk City Distillers thanks for the info ! The Brewery Branding website looks great. I emailed them and will get some pricing. I would like to use their free design team
  10. Shindig

    T-shirts/hats and Swag

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a printer for T-shirts and hats and such? Thanks
  11. Shindig

    Rhum Agricole

    Thanks @whiskeytango but was hoping @Silk City Distillers Would share too !
  12. Shindig

    Rhum Agricole

    Would you share your temps,brix,yeast pitch rate and nutrients? thanks!