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  1. I know this post is old but what did you end up doing and how is it working for you? Thanks -
  2. I didn’t know SD did any control boxes. Where is that one from? Thanks -
  3. Has anyone had any success with making a flavored whiskey, rum, vodka , etc... with adding the fruit (purée or concentrate ) to the final spirit run (after two stripping runs)? If so any hints on ratios to get any flavor from it ? If adding it to the ferment it would change the class I’m guessing. Thanks -
  4. DEVOS family bought it. $$$$
  5. Paul- can you you post a picture of the “Open to atmosphere” valves you’re referring to ? Thanks -
  6. Shindig

    Steven Cage

    Thought something seemed odd. All the old sales people are gone and the website info is old.... too bad.
  7. Shindig

    Spiced Rum

    I am wondering if I could get some advice on making spiced rum using maceration? I bought around 10 ingredients but have no idea where to start with blending them (amounts) or what proof I should be macerating at. I know some things like cinnamon and star anise can be overpowering quick and others take more time to steep. I was thinking of doing each one separately in their own mason jar and then blending the tinctures. Right now I am starting with a full bottle (750ml) of 80proof silver rum and eyeballing the ingredients. I just ordered a scale that does smaller weights since mine only goes down to 1 gram and I thought about making tea bags with small amounts so I could use less than 750ml bottle of rum. Any advice would be a great help! Thanks in advance
  8. @Silk City Distillers thanks for the info ! The Brewery Branding website looks great. I emailed them and will get some pricing. I would like to use their free design team
  9. Does anyone have a recommendation for a printer for T-shirts and hats and such? Thanks
  10. Shindig

    Rhum Agricole

    Thanks @whiskeytango but was hoping @Silk City Distillers Would share too !
  11. Shindig

    Rhum Agricole

    Would you share your temps,brix,yeast pitch rate and nutrients? thanks!
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