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  1. Hillbilly Stills 26 gal. direct fired electric still with HS5500 controller/element, 6 plate Hillbilly Flute vodka column still with gin basket, sight glass tool, instructional DVD and stainless steel stand. Lightly used (about 6 runs) and decommissioned due to sizing up. Retail is $3,149, but asking $2,750 plus shipping. greg@algodonesdistillery.com or 505.301.9992
  2. Ok, I've tried proofing with our RO system water which had 19ppm TDS (to start, but bleeding the system dropped it to 7ppm); then store bought RO water at 3ppm; and finally distilled water at 0ppm. All clouded to some degree with the distilled being the least. Is it technique?
  3. We're looking to use 190 proof corn-based GNS to make vodka and wonder what issues/experience others have had using that particular base. Any issues with clouding when proofing to 80 and, if so, how to overcome? Many thanks.
  4. The Algodones Distillery was approved today (after only a month) for our Rural Agricultural (RA) zoned land with the distillery 56 feet from our residence in a separate buillding.
  5. Algodones Distillery: applied 08.13.13; approved 09.13.13. Hoga Still No. 6013. DSP-NM-21003.
  6. Any thoughts or advice for a start-up where the principals have personal Ch. 7 bankruptcies and cannot get a DSP bond through a major insurer? Apparently, insurance underwriters are as risk averse as bank underwriters when it comes to a dreaded bankruptcy even though we're cash customers and now not nearly as leveraged or in debt as the average borrower...
  7. 26 USC 5178 (a)(1)( states: "( No distilled spirits plant for the production of distilled spirits shall be located in any dwelling house, in any shed, yard, or inclosure connected with any dwelling house..." and this is the authorizing statute for 27 CFR 19.52 without which there would be no such regulation. When reading the statutory sentence in its entirety and considering the additional "in" relating to shed, yard, or "inclosure" making that a separate phrase from that contained in the reg, it seems the interpretation turns on the definition of "yard". "Sheds" are slight structures open on one or more sides and "inclosures" are courtyard areas open to the sky and all 3 must be "connected with". By definition "yards" are the grounds immediately surrounding a residence or dwelling house and it becomes a point of interpretation and argument where a yard begins and ends, especially in a rural setting where agricultural activities have long taken place in association with, but separate from, a house. It seems to me certain agents read the statute (or only the reg since I doubt interpretation goes that deep) too narrowly and if their interpretation were to hold there would be no rural or farm based DSPs. For more specifics on how it might be interpreted in law one would have to look at Congressional intent in the authorizing statute or comments in the rule making process. To me the intent is clear to have a DSP separate and distinct from a residence but not to ban them from close proximity altogether.
  8. There are precedents for locating a DSP on the same property/parcel as a residence. See separate thread on the forum:http://adiforums.com/index.php?showtopic=1309&view=findpost&p=7479&hl=%2Bdsp+%2Blocation. Another thread seemed to make the distinction based on the 2 buildings being unconnected and having separate entrances. Unfortunately, the reg at issue is sufficiently vague as to allow for varying, unlearned and spot determinations against co-location of a DSP and residence. Given that the TTB regs came post-Prohibition I suspect any residence restriction has less to do with health and safety concerns than it does with revenue raids on dwelling houses. At any rate I plan to locate my start-up DSP on my rural property across the pavement from my home and will keep you posted.
  9. Great article P.T. and Juan, we must've just missed each other last Sunday in Salida as we both headed back to NM. Definitely enjoying the award winning Barrel Rested Gin...
  10. mattabv: SBA loans and the personal guarantees given under them are dischargeable in bankruptcy. Even if a borower's income exceeds the means test for a Ch. 7 discharge, the business debt exception - an entrepreneurial exemption from means testing - allows this for debt incurred primarily for business purposes. Hopefully none of our dear readers need to use it (I have in another unrelated venture) and my advice would be a solid business plan, good research and foundation in distilling and business, and to start as small and simple as possible with a scalable plan for growth so that debt can be kept minimal as demand and cash flow grow. Landlords, lenders, etc. are hungry beasts that demand feeding...
  11. Do you have a cost on the whiskey unit off to Virginia and does it include an agitator? Also,can you add a steam jacket or coil, and, if so, at what cost?
  12. Hi P.T. I've not posted before but I'm setting up in central NM along the Rio Grande this year. Will be driving back next Sunday from the 3 day hands-on training at Breckenridge and wondered if you might be open then for a visit? I've been following your threads online and like what I see. I'll be at the conference starting later today and hope to at least meet there. Best, Greg
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