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  1. philf34

    Hand written proof

    we were told we need the proof on the label, could not be hand written
  2. philf34

    Stills and equipment in stock

    go to their website and call them http://artisanstilldesign.com/ 251 308 2484
  3. philf34

    What's everyone's "pieced together" distillery?

    We bought used.....still, fermenting tanks, pump, scale, 3 bay drop sink, totes, racking, bottler. So far everyone loves what we have done. We have a 6 foot window from the tasting room looking into the still house. We are a small operation (60 gal still) just getting started, but all feedback has been positive.
  4. philf34

    Artisan Still Design now American Made

  5. philf34

    National Product Mix

    Try this http://www.discus.org/economics/highlights/
  6. philf34

    Recycled barrels for sale (Argentina)

    How many gallons are the barrels and how many on a 20 ft container?
  7. philf34

    Ph tester

    BSG has one that we got for $46.00 works well http://bsgdistilling.com/
  8. philf34

    TTB Filing Consultant

    + 1 for Donald.....he really helped us out through the process.
  9. philf34

    Getting still before ttb application

    TTB wants a serial # off the still on the application. So yes you can have the still but can't turn it on until you have all your licenses, both fed and state.
  10. philf34

    Looking to source start up equipment in Canada?

    Talk with Steve Cage at Artisan Still Design.http://artisanstilldesign.com/Steve is out of Alberta
  11. philf34

    Cold Liquor Tank (CLT) Setup

    Talk with MG Thermal Consulting- Mike Gronski he is a member on here
  12. philf34

    Meet and Greet with building inspectors...

    We had a building inspector that wanted things we didn't need. Ask for the code! Make him show you in writing.
  13. philf34

    Distiller wanted in Upper Peninsula

    We can second what Matt says. He has helped us out in the past and stays in touch to see how we are doing! Phil
  14. philf34

    Hello to All

  15. philf34

    DSP Application status

    (http://www.ttb.gov/nrc/average-days.shtml) that tells you how many days it should take for your permit. If you submitted last week, it's taking about 120 days. I waited until my days to process were up then I called and got things started. Took about 6 months. Phil