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  1. Grant, do you want to share your solution, maybe post a picture?
  2. Ok, end of the year and we are cleaning out the closets before inventory. What does everyone do with expired enzymes? I’m guessing that you shouldn’t just dump them down the drain.
  3. What’s the cost of the bag?
  4. Unfortunately most distributors are just a delivery vehicle, it’s all up to you to create the demand.
  5. Unfortunately we are into “weird science” here. Much of this is left up to the interpretation of an individual sitting behind a desk, just once I would I would like to see some absolute and definitive guidelines on this topic either by the insurance carriers or the TTB or a collaboration of the two. We waste a lot of time debating these things and we all need the same answers for example: What is the minimum distance between a DSP and a residence? What exactly defines separation? Why isn’t getting your local municipality and local fire marshall to approve your plan part of the application process for the TTB? Shouldn't there be a “basic” insurance policy that all DSP’s must have, and then options based on your particular situation? Inquiring minds want to know these things.
  6. Most health departments look at a three compartment sink and immediately draw upon the need to enforce controls designed for restaurant applications. Those include an air gap of at least six inches flowing into a floor sink that has been tied into a $15,000 grease trap. Best to check with your local health department before making any repairs. If you use that sink to clean anything from your tasting room it falls under their jurisdiction. You might want to check the local health department website to see if their construction/remodel requirements are online before you call them.
  7. Would love to see this in action if you can video it. We experimented with something homemade but similar built the proto out of plywood and worked well, but too slow and had a back up we had to start and stop three times before finishing.
  8. Assuming that you are providing all of the consumables (bottles, labels, corks, tamper seal, cartons, etc.) I have seen this anywhere from .50 to 1.00 per bottle depending on the quantity just for the labor. Then you have to add in the cost of the labor to dump, proof, and transport. Just curious as to why you would want to outsource this when you could do it yourself?
  9. In this case I would listen. If you can’t see because of mishap, what happens to your family? T&S Brass has a great eyewash station that hangs on the wall and doesn’t have to be plumbed. You change the liquid every six months, and it passes all of the OSHA Inspections.
  10. Wells Fargo offered us Clover as part of our Merchant Services Agreement. Works like a charm.
  11. Who manufactured the still, any specs on the boiler?
  12. My question exactly, we tried something similar and the heat deformed the tote so bad that it ended up being a one-time use.
  13. Adam, where did you buy the load cells and control box?
  14. In most jurisdictions you will need a minimum of 2 ADA Compliant restrooms.
  15. You should be using a carbon block to filter the water that you are using for your mashing. If as Silk and indyspirits have mentioned, if the local municipality has made a change in their treatment protocols your filter may be compromised/infected. Try replacing the cartridge and flush it heavily before the next batch. I would also have a chat with your local water department to ask them if there have been any changes or recordable incidents since you started having issues.
  16. Are you being hit by freight surcharges, pallet charges, or unusual fees when ordering raw materials/supplies for your distillery or brewery?
  17. Hey Jake, what happened to the app you had for the IPhones?
  18. Making it is easy, it's the sales end of it that is the hard part. You need to be spending 90% of your time building relationships with the bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. This is a seven day a week endeavor because you have to catch these people at times when they work and are able to see you. The turnover rate is pretty high in the restaurant industry so plan to recanvas at least every quarter so you know who is pouring your product and who you still have to convince.
  19. Early on we looked at everything available and ultimately decided on Whiskey Systems. More bang for the buck, and world class customer service. These guys really know their stuff, more importantly they can explain it in terms you can really understand. If there are problems or questions Donald and his team are right there helping you solve any issue that may arise. No need to look any further.
  20. We "rest" our Gin for 20 days before bottling as many of the flavor characteristics come off at different boiling points. They need time to marry up and the best way is to vat everything and proof a little high. All the flavors will reach their peak after about 20 days and then you can take it to your final bottling proof and put it in the bottle. With Vodka you shouldn't have to follow this procedure. There shouldn't be any flavors to marry, so you should be good to go as soon as you proof and filter. We still take two or more days to do this as we creep up in the final proof to make sure we get it right.
  21. ZL-120L ? What color did you pick, what makes sense?
  22. I saw this and freaked! What went wrong here?
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