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  1. hshade

    Alaska distilleries need your help

    Hi whiskeytango, No, we cannot "act like a bar". Unlike a bar, we are limited to serving only 3 ounces of the product we make on site per person per day. We are limited in the hours we can be open and we cannot serve past 8:00 pm. We cannot have seats at the bar. We cannot serve just any alcoholic beverage; no beer, wine, or spirits made off sites like bars can. And we cannot have entertainment, pool tables, or televisions. So, no, it is VERY different from what a bar license can do. And we are required to make all the product we serve from scratch. All we are doing is presenting our 3 ounces of product to the customer in the way the particular product is intended to be served. Thank you for your question.
  2. hshade

    Alaska distilleries need your help

    The Alaska Alcoholic Beverage Control Board is considering prohibiting distilleries from serving our distilled spirits with non-alcoholic mixers in our tasting rooms after having that ability for over 3 years since the passage of a tasting room bill in our state legislature. Please help support us by submitting comments to our state's ABC Board and Legislators. Please go to the following website for more information: www.craftedforalaska.com
  3. hshade

    Stillhouse vs. Whiskey Systems

    We've been using Whiskey Systems for three years now and are very happy with the product and service. Donald and his team are extremely knowledgeable about the operations of small distilleries, and they provide excellent and rapid customer service whenever we need support. We manage all of our inventory, raw materials, cost of goods, and orders through it. It automatically calculates and updates the Excise taxes and populates the TTB reports so they are very easy to submit each month. There is also a Business Development feature in it that we use regularly for making growth plans for the business, and it also tracks my labor costs. I have three employees who use the program on a regular basis and they find it intuitive and accessible for entering the daily operations such as distillation runs, bottling runs, raw material inputs, and orders. I would highly recommend working with Whiskey Systems and I've found no need to look elsewhere for any distillery software needs. Give them a call.
  4. hshade

    Whiskey Systems. To Much Money???? thoughts??

    Hi Dehner, We've been working with Whiskey Resources for almost two years now and are very pleased with the software programs, support services, consulting, and customer support that Donald and his team have provided at Whiskey Resources. I can say without a doubt that there is no "sitting back and drinking chocolate milk" on that team. To me, it appears they are constantly improving the offerings, supporting us through business planning and audits, and traveling around the country to their customers. Software programs ARE expensive. EVERYTHING in the craft distilling industry is expensive. If you can create your own program or have a family member who can, then go ahead and do it. But why paint such a negative picture of other people who are also trying to grow businesses and make a living in this industry? Have you even used it? I believe there are no contracts, no set-up fees, and no termination fees, so why not give it a try for a month and see for yourself? We're very pleased with the program and it's a good value for the support we receive. Heather Shade Port Chilkoot Distillery