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  1. nabtastic

    Filtration During Barrel Harvest

    We use a flojet when pumping out of barrels. keep the hose off the bottom and you should be alright. (agreeing with PeteB). Alternatively, roll the barrel and dump it through screens (we do this with a funnel that has a mesh screen in it)
  2. nabtastic

    Wooden rickhouse design

    Buzick Lumber in Bardstown KY builds quite a few of the large rickhouses around there. You've probably seen their ads in ADI and Distilling magazines. I built the first round of racks like that for us out here out of 4x6 and 4x4 douglas fir ( i wanted oak but it's hard to find in HI). Ended up switching to double barrel racks when we moved from 15 gallon barrels to 53 gallon because we couldn't use a block n tackle hoist anymore. Anyway, your racks look good and I love the Genie. Do you recommend the genie for barrels?
  3. nabtastic

    Spirit Tank - wtb

    I thought our tanks for spirits needed to be double walled per NFPA-30?
  4. nabtastic

    Head Distiller Wanted - Boston, MA

    Is this related to Two Lanterns Whiskey?
  5. nabtastic

    Filtering color out of a compound gin

    That’s interesting. I’ve only had limited experience with carbon filtering. It sounds like I should give it another go.
  6. nabtastic

    2 Used Chillers

    We don’t currently have a chiller. We’ve been using tap water but an upgrade is in good order.
  7. nabtastic

    Spirit Tank - wtb

    Hi All, I'm searching for spirit holding tanks in the 1000 gallon range. These will be holding 70%ABV spirits (possibly higher). Any suggestions for high quality, meets all IFC/TTB/etc etc regulations would be greatly appreciated. New or used doesn't matter but we'll end up purchasing 3-4 tanks and they'll all need to match (preference is for new tanks). Cheers, Noah
  8. nabtastic

    2 Used Chillers

    Hey MGT - What about a 500 gallon hybrid pot, (5) 500 gallon ferms, with a 500 gallon reservoir? (no mash tun for us)
  9. nabtastic

    Filtering color out of a compound gin

    SCD - Would you mind ot elaborate on the comment "carbon is more effective at preserving flavors"? Is that saying that carbon is more effective at removing color than flavor, or more effective at removing flavor vs color, or..?
  10. nabtastic

    Column Leveling

    I went with slotted shims from Grainger as in the link. We probably should've ground the floor down. There's about 0.5inch variance from one side of each column to the other, and not in a uniform manner. Had to bend and twist every component to get shit straight again.. I've actually done a fair amount of residential construction and installations (mostly kitchens and such) so I assumed it was a little off. I didn't realize the concrete guys didn't even try - I honestly have no clue how thick our 6" concrete actually is. I'm not going to post the manufacturers installation instructions. I haven't seen any original copies and they're well-respected so I'll chock my experience as a one-off. Anyway, the columns are level and anchored, although it would've been a lot easier if the flange was wide enough to drill them in place. Next up is the cables. I was thinking lag screws to an anchor plate in the walls. The ceiling is exposed composite I-joists so I'm going to assume they won't work as an anchor.. One end to an anchor in the wall, the other end is secured to a bolt on the still? Again, thank you to everybody that has commented.
  11. nabtastic

    Cleaning still

    Use an acid to clean it - or a soak in PBW if it's really bad. Boil water through it to check for leaks/clean the nooks and crannies.
  12. nabtastic

    Column Leveling

    I'm not sure I want to say anymore after looking at the Vendome base but... column is basically 16" wide and looks to be about 3/16" thick stainless. The copper plates aren't in a position to be inspected at the moment. Bear-in-mind the bottom 5 feet (stainless steel) is just a stand. the flange is 1 1/4" wide and 1/2" thick and no bracing like in the picture above. Definitely getting the cables though - I can't tell if the base of one of the columns was poorly made or if it's conforming to our wavy concrete..
  13. nabtastic

    Column Leveling

    Thanks for the advice everybody. These columns are heavy AF and I've been terrified of these swaying - especially since they are so top heavy. I'll get the cables for the top and bolts for the bottom. Please tell me these anchor bolts work and that I won't need to tap all 16 holes per column.. I'll get our local metal shop to cut some shims for us.
  14. nabtastic

    Equipment Vendors Selling Stills with Design Flaws

    Hey Steve - just saw your add on page 15. Guess you aren't retired!
  15. nabtastic

    Column Leveling

    It's less than 1 inch I'd guess but it puts a lot of pressure on each tri-clamp. I think for us, using metal shims and bolting it to the ground is best. They are flanged btw. I'm off to go buy steel slotted shims and some anchor bolts... hmm I guess flat washers would work too? The whole rig is less than 16'. I'm hoping that means we are good with anchor bolts..