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  1. final product is cloudy

    Slowly add your reducing water over several days and rack your spirit, this allows colloids to settle. I've not tried adding clarifying agents but that might be worth exploring. The other suggestions are also valid options. Yes, raw ingredients will definitely have more oils in them and are less easy to work with overall but they may also have a better flavor profile.
  2. How do you sell your spirits?

    Go early in the week and during off times. See if you can set up an appointment with the buyer/beverage manager/etc even if you have personal or professional connections with them. Be prepared to do a tasting at each place and have all of your "ducks in a row". This means drink(pour)- bottle- and case costs, any promotional material (sell sheet) or support you have, qty discounts, and ask when they prefer deliveries and try to be in the window when you do the deliveries. Don't hound them but you should expect to need to keep on them since all the other reps are doing the same for their brands. Take PaulNL's advice - it's right on target. [edit: also, don't forget that you'll still need to do and have all of these things when you sign with a distributor too]
  3. Sediment in finished bottles

    PeteB is on the right track. We've had issues with flocc too (bottle at 45%). We ended up adding reducing water over 7+ days and let the tank settle, rack, and filter. If you're using new barrels and particularly from unseasoned wood, you may have excessive levels of b-sitosterol. Chill filtering works (or am I am told, haven't tried it on our spirits). It could also be your filters themselves. I think it's the calcium if the spirit is out of a normal pH range - hold that thought.. I'll go look after work. Or the filters may be nominally rated and with a bad pressure gauge and the (plates/filters?) aren't actually performing as they are supposed to. We used to have an RO system in house but we ended up plugging those expensive filters so often that we new buy from a local water company ourselves.
  4. Canned Cocktails?

    ...meanwhile back at the topic.. So we've established that it is legal from the TTB but we probably shouldn't use screw tops. It'll take work to get the right blend for 1) shelf stability and 2) a non-dilute mix after pouring over ice Canned can be either carbonated or not but a flat drink would probably be easier (ADI's hard lemonade?) The formula will almost certainly fall under DSS. - Any reason we can't hot-fill for acidic cocktails? The bottling tank will be pre-blended and I would assume the mix is below any risk of explosion so there wouldn't be a need for XP canners right? Since this is going into a can [been to several bars with pre-mixed kegs of highballs, but that would need TTB approval for packaging] we won't be as worried about the visuals, so 10 micron filters? Anybody know of any kickback from control states? Cheers
  5. Canned Cocktails?

    Not snarky just missing the point. I doubt anyone here is expecting to package a pre-mixed cocktail with the exact same ingredients or ratios - nor should they expect the exact same flavor profile. I wasn’t saying that canning alcohol+flavor is exactly the same as pouring a drink in your basement. I’m just saying it can be done. There wasn’t a market for small, mobile canning lines before the small batch beer companies but that doesn’t mean they weren’t able to work it out. Not everything in a can needs to be drank over ice, although it seems relevant to point out that cocktails mixed at point of sell also should be built to incorporate dilution from ice. condescension is neither welcome or helpful. Try to keep some aloha in future post brother.
  6. Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    I can't answer one way or the other on the flavor contributions of exogenous enzymes, although it seems intuitive that there would be a difference. It hasn't seemed like the customers really care that much as long as your honest about it. The times that it has been brought up in my company, I got the impression they were more interested in either appearing as an educated consumer than what the actual impact might be or out of pure curiosity.
  7. Canned Cocktails?

    Fernet on the rocks is a cocktail, vodka soda is a cocktail, martini is a cocktail, G&T - I see no reason why these wouldn't be shelf stable. Hell, one could reasonable argue that a beer is a cocktail (for the purposes of this arguement) given that it's a mix of sweetners (dextrins), alcohol, and hops and whatever flavorings are added (like blood orange)
  8. Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    It may matter for export. It may matter for the purchaser. For example, if I am buying a car I don't think it is uncalled for to inquire if someone has smoked inside or how regular the service was. Some people just like to do due-diligence when sourcing products - especially when it's a fairly common question from customers.
  9. The deep south - past the fried twinkies but before the swamps (i hope)
  10. Transfer Pump (small) 4 GPM

    the page prior to this has the link to an explosion proof flojet - on that page is a link for a distillery hose that fits. I use that blue hose daily.
  11. Hi all, I'm looking for a straight kjeldahl attachment. I've got one with a 75* bend for connecting directly to the condenser but I'd like a straight in, straight out option like you see in the TTB videos. This is for distilling alcohol samples to remove obscuration during proofing. Like this but with straight glass for connecting via silcon tubing or corks (50 seconds into video). I don't have a lot of counter space and my current setup takes the entire table.. -NAB
  12. face respirators and beards

    Can you exhaust the room better? I grew up in a woodworker's shop and never had that much trouble unless sanding - but pop's had an awesome dust collection system too.
  13. Organic distilled spirits means exactly what?

    This is an absurd conversation hell-bent on trolling instead of actually helping the distilling community. Imho, it doesn’t matter what your non-medically-educated opinion is of someone else’s medical condition, perceived or otherwise. Keep it positive or keep it quiet. Go organic or stick with dent, i won’t tell you which to choose. It seems this thread wasn’t started to further education or to actually make a point, but to belittle others (in this case our beloved customers) for their opinions and desires. Do better fellas, I’ll try to do the same.
  14. Barrels needed

    I’ve got 17 (I think- I’m currently off island) black swan honeycombed used to age Agricole rum, 15 gallon. I can get at least 8 on a pallet.
  15. Prepair for the FALLOUT!!!

    I can’t help but feel like a lot of these posts are saying “I had a poorly structured/researched business model so everyone else must be doing poorly too”. Yes, lots of people will go out of business just like every other industry - that doesn’t mean the sky is falling. It just means that “easy money” isn’t so easy and that you actually have to be good at running a business in this industry. I’m not poking at any one specific post, btw. Happy Holidays y’all.