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  1. Proofing barrel and bottle filling

    RC - I’m using a 3M stainless housing 10” cartridge. It was recommended by them. Probably a smaller filter would be better.
  2. Boiled linseed oil for oak barrels

    Might be worth trying mineral oil? Fda safe and is used to seal wood cutting boards..
  3. Can we ship bottles to customers?

    Well yes, tell your FedEx rep what you want to do and follow the rules/their obstructions (I thought that was implied, my bad). FedEx is your only option unless you ship freight.
  4. Can we ship bottles to customers?

    FedEx. Mark it containing alcohol.
  5. 50ml / 1.7oz Clear Glass Boston Round Bottles

    They are warehoused in Louisville (I think) so shipping should be pretty easy on you. Their customer service is quality too. I'm not affiliated with them other than being a satisfied customer. I was actually looking for bottle filler solutions when I came across your post - so if you have any recommendations... lol
  6. Chocolate Liqueur

    wouldn't it be more cost effective to put the nibs in the vapor path somewhere?
  7. 50ml / 1.7oz Clear Glass Boston Round Bottles

  8. Prepair for the FALLOUT!!!

    Y'all need to stop assuming rational behavior. Yes, some individuals will behave rationally. But most will still buy the "cheaper gas" at Costco and never realize the significant drop in mpg (if you catch my analogy)
  9. Cleaning Copper Still

    Agreed. I run about 1#/gallon at 140F and cycle through my plates and head. Normally takes a couple 10 minute cycles (about 25 minutes per area total) Mostly do it in rotating cycles because the CIP pump moves too much gallonage for the return line to keep up.
  10. Leuconostoc

    Has anybody had definitive experience with Leuconostoc? i'm reading "introduction to sugarcane techonology" and it references Leuconostoc as a common infection that causes a slime or jelly-like build up. It's in the family with Lacto.
  11. Cleaning Copper Still

    depends how bad it is. I use PBW when the copper parts are really worse for the wear, but generally use a strong mix of citric acid keeps the copper clean. If your pot is copper, I'd guess you have to use PBW (we have a stainless pot with copper in the vapor pathway) but like the other's said, be careful with caustic on copper.
  12. Boiled linseed oil for oak barrels

    What is too high? 5%? 10? 15%? We are in a hit humid environment and routinely hit 12-17% loss. Idk about linseed but parafin works pretty good. Without further data I'd have to venture it's better and easier to change your barreling environment than the barrels themselves.
  13. spirit scales

    Don't you also need a permanently attached gauging method for spirit tanks over 60 wine gallons (load cells)?
  14. Clarifying Bitters

    try the superjet first. it's available on amazon and you can get small qty of pads to see if it solves the issues. TCW is a great place for inline filters too - maybe MichaelTCW (I think that's his tag) should be able to help too.
  15. Running a seamless glass lab still

    definitely follow Meerkat's advice and follow the TTB video verbatim. As for the sugar, soak it in PBW or whatever caustic you prefer, in hot water. it'll come off. Also, use boiling beads and a kjeldahl bulb - idk if those are specified in the video. You absolutely need an accurate water bath and, since you're new, I recommend running several distillations from the same batch to make sure your technique is right. You should get the same result on each attempt. Also make sure your equipment is clean, fresh, and dry. I keep several lab stills on hand for this purpose.