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  1. I am in search of small used rum or brandy barrels to age stouts. Prefer 15 gallon, but would take 5 gal - 30 gal. Thanks.
  2. Stickrod

    NGS suppliers

    While we are on the subject as well, I forgot to mention that I am planning on redistilling the GNS before infusion as well. So process as such...dilute NGS, rectify on packed column, dilute/macerate, vapor infuse, dilute, blend, bottle. Looking at 250L packed column and 100L carter head. Do you feel the redistillation needed, will it improve the product and quality of the neutral? Or should I start with only a carter head still and save startup costs?
  3. Stickrod

    NGS suppliers

    Wheat NGS is particularly what I am interested in. After a recent visit to London and speaking with many of the smaller craft gin distillers over there they seem to prefer it, stating it appears to be softer in flavor and easier to work with letting the botanicals shine. Any more feedback from experience with multiple types would be great, however. A 250 gal tote @ 95% seems like the way to go to me, especially when focusing soley on infusion biased spirits. My plan is to dilute upon purchasing and storing in a 600 gal closed blending tank, then divi up to infuse as needed. As I stated, some small macerations and lots of vapor infusion. Shipping would be to the atlanta area...if that helps. Thank you for all the input, I look forward to diving deeper into this topic and hope everyone following along does as well! Happy new year!
  4. Stickrod

    NGS suppliers

    Yeah, this is the gin thread... Looking to use NGS as a base for infusions (both vapor and maceration) to eventually become gin, absinthe, amaro, bitters, etc. The ultimate goal is to eventually make the neutral myself however, I am looking to start by purchasing the NGS until I can get me feet under me and a proven track of sales. Anyone agree with this route?
  5. Stickrod

    NGS suppliers

    Hello, Interested in finding multiple sources for NGS. Looking for any information regarding pricing as well as style/make (wheat, corn, barley, etc.). I know LDI can provide, where else does everyone acquire theirs and what are your opinions on different NGS from different suppliers if you have tried multiple. As well as opinions on different initial grain bills. Thank you!
  6. I would as well love to see some photos and a price list. Stickridsdistilling@gmail.com
  7. Do you make a column attachment that can go in line as well? If you do, packed or plated?
  8. Sherman, Thank you for your response. We are putting in both a brew pub and distillery. The cold liquor tanks will be jacketed and the entire distillery side will have a separate glycol process pump. We are looking at a 12 hp dual chiller, about 200,000 btu/hr. Half of that capacity will be used in the brewery and cold room, the other half is for the distillery and expansion. The 3-5 gal per min is the number I was looking for. In total we are looking at putting in 5 separate stills, so I should be able to calculate estimated water usage from there. Another question would be how to plumb the multiple condensers to this chiller loop. I am thinking similar to my glycol loop on the brewery side with one vfd pump feeding a common input pipe and individual vales controlling flow resistance through each individual condenser. In the distillery case I will use manual valves, where in the brewery we use electric solenoids. I know the initial set up is complex, especially altering cold tanks back and forth, however I feel once the system is installed we will be happy. Please offer any more insite you may have! Thanks again!
  9. Hello, We are looking for approximate usage of cooling water for a 1000L hoga still. Both for a stripping run or a spirt run would be appreciated. We are trying to determine the size of CLT needed to recycle cooling water instead of sending it down the drain. The plan is to utilize two different CLTs, using the water from tank one to cool our condenser and then refill tank two. The next day the operation would run in reverse, from tank two through the condenser and then to tank one. Thanks.
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