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  1. Hi there, do you still have the race labeller for sale?

  2. Did you sell the Race Junior Labeling machine yet ? Thank you

    1. John D

      John D

      I still have the labeling machine. buyer backed out.

  3. List of parts Enolmatic $395 Enolmatic Filter Housing $165 X two 0.5 micron $65 X two 0.2 micron $70 X two Enolsan Cleaning Compound $16 Total = $1011.00 So my offer of $550. plus $25 for shipping is the best I can do. John
  4. I will wrap it, box it and UPS for $25.00 in the USA. Thanks
  5. SOLD I have the below pump for sale. I have the extra high temp impeller, new wireless controller. I am closing my Distillery. The pump has pumped less then 2500. gallons. I will take $3,200.00 plus shipping, local pick up or delver for cost if not to far. Model: US-FIP $3,999.00 ea. plus shipping. 2"x 2" 30psi, Wireless remote control standard 3hp, 1750 TEFC motor, NEMA 4 VFD, 1ph 230V or 3ph 230V std, Stainless steel cart standard.
  6. I have this for sale. It has only bottled 1200 bottles. I am closing my Distillery. I have many items for sale if you need anything else let me know I will see if I have it. I have extra filters to go with it. I will take $550.00 for all of it. 1 Enolmatic 0.5 micron filter $65.00 $65.001 Enolsan $15.00 $15.001 Enolmatic FIVE micron filter $55.00 $55.001 Enolmatic Tandem Filter Unit $165.00 $165.001 Enolmatic $395.00 $395.00------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Subtotal: $695.00
  7. Hi John,

    I'm opening a Farm Distillery in Northern Virginia. If you have some tie I would like to talk about your distillery, equipment and lessons learned.





  8. Yes it is. But they are very tight with the $$ if it is not horse related.
  9. Well it has been a great ride but I have to get off the roller coaster. I have been at it for 4 years and must sell or close my Distillery. My short coming is lack of funds for and the understanding of MARKETING. We are a fully operational / functioning Distillery. I cannot do it all myself and have been unable to find a partner. We have product on the shelf's in NC and the warehouse. We have three approved formulas and cola's. I am trying to sell it as a complete setup, building and all. We are located in down town Tryon. NC. Check out our FB page and you can get an idea of what you will get. This is an all inclusive sale I WILL NOT PART IT OUT at this time. If you are thinking about starting or wanting your own Distillery this is it. I will stay on for 6mo. For the transition. Building is 2400sqf two story. Stills 500 gl. SS stripper, 500 gl. mash tun, 750.000 BTU glycol closed lope boiler, 60 gl. copper still, 30 gl. copper still, forklift, grain grinder, bottles, barrels, EVERYTHING. The whole package is priced to sell. Please only serious inquires only by PM for price and more info. If we cannot sell as a whole I will re-post with a list of equipment and prices. Someone could save them self a lot of work and headaches if you are will to relocate and have a marketing plain and budget. All for a super low price of only $299.000 http://www.facebook.com/Tryon-Backdoor-Distillery-674373479256067/
  10. Sold. Thanks for the interest John
  11. Tun has a 2" TC drain with the dome bottom it drains 100% Very easy to clean. This is a great tun with mixer ready to plug in and go. Send me an offer willing to deal need to get it out of my way.
  12. Forgot to add OBO. I need to move it out of my way so If you need a great mash tun PM an offer.
  13. I got the tun a few years ago. I have added a food grade wet bearing to the bottom of the tank for the shaft to mount to. I did this to stabilize the mixer. We also did some motor mount repairs "stainless seems welds". I will throw in a 3ph to 3ph VFD to control the RPMs. This motor is a beast. you can start with 200 deg. water add your grain and no dough balls after about 5min. I used steam injection, tank is insulated and will hold 190 to 200 for about 3 hours if needed. I have replaced the cooling spray bar pipe. The pipe goes around the inside of the tank and sprays the cooling water on the shell of the tank. Cools from 190 to 90 in about 45min. If you go to my Facebook page "Tryon Backdoor Distillery"and look in the video section you can see it running in two videos. I have a new to me 500 gallon tun and don't need this one anymore. I am asking $4900. I can deliver on east coast for one was gas cost. It will take a forklift to get it of the truck. Hope the pics work.
  14. VFD is the best way and you can control the RPM as well.
  15. So you paid like 16 to 18k for the install?
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