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  1. Silatjunkie

    Vintner's Vault 6 Spout Stainless Gravity Filler

    Is this still available?
  2. Silatjunkie

    350 Gallon Stainless IBC Totes

    Sorry guys, as of yesterday they are sold.
  3. Silatjunkie

    1000 liter tank stationary- letina

    They had followed up with me a few times but then stopped. Last I heard it was still available but who knows...
  4. Silatjunkie

    350 Gallon Stainless IBC Totes

    The specs for these Stainless IBC's is for Beverage. That means ground and polished welds, passivated, and extra sanitary Tri-Clamp fittings, gaskets, clamps, etc. as compared with other versions. These are unopened and obviously unused. They can be used as fermentation vessels as well as blending and proofing vessels. We are actually keeping two of them ourselves since we have a total of five of these. If you want all three we can look at a better price.
  5. Silatjunkie

    350 Gallon Stainless IBC Totes

    We are located in Durham, NC
  6. Hey All, We have 3 brand new, never used 350 Gallon Hoover Stainless IBC totes for sale. Looking for $2300 each and you pay for shipping. Around $2600 new. Stackable. Beverage style extras package.
  7. Silatjunkie

    1000 liter tank stationary- letina

    @robbins1993 is this tank still available?
  8. Silatjunkie

    240 Gallon Tanks

    Does anyone have a line on where we might be able to purchase 240 gallon proofing/blending tanks? Not looking to drop a lot of coin...
  9. Silatjunkie

    Distilled Gin v. Redistilled

    Hey All, I have a question which might have been answered before but I've not seen it specifically stated... I want to make a gin using my own distilled product for the base and then simply blend a neutral spirit with it after the distillation process. Is this considered redistillation or can it be considered a distilled gin since I'm not actually re-distilling any product? I can't really find any info on this type of process, and in the past I've only ever made re-distilled gin. Any help would be fantastic.
  10. Silatjunkie

    Global Package

    Anyone have experience working with Global Package, LLC? I'm wondering what your experience has been like if you're willing to share.
  11. Silatjunkie

    Gin from sugarcane?

    You are not required to have a neutral spirit base to create gin but it is commonly done that way. Most gins are re-distilled.
  12. Silatjunkie

    Equipment Woes

    I'm not sure why everyone thinks it was a still that was the equipment problem. It was NOT the STILL that was the problem. That was captnKB assumption.
  13. Silatjunkie

    Equipment Woes

    It doesn't take long to fall out of any reasonable startup date. Hope it truly gets resolved in a month....
  14. Silatjunkie

    Equipment Woes

    Hey, just to be clear it was not our still. Our still came from Vendome and they have been fantastic to work with as well. Kyle was/is awesome. He was at the ADI show this year, if you were there you may have met him. Good people.
  15. Silatjunkie

    Fire Marshal

    Our scope will be well beyond that bluefish_dist but I appreciate your response.