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  1. CopperPig

    Fermenting in IBC Water Totes

    Depending on how active your ferment is/grain-bill, much like Sorghum suggests, it's easy and cost effective at first to cut a hole in the lid and use a silicone bung, tube, and you can run it into a 3 gallon or smaller bucket of water for a cost effective solution.
  2. CopperPig

    4" vs 8" Trench Drains

    I second leftturndistilling. The Zurn 12" will satisfy all your needs. At least scale up to the best of your budget. It's much cheaper to cut and pour once than to redo later.
  3. CopperPig

    Hat Display

    I make my own hat/coat racks and display racks out of copper...adds a nice touch
  4. CopperPig

    Still Manufacture Issues

    When I looked at the Still Craft site, I recognize one of the still columns they show as a kothe still--so obviously they aren't "forth-right" with their information. Vendome doesn't cost 250k unless you are getting a 500 gallon full batch system, and for 250k you can get a really nice fully automated kothe still...Trident aka Jesse, is a solid manufacturer.
  5. CopperPig

    Credit card readers

  6. CopperPig

    Pallets & Bourbon barrel storage

    Being a fellow California company, we use Oakland Pallets, and they can do special size or standard bulk pallets (option for new material or reconditioned material). We also keep our barrels on the shipped pallet they came on.
  7. CopperPig

    Micro 26G (100L) Setup

    Howdy, the only comment I shall offer is if you go to US Plastics website, www.usplastics.com you can order 8 55 gallon drums for much cheaper. 8 would be $366.48
  8. CopperPig

    Bottling units

    If you search the forums you will see a ton on this topic. I use an xpress fill and am happy. Check the forum history.
  9. CopperPig

    Hoses -

    There are a multitude of options out there for hose. Just take the time to figure out what your specific needs are, and how you go about executing those needs and match hose for the application. It seems every month someone starts a post asking about hose, and there is no ultimate right answer.
  10. CopperPig

    Hoses -

    Glide tech distillery hose as a multi use hose.
  11. CopperPig

    registration of still?

    Having just gone through my DSP submittal and process recently, we included it under the bonded area/POC description, and process description. Once you are permitted and they have given you permission to operate, you are welcome to move things around and change basic equipment...just leave everything as is as listed on paper till you are "all clear." I haven't amended any registration items yet, so I can't help you beyond that. The TTB field office number(s) are a great resource and the folks are actually responsive and informative, at least the West Coast office is. http://www.ttb.gov/about/locations.shtml
  12. CopperPig

    registration of still?

    They really just want the serial numbers, type of equipment and size from you.
  13. CopperPig

    How many fermenters?

    Figure out how long it takes your mash to ferment. Figure out how many runs a day you will do, 1, 2. How many days a week do you want to run the still. Then work backwards from the number of runs minus the days to ferment and you will can figure out a production schedule and that will tell you how many you need to suit your needs. And if you want to run multiple runs a day of the same type mash, than size your fermenter to handle the double volume, but all depends on your mash tun size.
  14. CopperPig

    Boiler Piping and Installation

    Hi Brandon, Being a S.F. Bay guy as well...I would VERY highly recommend contacting CAL Steam here in the city for purchase, and I would suggest giving City Mechanical a call for install or a referral for someone more local to you. I've used them for several boiler installs.
  15. CopperPig

    Looking for a Bottle filler

    I am using an xpress fill 4 head, and love it. The compact size of it makes it ideal if you aren't bottling often, or if you just don't want to have to deal with giving up daily space to something else. If you want something else or a MORI, TCW is a great company...if you want to grab an xpress fill, call them direct and buy direct from them--saves you $200. Since you are in ABQ (my folks are retired there) have you any experience using race label?