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  1. What are the dimensions of the footprint and height?
  2. If I’d to guess I bet it’s in northern Indiana. Maybe Mishawaka.
  3. With the still never being setup and Corson notorious for not sending complete orders and there never being support on there equipment because they are out of business I would be willing to take a chance at 58k. If you get to this point let me know. I’ll come to Miami and have a look
  4. When did you order yours if you don’t mind me asking?
  5. At this point for me a German still would have been light years cheaper. Not to mention it would be here and I’d be producing a product. I’ve never had an experience this bad.
  6. What are there build times like? Column design? Plate design? Pricing?
  7. I’ve seen some specific mechanical equipment that looks pretty nice. I’m wanting to make vodka so not sure on their rectifying columns. Plate / cap design. Any good?
  8. I appreciate your distaste with injustice and the way Corson is operating. I’m sure you will be thrilled to know Their website and Facebook is down now. Not sure for how long. I reached out to your company before I found Corson. You took 6 weeks to return my call. By that time I had already gone in another direction. The wrong direction unfortunately. Btw you kinda hijacked my thread.
  9. You are lucky. My first conversations with them was in August of 2017. I scowered the internet and this forum for bad reviews. I could not find any. Come to find out later the bad reviews on this forum had been removed at corsons request and the forum rules had changed as we were sending our 50% down. At least they changed the rules to allow these posts to stay up to hopefully protect people. I’m thankful these type of conversations saved you guys from these crooks
  10. I’m well aware of there attempts to deceive other potential victims. As this is why I felt it was necessary to share my experience in hopes that others would not have to go through what we have gone through. This kind of thing destroys good peoples dreams. Btw they have found funding to advertise through google also. Wish they were spending my money on the equipment I payed for. 😕
  11. Holstein, Carl, Kothe, and Vendome all require money upfront with an 8 month lead time. What type of equipment did you purchase off the shelf?
  12. I am just stating facts in hope that anyone considering signing a contract with Corson Distilling would be informed to make the best decision. 15 months ago I signed a contract with Corson for a complete turn key 300 gal system including 4 ferms, 1 mash tun, 1 multi purpose 24 plate still with complete automation. The contract read the equipment would take no longer then 6 months. After our initial down payment of 50% (63k) on 1/2/18 Corson suddenly became silent. I had to send several emails to get a response about anything. Then Corson wanted to change the design and look of the equiptment. After a month of stating my case they did agree to build the design I was sold. As of Jan 2019 we had not received any equipment and Corson would not return our calls or emails. After leaving voicemails everyday for 2 weeks we got a call from a gal with Corson who assured us they would be building our equipment and they were short handed. The very next day I received an email from their bankruptcy lawyer, Holly Roark, stating that Corson was no longer going to build the 26k in ferms and if I wanted my still, mash tun, and automation I needed to respond to them with in 48hrs and send 18k more than the contracted price (81k) within 5 days or they would be ceasing operations and maybe filing chapter 11. It’s now in the lawyers hands. There is silence from Corson. I am so disappointed as I am a blue collar plumber who’s saved money for 7 years to have this opportunity to better my and my family's lives. I am at a place financially now trying to start over on this business. I’m not going to be able to make it work. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else.
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