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  1. That seems like a really high ABV for pure pot w/ low dephleg interaction. What type of hydrometer are you using to check your proof and are you temp correcting? Sorry for the basic questions but those seem like crazy numbers. If you're using a calibrated hydrometer and temp correcting, you've got once heck of a pot on your hands!!!
  2. Chiller sizing

    Ballparking without doing thermal calcs and knowing flows....30-40 tons with a 3k gal buffer tank should do the trick.
  3. Anyone running a Dragon Still?

    I'll toss in my +1 for SD. They've been great to work with!

    Is that the original Roughstock setup? What happened to the other still, the platform, holding tanks, etc?
  5. My experience with Corson Distilling

    That gets a bit into the "design" aspect so I can't go into great deal about it, but what I can say is that in the condition the still was sent to us (manufacturing flaw, design flaw, however you want to cut it up), it operated in a way that the pot shoved a portion of its contents into the base of the column, plugging the column and making the vapor path impassable (or largely impassable) for new vapor being generated in the pot.
  6. My experience with Corson Distilling

    I've been incredibly reluctant to post in this topic or any other topic regarding this company, but the time has come. We had a very bad dealing with Corson Distilling and are still working through issues and problems that this particular transaction has inflicted upon our business. Below is an article that was just posted by the Idaho Statesman....the same news source that posted a gleaming article about Corson a year ago (original article referenced in the link). I am the "Adam Stumpf" and "Stumpy's Spirits" referenced in the article, and the video they posted was taken right after our Corson still blew the hatch off on the first full production run...please excuse my frantic nature in the video. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the situation I cannot say much more, but would caution distillers and potential distillers who are considering purchasing equipment from this group to complete a bit of extra due diligence prior to committing to anything. I hope this post will save someone the trouble that we have had, and are continuing to struggle through. http://www.idahostatesman.com/news/business/article187541748.html Adam
  7. 480 Gallon Proofing Tank on Load Cells

    We got the load cell/weighing modules directly from Rice Lake...they have a bunch available here: https://www.ricelake.com/en-us/products/load-cells-weigh-modules/weigh-modules I purchased the GSE digital readout from Ebay.
  8. 480 Gallon Proofing Tank on Load Cells

    Forgot to mention...tank is single wall and open top with a dished bottom.
  9. Stillhouse Vs. Whiskey Systems

    I'll give Hoochware another big +1. We use it for everything and love it.
  10. We are selling our proofing tank. It is a great, easy-to-use setup. The sale includes a 480 gallon single wall stainless tank with 1.5" sanitary drain and valve, a GSE 335 digital readout with a relay (to turn water on/off), and 4x 2,500 lb load cells. We currently weight out to 0.01 but that can be adjusted for your preferred resolution. $3,500 F.O.B Columbia, Illinois 62236 For more info, please email adam dot stumpf at stumpysspirits dot com
  11. Leaking still agitator shaft seal

    Our Corson still had similar issues. Bottom seal on the gearbox was junk and all the oil ran out. We applied a "farm fix" to it and it has worked like a charm so far. I pulled out one of the oil sight plugs and put a grease zerk in its place. We packed the gearbox full of food grade grease and it has been working like a charm. Even if the seal junks itself again, being the correct material the "leak" issue will take a lot longer to show itself. We've done this on a bunch of gb's on the farm...the ones on the mower have been running for years like this. Just hit them with a few pumps every now and then. It also makes me feel MUCH better having something food grade in that box instead of gear oil in case of another failure...nothing nasty can make its way into the pot.
  12. What part of the Business Plan did you struggle with?

    One thing you will want to build into your business plan is a sensitivity analysis to cover SOME of the "what-ifs". It will likely cross into the first 3 of the categories you listed above. As your business launches, this will help you understand how your business is operating relative to your initial plan and what you may need to do to course-correct if you have a problem. At some point in time, we all think "I am going to make the best hooch out there and it is going to fly off the shelves!" In almost every case, that is not true. What if your sales are 1/3 of what you project, it has taken you twice as long to get there and it costs you 25% more than you thought it was going to? Can your business model stand up to that? If not, you may want to tweak a few things to make it hold up in a near worst case scenario. If you don't plan for any downside, you are building significant risk into your model and may have some "oh $h#T" moments more often than you would like. On the flip side, what if your stuff sells so good and so many people want it that you have distributors knocking down your doors to sign deals? Can your team and your equipment keep up with it? If not, is it worth growing that quickly? How much will it cost to bump your production from 5k to say 25k cases per year and where does that money come from; equity, debt? A lot of what-ifs...way to many to really consider. I would just suggest planning for an upside and a downside and make sure you have a contingency plan in place for those. Cheers!
  13. 30gL barrel racks

    I'll definitely take some. PM'ing you now.
  14. 30gL barrel racks

    I'll take them if you end up having a few left over. Thanks, Adam