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  1. We've got 80 barrels of heirloom red corn bourbon for sale. Not much age on them yet but it's incredibly high quality stuff if you're looking to build a stockpile of something that tastes great and has a unique mash bill.
  2. Get a hold of Johnny VerPlanck. He can tell you all things about rum. One of the best in the business.
  3. Recently had some 12 year old stuff from Antigua that was fantastic. Definitely wasn't too much wood so I'd venture to guess past 12 years depending on cooperage.
  4. 80 barrels of Jimmy Red Corn bourbon for sale. Barreled in November 2019 in 53 gal ZAK Cooperage barrels. Entry proof of 110. Mash bill is 85% jimmy red corn, 12.5% rye, and 2.5% malt. Distilled in IL. $1,800 per barrel for purchases of 5 barrels or less. Price negotiable on larger purchases. FOB Columbia, IL 62236. Contact adam dot stumpf at stumpysspirits dot com or call 618-281-7733 for more info. Cheers!
  5. We run a 3 micron bag filter then a 1 micron 20" code 7 depth cartridge filter for aged product. When we dump a barrel, we dump it through a stainless gin basket (well, used to be a gin basket) to catch all of the big chunks.
  6. Do you happen to know what size screen/mesh you are running? We picked up a used centri sifter and it has been working well. We are trying to get more solids out of the effluent. We were screen with a 1/32" perforated screen and had too many solids. We have since put a 40 mesh screen (0.0165") screen inside the 1/32" and it takes out many more solids but we do get into the situation where we blind over the screen once and awhile and our grain becomes fairly watery.
  7. The other reason is to ensure you have enough liquid to generate adequate vapor. Example: if you are running a 20 plate column with high reflux to make vodka and your liquid level in the still becomes low, you may notice that your flow stops before you hit your "tails" cut. This is because you are not generating enough vapor to keep the base of the column pressurized enough to overcome the pressure build up from the plates and dephlegmator. You could reduce the dephlegmator at that point, but you will but up to the same issue shortly after the pressure buildup from the plates overcomes the ability of your pot to generate significant enough pressure to maintain flow again. Obviously, not as big of a deal if you are running a straight pot with no active reflux ability.
  8. Paul, That's my still you are referencing, and what you see in the column is beer...not foam. Inefficient is the opposite of what the column in the video is. That still is doing with 9 plates what a Vendome does with 15 on the beer column AND we have done lab distillations the bottoms product at various set points to verify there is no alcohol left in it to prove that. This still doesn't run a traditional seal cup on the downcomer so it runs a deeper liquid bed....in my experience downcomer seal cups can clog with thicker grain-in mashes....especially those high in malt. That's the reason the still was designed without the cups, hence the deeper beds. What you are seeing is not hydraulic flooding or jet flooding; it's equilibrium. I'm guessing your going to put some kind of "entrainment" plate or screen above your plates to keep foam down. Again just a guess but I viewed that as a band-aid to a problem....not a solution. The StillDragon continuous has a solution built inside of it. Please do not philosophize on a still you haven't seen run, haven't tasted product off of, and have no idea how the internals are designed. AND that design has changed A LOT since I shared it with you a few years ago. Any questions feel free to call 618-281-7733. Adam
  9. Yeah, my that was thought since they aren't a "building" then it wouldn't work. They are not fixed to the ground and could technically be moved...though not easy. When amending the DSP and describing the bonded premise in the application, I don't think the TTB would be too thrilled about it. May be worth a call though...
  10. For those that are barrel aging in containers, how are you adding those to your bonded premise on your DSP? Would be nice stop-gap solution while waiting for a barrel warehouse if TTB is good with it.
  11. We store our contract clients' barrels for $5 per barrel per month. Discounts on larger quantities down to $2 per barrel per month.
  12. I do think it is about taking pride in what you do and taking steps necessary that you are producing as high quality of a product as possible. At this point, we've run 4 different pot/pot-column hybrid stills in our distillery, as well as the continuous whiskey still from StillDragon. What I can say is that with all things being equal (or as equal as possible), and using the still as the only variable, I 100% prefer the clear spirit that is coming off of the continuous still. Our blind tasting panels concur.
  13. I've got this one for sale right now. Love it. Been running it since 2015. We run the Jersey and California bottles from Piramal (round). Only reason for selling is because we are moving to a fully automated line.
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