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  1. Hi All, It's that time of year again. We are deciding how many acres of Bloody Butcher red corn, as well as white corn to plant this year. We are currently taking contracts for Fall 2019 delivery. Here are the details: $0.30 per pound, FOB Columbia, Illinois (not including super sacks, pallets, etc.) Cleaning available for additional cost of $0.02 per pound Minimum Quantity = 8,000 lb Signed contract must be in place to secure order Contract period will be closed within next 6 weeks. For more information and contract details, please email adam.stumpf at stumpysspirits dot com Thanks!
  2. I've got an OMB ET1500 pressure sensitive labeler that does one or two labels, has a capsule applicator, and heat shrink gun I'd be willing to part with if you piece a line together. We are installing a new line ourselves. Adam 618-830-6356
  3. Stumpy's

    DIY defoamers

    Was that per liter of input?
  4. Very interesting topic. Been thinking about doing this like the ethanol plants!
  5. At first I would almost certainly point at a faulty trap on the MT. As someone suggested above, make sure the arrow on that trap is pointing out of the mash tun and back to the feedwater system. Any chance it was a used trap and higher pressure than 15psi? That looks like a fairly hefty bucket trap. So for some reason, you are not transferring BTUs through that steam jacket. Another thought is, are you 100% certain that you have the steam inlet and the trap on the same jacket? I know it sounds like a crazy question but I've almost been guilty of this myself. One quick way to test is to disconnect them both and shoot a little compressed air through them. If you feel the air on the other end, you are good to go (in that sense). If not....you may have your steam/chiller hooked to the same jacket! Also, one last thing. Were you running an agitator on the mash tun while heating? I'd imagine you could boil without agitating, but the more water you can pull across your heating surface, the greater heat transfer you will have. After looking at your diagrams a bit more...a couple more questions: Is that a valve on the condensate return line, after the trap on the insulated vertical leg? If so, (another crazy question, I know) that's open, right? Also, it looks like you are not running a condensate return pump on that mash tun. Another thought would be that you are having more than 13psi (30 feet of head) loss between your mash tun and feedwater return tank...depending on elevation change, direction change etc. OR if you are not running a feedwater return and running condensate back into the boiler, that could be making the pressure in your condensate return line even higher. The closer your steam feed and condensate return lines are in pressure, the slower your vessel will heat. That is why a condensate return pump is so nice....your trap line has basically 0psi so you can take full advantage of that 13 psi you have on the supply side instead of say only 3-5. Just my random thoughts for the night while drinking a glass of bourbon and getting caught up on production reporting. Haha. Hope it helps. Cheers! Adam
  6. Hey Paul, Yep, we've done Hickory Cane as well as Boone County White (which E.H. Taylor supposedly used) and they definitely make great tasting bourbon....different than yellow corn for sure. The taller stalks are a bit of a pain, especially if you let it dry in the field instead of mechanically drying. As the corn ripens, the stalks get incredibly brittle. However, if you want to malt the corn, you can't really mechanically dry it because of the temps involved in most commercial driers. We haven't had any issues with malting yellow corn yet. We've seen 90%+ on germination rates. We've tried both OP and conventional Dekalb hybrids. If we've had any mold issues in malting, we've found they are usually related to either the malting process or raw grain storage. So making sure the corn is 13-15% before going in the bin is super important. Even when we put it in at 15%, we still run the bin fans to dry it out as much as possible. These heirloom varieties definitely make some great whiskey!!!
  7. We actually never had anyone put the money down ahead of time for the futures option so ended up running everything at our distillery. We did a couple of heirloom varieties this year. One was this BB and the other was a white variety. We did smaller plots of a few other things...mostly just enough to get a seed bank built up. It is "conventional light" if that's a thing...more like minimal input. More than organic, less than conventional. We quickly found out that you can't plant this stuff at high populations. We averaged 70 Bu/Acre this year. Yields were originally looking like they were going to be closer to 150 but we had quite a bit of lodging as the crop dried in the field....A LOT of deer feed left out there from poor stalk strength. That is pretty well a common trend across most of the OP heirloom varieties we have worked with so far. At this point, we just have enough saved for our seed for next year. Sorry. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out! adam.stumpf at stumpysspirits d.o.t. com
  8. Likely anything under 15psi....probably 12-15.
  9. We've had luck with 2 different options: 1. King Gage - http://www.wisnercontrols.com/store/pc/King-Gage-ES2-Slimline-Electronic-Level-Transmitter-19p507.htm 2. 2 Floats and a pump on a VFD - high level float and low level float. When both floats close, pump is on, when both floats open pump is off. User can control speed of pump via vfd to fine tune to input so the bottoms level always stays between the 2 floats...or very close. In my opinion the king gage is the way to go because you can use the 4-20ma output to run the vfd on your pump....totally automatic with no "user tuning". Just my $0.02. Hope it helps!
  10. Boiler sold. Willing to take reasonable offers on the fermenters. Need them out of the way!
  11. Just out of curiosity, how fast are you able to feed that thing? 5-8 gpm???
  12. Updated listing. Mash tun sold. Fermenters still available.
  13. Do you still have the corker available? Is this the one with the conveyor? If so, very interested. Thanks, Adam
  14. Do you still have the bottling line available? If so, I'm interested. Thanks!
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