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  1. boognish

    Using Brett strains

    Interesting idea, but I have no experience with this. What are you trying to achieve? Or are you just curious?
  2. boognish

    Boozy First Taste

    Agreed on early head cuts. Don't get greedy. You can always redistill your cuts
  3. boognish

    Moonshine classification? Infusion classification?

    We had to settle for the specialty distilled spirits category since we don't use corn, but rather barley.
  4. boognish

    Reverse Osmosis vs Filtered Water

    Excellent recommendation +1
  5. boognish

    Irish style Whiskey

    From an ingredient standpoint, our recipe is inspired by Irish tradition
  6. boognish

    Pot Stills, flavor vs. heads and tails

  7. All I am saying is that if you have never fermented anything, the best way to learn is by doing it. Fermenting for distillation is cake. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss homebrewers either. I know a lot of them whose expertise puts many of my pro brewing colleagues to shame.
  8. boognish

    Irish style Whiskey

    I make an Irish style whiskey, but do in on the grain. It tastes great so I'm not too concerned about that
  9. boognish

    Pot Stills, flavor vs. heads and tails

    Brett is what I refer to as a polite yeast. Polite in the sense that it doesn't start doing its thing til all the other yeasts and bacteria are done with their thing. In a mixed culture pitch, you wont get any Brett character for a couple of weeks. I would be amazed if beam lets their mash ferment long enough for any sort of Brett character to come through in their whiskey. It would need to be at the absolute bare minimum of a month before any distinguishable Brett character would begin to show up in the mash. Interestingly, if you pitch Brett solo, it ferments pretty similarly sacc and much more cleanly than when pitched in aimed culture.
  10. boognish

    Pot Stills, flavor vs. heads and tails

    I hear ya but are you talking sach, lacto, Brett, pedio....? Most likely a blend of all of those. Kind of fascinating to me as I have done a lot of research and travel studying mixed culture and "wild yeast" brewing. White labs has some whiskey strains out right now, but not mixed culture. Surely there is lacto in there and of course sach. The thing is, in a typical whiskey mash fermentation, you really shouldn't have enough time for the "wild" yeast to take hold. Lacto *maybe* will have a day or two max to start doing its thing after the sach slows down. I strip my mash after 6 or 7 days. That doesn't allow for much wild yeast to do its thing
  11. boognish

    rum yeast/White Labs

    It doesn't have a very high alcohol tolerance, which means you end up leaving a lot of good sugar behind that never ferment. I am also not a fan of its aromatic properties in mead. That may be connected to the low tolerance. If you stress the yeast, you get off flavors. If you have your heart set on a "mead" yeast, check out wyeast's dry mead yeast. Great yeast. Makes fast and efficient work of fermentation. I have gotten it to ferment to 16% no problem, totally dry finish
  12. boognish

    specialty malts?

    You could use it, but it's not cheap.
  13. boognish

    Storing low wines

    Hard to tell but I would lean toward faulty calibration. Try calculating the volume as a cylinder. It should be within a couple gal of actual size