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  1. Ventilation

    Hi Our building inspector has asked me to hook up an explosion proof fan to an ethanol vapor meter. I have both and ready to install but first he wants to know what the ifc and ibc say about the volume of air that need to be remove if there is a build up of vapors that would trigger the system. Can anyone help me with a quote referencing on or both of these publications. Thank You
  2. New York licensing

    Hi! I have applied for a New York State farm distillers license and understand that I am not permitted to buy GNS (for making gin) from another distillery without first getting another license. Would anyone know what the additional license is labeled? Thank You Bernie
  3. Sailor

    Thank you for your help!
  4. Sailor

    Is there an acceptable digital thermometer that I can use for final proofing my spirits? Thank You
  5. Hi! If still available please email me at Northeastcraftspirits@gmail.com. Thank You Bernie
  6. Yes I am interested . How many can I purchase? What is your zip and approximate weight per barrel. thank you Bernie
  7. Radiant Heat?

    Mooshiner11 Wondering if you would be kind enough to send me the link for controllers that will hold up. Thank You
  8. Ethanol Detectors ?

    Jedd can you send me this link.
  9. equipment

    Hi! I would like to purchase a 100 gallon, 3 phase electric , bain marie mash tun. Any information will be appreciated. Thank You Bernie
  10. Electric Mash Tank for Sale

    hi! If still for sale can you me call with price and electrical info. 5187420620 Thanks Bernie
  11. cleaning stainless

    Thank you I did not think it was a big issue but I wanted to be sure.
  12. cleaning stainless

    Hi What is the best method for cleaning the inside of a 100 gallon , bain marie stainless steel pot. Thank You Bernie
  13. gin from gns

    Thank you! That is what I needed to know.
  14. gin from gns

    Greeting If 50 gallons of gns is placed in a 120 gallon pot still with 50 gallons of water with the vapor passing thru a charged gin basket what could I expect the approximate proof of the distilate to be? Thank You