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  1. Point of Sale System

    Square works good for us, links pretty seamusly with quickbooks.
  2. White Whiskey

    "Straight Whiskey" is sufficient as a class and type
  3. White Whiskey

    yes I know, I quoted the regs above , follow the thread, just commenting on PeteB post that BAM is not consistent with the regs on 4-2 "whiskey". BAM is just a guide. always rely on the regs not BAM
  4. White Whiskey

    Ha! and no mention of an oak container for "Whiskey"
  5. White Whiskey

    I agree a little inconsistent but here it is in the BAM chart
  6. White Whiskey

    that's straight from 5.22 standards of identity not BAM
  7. White Whiskey

    (b) Class 2; whisky. “Whisky” is an alcoholic distillate from a fermented mash of grain produced at less than 190° proof in such manner that the distillate possesses the taste, aroma, and characteristics generally attributed to whisky, stored in oak containers (except that corn whisky need not be so stored), and bottled at not less than 80° proof, and also includes mixtures of such distillates for which no specific standards of identity are prescribed.
  8. White Whiskey

    no that was a response to Gorgeous not Indy
  9. White Whiskey

    you mentioned putting a stave in your blending barrel , sorry I used poetic licence and called it a stick. I took my time to give you my best advice, maybe it is worth what you paid for it, but you asked. Maybe it is worth something . I have been in the bis for only 3 years We have 12 products placed in over 1,000 points of sales. We have put up over 700 barrels of various whiskeys. I don't know much but if you are gonna be in this bis you better grow thicker skin and find a sense of humor. oh and I offered you some free barrels to help you get started at no charge. probably $500 out of my pocket, which I would have gladly done to help someone just getting started. nice reply from you. good luck yer gonna need it
  10. White Whiskey

    "Whiskey" can be any oak container......, "Bourbon Whiskey" new oak
  11. White Whiskey

    Indy, All of us have scrutinized the regs, 1st to make sure we are in compliance and 2nd to find unique ways to make craft spirits while staying in compliance. The creative "spirit" in our industry is what makes us unique and interesting to our consumers. So good for you to look at things differently. But has been inferred by others, you are beating a dead horse with nowhere to go with this barrel vs stick thing. You have a lot better things to spend your energy on at this point. Get a few barrels and move on. damm I'll send you a few barrels n/c. Your customers are gonna want to know how you make your whiskey. They will probably like hearing that you rested it in a barrel for for added complexity than you blessed it with a charred stick.
  12. White Whiskey

    vessel/ container is different than a stick read the standard "oak container"
  13. White Whiskey

    If you don't put an age statement on the label , COLA assumes it is 4 years or older. So they pass it until they find out otherwise.
  14. Fermenters/Mash Pumps for Sale

    pump or tanks still available?