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  1. JustAndy

    Why 7-8 days fermenting a 5 days batch of sugar?

  2. JustAndy

    Cider to Brandy calculating yield

    Using a 4 plate kothe, from unflawed, no-SO2 cider or wine we recover about 85-90% of the total alcohol as usable hearts at ~77.5% abv. That is with redistillation of feints, from a single distillation we'd recover about 50% of the alcohol as hearts from 5-7% cider and about 70% from 11+% abv wine. If you are double distilling on a pot still the estimate of 80% is pretty good guess, depending on how well the volume of cider you have fits the size of your still.
  3. JustAndy

    Pear Juice

  4. JustAndy

    Distillate Off-Flavor

    Sorry, I didn't see that you specified campden tablets, the metabisulfite tablets we had laying around were 5 g inodose tablets which is where I calculated the number from https://scottlab.com/inodose-so2-tablets-indostb
  5. JustAndy

    Distillate Off-Flavor

    Just an idea; I know people use metabisulfite tablets to treat water, but I also know that if you distill wine which has added so2 the heads and early hearts will have plasticy, metallic, harsh, chemical sulfur taint to it. Depending on the tablets and chlorine levels, 4 tablets in 80 gal is something like 70 ppm so2 which is a noticeable amount when distilling wine.
  6. JustAndy

    I have trust issues with my maths

    70% @ 8C = 144.78 proof 40.5 kg @ 144.78 proof = 45.915 L Using 3.7854 L per US gal https://www.ttb.gov/foia/Gauging_Manual_Tables/Table_5.pdf
  7. JustAndy

    Cider to Brandy calculating yield

    If you recover 97% of each stripping run, you'd be getting 630 LPA not 455 LPA.
  8. JustAndy

    botanical with similar flavour profile to grains of paradise

    Cardamom can fill a similar role, or cubeb, long pepper, or ginger. They all taste different than grains of paradise, but provide some piquancy and heat to gin.
  9. JustAndy

    Feeling very pleased with my efforts

    I always enjoying hearing how you approach things, nice to see you getting some credit for all your hard work! Congrats!
  10. After about 3000 distillations, the DN100 gasket on the sight glass of our still has developed a crack and needs to be replaced. The gasket sees a lot of contact with high-temp alcohol steam and also torque from removing the sight glass for cleaning. I would normally get EPDM but wanted to see if anyone had a different suggestion / experience?
  11. JustAndy

    Barrel Grabber Thingy

    Never used anything like this but I know what you mean https://www.newpig.com/wesco-adjustable-drum-grab/p/DRM209?couponCode=PLAHOODIE&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIm9CbsI6B3gIVAtNkCh3r7w31EAQYASABEgIib_D_BwE https://barrelbuilders.com/store/?model_number=CSS19
  12. JustAndy

    Potato Vodka - HELP

    It depends on the specific product you are using, but for the alpha and gluco amylases (Seb-Star HTL and Seb Amyl GL from Specialty enzyme) the usage rate is closer to 1-2 oz per 200 lb of starch (so 200 lb of potatoes has maybe 40 lb of starch)
  13. JustAndy

    How do they flavour those Gins!

    We make rhubarb liqueur, step one would be to taste the rhubarb and see how flavorful it is. We see big variations in flavor intensity depending on the year, time of year, location, and variety (sometimes requiring the use of almost double our typical amount of rhubarb to get the flavor intensity). If the rhubarb you are working with doesn't have flavor, neither will your syrup. If you want cooked rhubarb flavor I suspect you need to cook the rhubarb longer, and if you want raw rhubarb flavor you need to press it. Either way you'll need to settle and filter the syrup/juice to avoid sediment.
  14. JustAndy

    Water Chiller

    I would suggest diverting as much hot water as possible into an insulated tank to use for mash water and cleaning water rather than trying to chill it. And use a cooling tower or similar to drain off as much heat as possible overnight before putting it through a chiller.
  15. JustAndy

    Mashing raw barley

    We've done some whiskey from 100% unmalted barley flour, we just mashed it the same as how we deal with other unmalted grains using a high temp alpha and gluco. So far the unmalted barley spirit has gotten pretty poor marks for flavor, and we'll ultimately probably need to blend the barrels with something else down the road. We've tried out a lot of different grains (rice, oats, rye, wheat, corn, millet, sorghum, barley) and unmalted barley is the least appealing to my palate.