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  1. JustAndy

    Help! Artemisia pontica..

    He's really giving it the hard sell, amazing he has any left in stock.... "This imported Roman, Petite absinthe (Pontica) is the best imported pontica I can source, it looks like saw dust, smells like saw dust and is nothing like what I grow myself"
  2. JustAndy

    Sourcing Talent

    Depending on your size/goals/products etc, you'll find a much deeper talent pool looking at brewers or winemakers and hiring a consultant to train them on the distilling side. If you don't have any production experience, you should also be hiring distilling expertise well before you being building/equipping your distillery. The 'turnkey' packages that some still manufacturers tout in my experience have included a lot of unnecessary or inappropriate equipment which inexperienced owners don't know enough to push back on.
  3. JustAndy

    Wheated Rye

    We've done it, it's good. Gives a bit more mouthfeel and sweetness to it. I prefer our 100% Rye, but I liked the wheated rye over the corned Rye and barley malt Rye we've done.
  4. JustAndy

    New barrel providers?

    We've used both, the Kelvin barrels are quite smoky tasting compared to other barrels we've used with similar specs (size, air drying, toasting, charring). They seem to be pretty good quality compared to some other suppliers we've gotten barrels from (Blackswan being the absolute worst). The ISC barrels offer a lot of options these days for toasting/charring/aging, and they also do a lot of research and testing (https://www.amazon.com/International-Symposium-reasearch-Highlights-Symposiums/dp/B005X9KQYS) and if you know the flavor profile you are looking for they can guide you to the right barrel. The barrels are some times a bit rough looking, but every one so far hasn't needed any reworking for leaks. The turn-around was very fast the last time we ordered, and we'll probably get our next lot from them as well
  5. JustAndy

    Benefits of Tube in Jacket Condensers?

    My experience in Cognac and visiting scotch distilleries that still have worm tubs aligns with what Tom says, they using them to produce a specific flavor not because they are easier to make. In Cognac, I know of producers who alter the temperature of the distillate intentionally depending on the volatility of the wine or spirit (similarly the wine distillation is condensed at a lower temperature than the spirit distillation). I'm sure you could achieve this with a tube-in-shell, although on our hybrid pot still it is tricky. I've also seen stainless steel worm tub condenser in chinese baijiu distilleries, although that might be because they are more simple to make.
  6. JustAndy

    Benefits of Tube in Jacket Condensers?

    Increased copper contact (if it is a copper shell in tube) https://scotchwhisky.com/magazine/ask-the-professor/14920/condensers-how-do-they-affect-flavour/ , easier to clean, simpler to operate with a reflux condenser.
  7. JustAndy

    Joint Venture with local Brewery

    We've had breweries produce wash for us, and so have many of the distilleries in my area. The trouble gets to be finding a reliable partner, as wash production doesn't make the brewery much $$, so as soon as they have the opportunity to make (and sell) finished beer instead they will drop you to do it. I don't believe you need to pay any taxes if yeast is pitched, if there is alcohol in the wash when you move it you need to do a transfer-in-bond just like receiving wine. Easier to assume no alcohol has been created and it is raw material.
  8. JustAndy

    I will build my distillery from ground-up. But I need HELP!

    It really depends on what you are trying to achieve, but the German still makers Holstein, Muller, and probably CARL have models which can be heated directly with wood (the ones I've seen have a firebox heating a water bath or jacket).http://www.alambics-sofac.fr/ who make and work on traditional french Armagnac could likely direct you to or build you wood-fired still.
  9. JustAndy

    I will build my distillery from ground-up. But I need HELP!

    What makes the abundance of ready built equipment not suitable for your location? Hiring someone who has already figured this out will likely be much cheaper, easier, and yield a better quality product than cobbling together a bunch of numbers from random online sources.
  10. JustAndy

    Aging Options.

    Oak additions is not the way to make a top notch product. There are many cooperages in Spain that work with American oak. http://www.tacopal.com/ingles.htm makes charred barrels
  11. JustAndy

    Industry news/research websites/magazines?

    https://thewhiskeywash.com/ http://www.spiritedbiz.com/ https://www.winebusiness.com/ http://artisanspiritmag.com/ https://www.thespiritsbusiness.com/ http://www.alcademics.com/2017/01/new-booze-2017.html
  12. JustAndy

    Analytical Labs

  13. JustAndy

    White Whiskey

    The House Spirits example was also approved probably 10+ years ago, so there has probably been some turn-over and clarifications to the approval process.
  14. JustAndy

    Barreling Question

    I wouldn't sweat it. 4.5 gallons isn't all that much head space, we see that liquid level in the barrel about a year after filling. We also have some half-filled barrels, in my experience the extra head space helps move the spirit along but also increases the angel share a bit. All the half-full ones are where I can see them in case they develop leaks as I've heard that can happen but haven't seen much evidence of it.
  15. JustAndy

    Proof affecting oxidation in barrels?

    Think about how much easier 12% abv wine oxidizes vs 22% abv port.