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  1. Still available, PM with any questions or offers Thanks Cameron
  2. Price drop, $8500 for the boiler $2000 for the panel Both the controller and boiler are still available.
  3. Both items still available
  4. It was made by Stilldragon and has a working capacity of 100 gallons. Max volume is 130 and it has a jacket capacity of 30 gallons iirc.
  5. It has been some time since i assembled this controller, but with the amount of interest i will dig it out from storage and get reacquainted with it. From memory, 5 of the ssr's on the bottom are for switching one leg of a 240v heating element and the sixth one and one of the upper ones are for both legs of the agitator motor. The remaining one at the top left is for the dephlegmator 110v solenoid valve control. The remaining black dc ssr on the upper right is for the actual control switching of the heating elements ssr's. The PID's only have the current to control 3ish ssr's if memory serves me right.
  6. We decided to go a different route and unfortunately never got the chance to use this bad boy. The boiler comes equipped with an agitator and drive motor. I assembled a control panel for this unit that will be for sale with it. It offers control over all 5 heating elements via PID control or a manual on position for each element individually. It has the ability to control the dephlegmator via PID control and solenoid valves. The panel is currently unlabeled but i have placards for each switch and PID. It has a gauge for column temp, jacket temp, and boiler contents temp. It allows control of the agitator from the panel if the motor is a single phase 240v, but it think the included motor with the boiler is 3 phase so that will not be able to control that. I'm sure i am missing some details but if you have any questions please ask! Keep in mind this boiler can be heated via steam if you are already set up for it and you can ditch/not require such a control panel. The boiler is available for immediate shipment and is listed at $9500 Now $8500 The panel and the boiler together will sell for $12000. New Total $10500 Located in Virginia Edit: It has an 8" Tri-clamp flange for column connection.