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  1. I'm in Royal Oak PM or email me to set up a time to have a look
  2. Selling One 380 L singe wall boiler Four 6" tees Four 6" copper pro plates New $3700, selling for $2000. Never used. Can't find the right building to start my distillery and need my garage back. PM me or send me a mail to Lutz (dot) Engmann (at) gmail (dot) com if interested
  3. Selling a 500 gallon milk cooler for mash tun. Going with different option and need the space. Has agitator paddle but motor no longer working. Cooling bath not functional. I put it on 4x4's and added HD wheels to be able to move it around. $200 Pick-up in Detroit Metro only If interested, please email Lutz.Engmann@gmail.com
  4. Wondering how practical the deposit might be as that just puts additional burden on the staff during busy hours. I'd probably go to cheaper options with a special or mug club to entice the buying of mugs.
  5. My 2 cents: Would DME be challenged as non-whiskey? Probably not as it's wort from grain. From Briess's website - " malt extracts are produced in a 500-bbl state-of-the-art brewhouse " I would ask myself what's the benefit of using DME? If I want to avoid the upfront cost of the mashing equipment, I would knock on the doors of local breweries to see if I can strike a deal for lautered wort. Gives me more control over ingredients & better marketing opportunities. On the "brewery" being a ferment-only facility - I've seen also Granite City doing this producing drinkable beer.
  6. Thanks! Looks like I over reacted. I did some more digging and the link is valid. RTFM issue as the TTB explicitly talks about it...
  7. Like an idiot, I clicked on the link & it was showing an expired password. I went ahead and changed it and then it dawned on me that it looks funny & started to look closer. The fishers now have my password & I'm in the process of changing all my password (sigh) Please be aware
  8. Hey folks! Just noticed a fishing attack. Received an email: ttbsecure RE: [EXTERNAL]Licensing general question New Encrypted Email from TTB Someone at the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has sent you a new secure email. To read this email, you must log in to the TTB Secure Email Message Center. If you recently sent an email inquiry to TTB this may be the reply. Even if you didn't recently send an email to us, many outgoing messages from TTB employees are encrypted for cyber security reasons. If this is your first time receiving an encrypted email from TTB, select Register on the TTB Secure Email log in page to create an account and open your message. Please do not reply to this notification; this message was auto-generated by TTB's secure email server. To reply to the sender of a TTB encrypted email, use your internet browser to log in to the TTB Secure Email Message Center, select the message and click Reply. Why does TTB encrypt emails? TTB's cyber security measures are designed to protect your sensitive information by encrypting certain outgoing email messages using a secure email service called Zix Portal. This service allows TTB to send and receive sensitive data, like tax return information or personally identifiable information (PII), via email, and helps protect you against potential identity theft. If you would like more details about TTB's secure email service, see our Secure Email Communication With TTB page at TTB.gov. If you have questions about the authenticity of this message please call us at 877-882-3277 / 877-TTB-FAQS. Want to send and receive your secure messages transparently? Click here to learn more.
  9. I'm checking to see if I understand this correctly: Let's say, I want my product to be on the shelves at state minimum price at $39.99. That means the acquisition price needs to be around $259.60 / case of 12 or $21.63. If I sell from my tasting room, I could charge the same price as the liquor store and make $18.36 more?
  10. Hi guys! I'm getting ready to take the plunge to start and am looking for a couple of like minds. PM me if you're interested
  11. Check with the guys from stilldragon. While it's not on their website on the US, they have it available (EU) and can probably get you one
  12. Hey HedgeBird, I've seen them so far only from Kothe. Can you share the manufacturer? Does anyone know if there's someone in the US making a similar style mash tun?
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